Inside: Trending western outfit ideas for your next country concert or rodeo.

Western is all the rage— and it has been on the circuit for a while now. When Coachella turned from more of the indie aesthetic into more of a country western vibe, we started to see the country aesthetic woven into streetwear.

It’s a revolutionary thought that you can purchase cowboy boots on Amazon, and better even that they’re trending! True cowboys pride themselves in the quality western wear, but for us just following the trend cycle, this will do just fine.

Chains, fringe, denim on denim, boots, and hats… there are so many subtle accessories and or styling options to turn an outfit into something western inspired. And if this is your dream aesthetic for this next season, here are some western outfit ideas for you!

western outfit ideas and inspiration

There’s a way to do western like you’re from Houston, and there’s a trendy way to do it. Here are the trends!

The Difference Between Bohemian And Western

These two aesthetics are super similar and stem from the same general vibe of an outfit.

Earthy, ethereal, and ready for the wild west is totally the vibe with these styles.

Bohemian is a little more of a neutral version of western– not only in the color palette but also just generally a neutral style between minimalist but adding a little country flair.

The two use the flowy dresses, belt buckles, and bandanas to accessorize their styles. Bohemian is more ready for the desert, much like how festival goers would dress for Coachella, and western is ready for dancing and hanging out in the sun.

Both are extremely free spirited and use similar styling. Country is more of a fun color palette while boho is simpler.

Staple Pieces For Dressing Western

If you search up western outfit ideas, you’re going to see a lot of pieces put together that are all inherently “western” styled, but even more basic pieces can be styled to fit the more country aesthetic with some of these more staple accessory pieces!

If you invest in some of these and incorporate them into your outfits and find other variations of different colors and styles, you’ll be well on your way to styling any outfit to be western!

Belts – The statement belts, the big belt buckles, the chain belts, any belt that gives you western vibes belongs on your jean belt loops! They make any basic outfit more fun and use a little bit of country aesthetic to spice it up. These are a fun addition to all of your outfit choices.

Cowboy Hats – This is an obvious one, and a total commitment. But even a tee shirt and skinny jean outfit becomes western trendy with the simple addition of a leather cowboy hat.

Wide Brimmed Felt Hats – These have stuck around through the bohemian era and are now a fall staple in the basic girl style, but with the right outfit, the felt wide brimmed hats add an element of subtle and girly western vibes without doing too much.

Boots – Boots are a no-brainer! Whether you’re a die-hard with your authentic cowboy boots, or you’re buying some fun colored ones on Amazon, these will make even the simplest outfits cool and on trend with the western moves!
Fringe – Fringe is the best accessory for any western fit. Fringe jackets, purses, booties, you name it, and it’s perfect!

Flare Jeans – Flare jeans are the current jean trend, so these are trending and cool even outside of the western aesthetic. However, these with the right belt or the right hat and you’re more country already! Trendy, flirty, and fun, you’re totally going to rock your flare jeans.

Bolo Tie – These are a little more niche than the rest, but they can be cool styled with so many different styles of necklaces together, and it goes well with just about anything creating the allure of a super western outfit.

Festival Style

Festival style has evolved over time, but the festival fashion choices for some of the trendier music festivals like Austin City Limits, Coachella, and Lollapalooza have turned into more fashion statements than function.

You still may want the western bandana around your neck for actual usage when it gets dusty in the Coachella valley, but for the most part a fringe bodysuit and denim shorts are all about the western aesthetics of the event.

Staples are fringe, glitter, wide brimmed hats, and boots. Any combination of these elements will create the most extra (and perfect) festival outfit for your Instagram posts and TikToks.

Combine function and fun and you’ll get a good festival fit. It’s hot, but you also want to protect your skin from the sun if you’re the type to go hard all day instead of all night. Have fun and channel your inner cowboy for next year’s festival line up!

Four outfits of girls in country concert outfits

Cute Western Outfit Ideas

If you’re on this trend train, you’ll think every western outfit idea is cute.

Fall in love with all of these ways to pair together your belt buckles with your Amazon boots or the wide brimmed hat with a bolo tie.

1. Desert Graphic
2. Belt And Boots
3. Cream And Denim
4. Denim Jumpsuit
5. Cognac Flares
6. Aztec Sweater
7. Felt Hat
8. Hat And Cardi
9. All Black Accessorized
10. Silk Midi Skirt

Three denim on denim rodeo outfits

Denim On Denim Western Outfits

My favorite look right now is denim on denim, western and otherwise. I love the look of it, it’s so edgy without trying.

Effortlessly chic is the base for a perfect western outfit. Add a couple accessories to these and you’re golden!

11. Denim Shirt
12. Regular Blue Jean
13. Multi-Toned Denim
14. Cropped Jacket And Straight Leg
15. Shirt And Jeans
16. Relaxed Layers
17. Embellished
18. Embroidered Jacket
19. Vest
20. Black Denim

A fringe denim jacket and a fringe leather purse

Fringe Outfits

I’m obsessed with fringe. I think it’s such a fun way to play with motion and visuals, and it’s an innate country western accent to any piece, so no matter how it’s paired, it’s already going to be a little bit country!

21. Black Denim
22. Rhinestone
23. Purses
24. Fringe Dress
25. Clutch
26. Suede Fringe Pieces
27. One Sleeve Bodysuit
28. Bling Fringe Shorts
29. Jeans
30. Suede
31. Midi Skirt

Four edgy outfits with cowboy boots

Edgy Cowboy Boot Outfits

Cowboy boots are everywhere right now! And I love the subtle hint of western in every city blogger’s outfits these days. It’s kind of fun to channel a different aesthetic than you normally would with these kinds of accessories.

If you snagged a pair of the viral boots and need help styling them, here are some of my favorite examples of how to style them!

32. The Basics
33. Glamour
34. Dress And Sweater
35. Beautiful Layers
36. Western Prep
37. Denim Blazer
38. Leather Shorts
39. Big Tee
40. White Denim
41. Blazer

For the past few summers, we’ve really been subtly buying into the western wear moment. Even the super bohemian trend started handing us straight up wild west vibes and we took it.

So here we are, approaching the western inspired fashion trends with open arms. Who knew?

Maybe because I’m from Texas I didn’t anticipate it taking off the way it did, but it took me by surprise when I started seeing cowboy hats and boots going viral and not just being a part of an outfit I see in a small town boutique an hour away from Dallas.

Either way, I’m loving it— I think it’s super cute, and if it gets everyone out to the honky tonk dance halls even just for one night, it’s worth it! Western inspired outfits are fun and flirty, and you can commit as much as you want.

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As I always say… yeehaw!

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