Inside: 83+ Cinco de Mayo Outfit Ideas

Despite the fact that so many people gather to celebrate on May 5, few understand exactly why they might be encouraged to drink margaritas or wear bright colors on the holiday.

Cinco de Mayo is part of the Latino experience in the American Civil War. Cinco de Mayo is celebrating the Mexican victory against the French in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. If you’re curious to know more about the holiday’s history, this Time magazine article is an informative read.

So, what is the perfect outfit to wear for such a festive victory? Bright colors, summery prints, and flirty ruffles are all in order to ring in Cinco de Mayo in style.

Check out our favorite Cinco de Mayo Outfit ideas and inspiration for the holiday that are bright and colorful looks that can be celebrated all season long!

What to Wear for Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo Clothing Ideas

There are a few textures, colors, and designs that fit in perfectly for any fiesta… Those include embroidery, pompoms, and of course, ruffles. Check out a few of our favorite outfit inspirations and find your perfect look.

Embroidered Design

Embroidery has a long history in Mexico. Most textiles from the pre-Hispanic era have perished, damaged by heat and humidity, but surviving cloth fragments prove that decorative stitching was sometimes used on clothing.

1. Black Blouse with Colorful Embroidered Flowers

2. Split Sleeve Embroidered Blouse with Red Trim

3. White Linen Top with Large Pink Embroidered Flowers

4. Multicolored Flowers on Dress

5. Embroidered Denim Dress

Mexican embroidered Clothing Ideas

PomPoms and Ruffles

Another one of my favorite textures/accessories/styles is anything with pompom or ruffles. Also, anything with colorful tassels is great to add to your Cinco De Mayo style.

6. Colorful Pom Pom Tassels

7. Criss Cross Ruffle Jumpsuit

8. Pom Pom Pant Trim

9. Ruffled Off the Shoulder Dress

10. Bright Blue Off the Shoulder Ruffled Blouse

Festive Cinco de Mayo Fashion Accessories

No outfit is complete without the perfect accessories. These colorful and fun ideas are the perfect finishing touch to your look.

11. Colorful Beaded Sombrerro Earrings

12. Braided Slip-on Sandal

13. Natural Braided Woven Hat

14. Rainbow Mexican Palm Bag

15. UO Violet Buckle Flatform Sandal

Fiesta Accessories

16. Mustard Yellow Natural Fiber Sandal

17. Tequila and Lime Tot Pink Beaded Dangle Earrings

18. DIY Rainbow Colored Tassel Necklace

19. Neutral Lili Straw Crossbody

20. Flower Print Wide Headband

Cinco de Mayo Dress Up Ideas

Let’s get fancy and put on our favorite flowy embroidered dress or sexy two-piece and have a fiesta. Check out our favorite dress-up ideas for Cinco de Mayo and bring the heat.

21. Black and Colorful Ruffle Sleeve Dress

22. Long, Colorful, Striped Fiesta Dress

23. Black and Pom Pom Ruffle Two Piece Set

24. Off the Shoulder White and Pom Pom Accent Mini

Cinco de Mayo Dress Up Ideas

25. Deep V Flowy Blue Dress

26. Hot Pink Glamorous Off Shoulder Dress With Pom Pom Trim

27. Dress Romper with Cut-Outs

28. Colorful Tassels on Ruffle Dress

29. Orange and Blue Combo

30. Yellow Ruffle Wrap Dress with Hot Pink Heel

What to Wear for Cinco de Mayo

There are many different occasions to dress up for Cinco de Mayo, you could be attending a large fiesta, margaritas with your best gals, or just simply celebrating the day in all it’s color. Check out a few of our favorite styles for you to wear no matter for Cinco de Mayo plans!

31. Causal Pompom and Tassel Outfit

32. Bright Colored Tunic Paired with Demin Short

33. Red Ruffle Shirt with Rosey Designed Denim Skirt

34. Black and Pom Pom Ruffle Two Piece Set

35. Criss Cross Ruffle Jumpsuit

36. Bright Blue Off the Shoulder Ruffled Blouse

37. Off the Shoulder White and Pom Pom Accent Mini

38. Embroidered Denim Dress

The Perfect Cinco de Mayo Outfit Idea

Create the perfect casual but festive Cinco de Mayo look with these items! This look is perfect for drinks with the girls and endless chips and salsa!

Cinco de Mayo Fashion

39. Margaritas With My Señoritas Cotton Tee

40. The High-Rise Perfect Vintage Jean in Tile White

41. Neon Mexico Embroidered Knotted Headband for Women

42. Pink Raffia Flower Side on Sandals

43. Moroccan Blue Beaded Heart Earrings

More Style Inspiration For You

If you like these festive Cinco de Mayo out ideas, then check out a few more of our favorite fun styles inspiration.

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Tassels on a summer party dress

I love a good reason to party and celebrate anything just as much as the next girl, and Cinco De Mayo definitely makes that list.

Being a really festive and fun holiday that regards another culture, much like St. Patricks’ Day, there are so many different ways you can dress to impress and bring attention all on you. If you’re not of this ethnic background, we do always want to be careful to remain culturally appropriate, but there are so many fun ways that you can dress up to celebrate.

