Inside: 51 perfect country club outfit ideas.

The country club, if you’re not super well versed on the culture, could be intimidating. But for the most part they are easy going and laid back… You just have to look the part! If this is where you’re stumped heading out to the club or if you want to dress like you’re ready to go to the country club, here are 51 perfect country club outfit ideas for you.

The right shades of colors, the correctly tailored fits, and all of the right brands and patterns are the best way to achieve this look.

I’ll break down each of these, and we’ll discuss how to rock the country club outfits on the daily!

There are several statements and staple pieces to invest in and you’ll find the perfect ways to pair every single one.

Whatever your style goal is or the reason for your style goal, we’re going to achieve it with these ideas.

Three women in preppy, clean, professional outfits.

What Can You Wear To A Country Club?

Most country clubs have a dress code, but are super easy to stick to! If you’ve just joined one, you can find the details on their website, or if you’re just looking to dress to the aesthetic, you can follow my guide!

The usual standard of the dress code is more of a business casual or general business. While this can look super professional, it’s also possible that you can add the stereotypical preppy twist on it and make it everything that we love about the country club aesthetic.

Tailored pieces, collared tops, dressed up tennis skirts… All the likes of a perfect country club wardrobe.

Colors are usually bright and clean looking. Think whites, pale blues, greens, and neutrals. These are timeless colors that aren’t contingent on current pop trends, and are simply always perfect for a clean country club look.

Can You Wear Jeans To A Country Club?

For the most part, no, you shouldn’t wear jeans to a country club. Ones with more of a casual dress code may allow clean looking black skinny jeans with nicer tops and shoes, but for the most part, I would steer clear of jeans or denim of any kind.

If you’re looking for a longer pant that will pass code, I have a few suggestions for you.

Leather Pants – Leather pants are all the rage and are becoming an elevated replacement for our beloved denim jeans.
They’re a little bit more polished looking, making them perfect to wear to a country club with a button down or a blouse. Skinny, flare, or straight leg are all cool options. They might be a little bit more edgy than a country club calls for, but with a more business style top, they’ll be fashion forward in code.

Trousers – You can never go wrong with a pair of slacks or trousers. A well tailored pair is your best bet. Wearing trousers casually is a big trend right now, so the market is full of tons of options of high waisted and low waisted, straight leg or skinny. You’ll find the perfect pair for you that you can rock on the club scene. Country club that is!

Linen Pants – Linen pants are best in spring and summer, but you will find these to be some of your favorites in your closet if you’re anything like me! I love my wide leg white linen pants. They can definitely give a casual vibe, but if you dress it up with a nice blouse or cool top, you’ll be just fine. Throw on a pair of heels and it’s the perfect look for a summer day at the country club.

What Is Country Club Style?

Country club style is a preppy, business casual look. If you’re not planning to go to an actual country club but just want to look the part in your everyday life, here are my tips!

It’s an easy breezy style outside of the actual club. Very tennis themed and Gossip Girl-esque. If you’re a Blair Waldorf wannabe (like me) you’ll love incorporating these trends into your wardrobe.

For a less laid back moment, tailored pieces, tweed in the fall and winter, and heels.

For a more laid back moment, a button down and cotton shorts make a perfect outfit to give country club energy on the regular. Tailored shorts with any top, even a cropped tee are a fun outfit option.

Summer is the perfect time to channel the country club energy. You can transition to colder months with longer pant versions like leather pants, trousers, and if you’re not actually going to a country club, white jeans.

A woman in front of vintage car in a yellow summer dress


There are several dress styles that just scream country club!

Summery, classy, and elegant are going to be your keywords when checking out the different options.
Stay in the direction of solid colors and midi length.

1. Casual Collared Dress
2. Relaxed Flow
3. Gingham Dress
4. Yellow Stripes
5. Ribbed Polo Dress
6. Green Ribbed Mini Dress
7. Sport Dress
8. White Corset
9. Country Club Sweater Dress
10. White Midi

Four pastel and midi length cocktail dresses

Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

If you’re attending a wedding at a country club, there’s a little more flexibility with the dress code, but do still adhere to the bride’s requests!

You can pull off floral on the terms of attending a wedding, but a classier and elevated version of florals will still be the best option for the venue.

Check out some of these ideas.

11. Spring Patterns
12. Yellow
13. Mint Structured
14. Midi Slit
15. Blue Strapless
16. Kelly Green
17. Blue Silk
18. Navy Midi
19. Vintage Florals
20. Fuchsia

Three girls in preppy country club outfits

Outfit Ideas For A Country Club

Need some specific ideas to go spend the day at the bar while the men go golfing? Or maybe you’re riding the cart along throughout the day for support. And fun! I love each of these outfit options for spending your day at the club.

21. Crest And Knit
22. Silk Scarf
23. Tennis Ready
24. White On White
25. White Pants
26. Silk Maxi
27. Crochet Set
28. Sweater And Chinos
29. V-Neck Sweater
30. Shoulder Sweater
31. Yellow Tweed

Country Club Dinner Outfits

If you have a dinner reservation at the club, there’s a little bit more of a specific dress code for the evening attire. These will be specified usually online, but here are some ideas to get the creative juices flowing!

32. Garden Party Dress
33. Wide Leg Slacks
34. Silk Blazer Dress
35. Staple Jumpsuit
36. Preppy Layers
37. High Neck Ribbed
38. Black Midi
39. Ankle Trousers
40. Split Hem

Two preppy casual outfits

Cute Country Club Inspired Fits

You don’t need anymore of an excuse to get cute going to a country club. Or wanting to look like you’re on your way.
Check out these cute country club fits!

41. Sporty
42. Silks And Knits
43. Slouchy Button Down
44. Belted Trench Mini
45. Fit Knit Vest
46. Preppy Stripes
47. Quarter Zip
48. Striped Sweater
49. Blue And White
50. High Neck Golf Dress
51. Neutrals

Country clubs and country club style are all the rage right now! A preppy, Gossip Girl vibe is one of the most trending aesthetics this year, and this is right up that alley.

As you look into the country club lifestyle, you’ll start to find the right aesthetic for you. There are some niche styles even within the country club vibe. The tennis player, the weekly brunch goer, and the preppy academia lover.

Whatever your style is within this same umbrella aesthetic, there’s a perfect outfit for you and way to incorporate it into your style.

Country clubs are a beautiful place to relax and spend your time, and if you happen to be a part of one, the style is fun to keep up with too! It’s a classy, elegant, yet still relaxed aesthetic. Personally, I’m obsessed.

Nothing says elegance like an all white outfit. Check these out!

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