Going to grab a margarita and some chips and salsa with the girls? Attending a block party or a parade? I’ve got you covered with outfits, there are so many perfect ideas I just know you’ll find something you love.

This is one of those holidays that is just so fun to celebrate because it gives us a reason to appreciate another culture and of course you have to dive into the ethnic food while you do so!

Party on and check out these Cinco de Mayo outfit ideas for you!

Three bright summer outfits

What Is Cinco De Mayo

As with most cultural holidays, when we are celebrating Cinco de Mayo, we’re celebrating a victory from wars past. Commemorating a specific country and their culture really is celebrating their independence or their general victory over another country, claiming freedom or a victorious stance in their history.

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo is to celebrate Mexican history and acknowledge their victory in the Battle of Puebla over the French Empire. While this is a monumental milestone to move towards their independence, this is not to be confused with their actual independence day which is in September.

As you go about your celebrations, make sure you take some time to remember what you’re celebrating and honor the Mexican culture!

What Are Good Color Schemes

Mexico and Mexican fashion is all about bright and bold colors, so any colors you have in your closet that you want to break out are great options. And remember what I always say: the brighter and bolder the better! I’m a big believer in going big or going home, and this is definitely one of those occasions. So have at it and break out the color.

It’s a great time to start easing into the summer color palettes. While spring 2023 is already pushing bold and bright colors, if you haven’t subscribed to that trend, summer is when you’re going to want to move past the pastels and into something a little more assertive. There’s no better time than the first big party of May to make a bold statement and the whole transition to the bolder wardrobe.

To get more specific, bright oranges, yellows, green, and red is always a classic color combination for Cinco de Mayo. You can’t go wrong with brilliant pinks or blues, and of course channeling a Mexican flag moment with green, red, and white is always a good go to. Just remember that the brighter the better and to have fun with the color palette on Cinco de Mayo.

Patterns can be a fun way to incorporate more colors or more festive feelings into your outfits for Cinco de Mayo. Floral patterns, stripes, paisley, chevron, or anything that feels like it’s perfect for a festival is the right choice for your Cinco de Mayo outfit ideas. It’s a perfect time to wear something that’s just so fun and bright, so you might as well go all out, wherever you’re headed.

Outfit Ideas For Cinco De Mayo

What kind of outfit and outing do you have in mind? You can wear flouncy sundresses or a perfect pair of colored shorts with a bright top. Anything typically and classically summery is a great start for a Cinco de Mayo outfit. As you move through the different outfits and different outfit ideas, channel your most brilliant summer outfit ideas and break out the vacation wardrobe. Especially if that vacay was to Mexico!

Celebrating another culture is all about bringing the energy that they give to the rest of the world and doing it justice. If they’re dressing ready for the beach when they party in Mexico, that means that we’re dressing like we’re ready for the beach. Match the energy, and have fun with it.

As previously mentioned, a lot of the different vibes for this holiday revolve around colors. Big, bright, and beautiful. It is a game changer when you introduce a bright orange dress to the mix or something that reminds you of sunshine. Green and red, the colors of the Mexican flag are always appreciated when dressing for a Mexican holiday, and will never disappoint.

Mexican culture is one that is bright on its own, and brings a lot of life and energy into any room and any party. So if you can even try to match the energy levels with the colors that you break out for the events you plan to attend, it will go far.

Think color, think summer, and think ready to party! And you’ve got a great outfit for a Cinco de Mayo event of any kind.

Cinco de mayo inspired outfits

Outfit Ideas

47. This one is both extra & fun!
48. Colored Stripes
49. Fun Tees
50. Pom Poms
51. Tassels
52. Yellow And White
53. Accents
54. Piñata Costumes
55. Yellow Gingham
56. Logo Sweatshirt
57. Margaritas Tee

Cinco De Mayo Outfits

58. Floral Patterns
59. Made For Dancing
60. Colored Striped Dress
61. All Denim
62. Tiered Dress
63. Aztec And White
64. Ruffles
65. Two Piece
66. Red Dress
67. Tropical Print Dress

Girl in a rainbow tiered dress


68. Pink Tiered
69. Magenta
70. Rainbow Tiered
71. Color Blocking
72. Rainbow And Black
73. Neon
74. Yellow
75. Green Selkie
76. Sheer Florals

Fun and colorful outfits

Fun Outfits

77. Full Green
78. Orange And Pink
79. Red Pom Poms
80. Mismatched Patterns
81. Large Stripes
82. Groovy
83. Pastel Two Piece
84. Green And White Check
85. Rainbow Flowers
86. Plisse Set

Cinco de Mayo can either be a really big event in your book or it can be a pretty chilled out affair. Whether you’re simply grabbing a margarita with a friend or going to local events to celebrate, you’re going to be bringing the style. Just by finding and reading this post I know you plan to dress to impress wherever you’re going, so I hope you found this post helpful!

Each of these outfits are a perfect inspiration for any kind of Cinco de Mayo outfit idea you could need. Whatever your plans are, you’re going to look killer in these outfits!

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