Inside: Green skirt outfits and inspiration for bold pops of color.

This year, for any season and for any aesthetic, skirts are everything.

Maxi skirts and mini skirts are having their moment where the midi skirt was shining last year, and we’re playing with so many different versions of these pieces that it’s time to dive into our favorite colors. There are so many styles you can wear in skirting this year, there are limited rules right now. Everything is in!

But one trend that most of us are having a hard time with is color! Color pops have been trending the last few years, and whether you’re all about it or not, it’s here to stay for a while. If you want to get into it, green is a great transition color, or if you’re already in it, bold shades make for amazing outfits.

Mix these two trends together, and we’re going to discuss any and all green skirt outfits for you.

If you’re here for some great green outfit ideas, I’ve got you covered. Check these out and let’s get into it.

Girls in different outfits with green skirts

Trending Skirts

In 2023, we’re going to be seeing a lot of extremes: Maxi and mini. The midi skirt allowed us to play it safe while playing with the ideas of some of these different lengths of skirts, but now that we have fully moved into the maxi skirt era, it’s time to take the leap and make it happen. No more training wheels while being halfway there in a midi, let’s go feet first into a bold statement piece like a maxi skirt.

The mini skirt has been back and on fire for the last year or so. It came back with a vengeance with the Y2K resurgence from 2020, and the ultra mini has never looked better. While it’s not as high fashion as the maxi skirt is right now, it’s definitely a statement piece and it’s giving camp and if you can style it well, it’s super edgy.

This paved the way for the return of a cool maxi skirt as well. It’s on trend right now to see something that is inherently dorky or homely, and turn it into something high fashion. The 2000’s coming back through Y2K played a huge role in this, as the decade is heavily influenced by the 70’s, which was ruled by earthy and peasant themes.

This brought us back the maxi skirt but in the 2020’s version of it, which is a little grungier and a little edgier.
If you can tap into either of these extremes, you’re going to have a lot of fun with your wardrobe. It’s all fun and games with these styles, and throwing color into the mix is only going to make it so much better.

Trending Shades Of Green

Green is a popular color among all different aesthetics and color preferences.

I like to call colors like green and purple gateway colors because they come across as so neutral and natural toned in their lighter shades, but still are incorporating a little color into your wardrobe. Eventually you venture into darker tones to find a mix with the light shades you have and then you’re working with some real color! And even if you never go to darker or brighter shades, adding these to your all neutral closet is still a really nice touch and gives you variety as you stay within your comfort zone.

However, getting out of your comfort zone is super fun in fashion, so it’s always a good time playing with different elements like color and silhouettes, if you’re into that sort of thing.

So let’s look at some trending shades of green for this year.

As always, there are different shades that trend for different seasons. Muted tones for colder months and brighter tones for warmer spring summer months.

Sage green is always a classic and will never fail you. In any season.

Right now the hot green color is Kelly green. We’ve been seeing it for a couple of spring and summer seasons now, and it’s really making its way into the mainstream fashion cycle. It’s the perfect shade of bright and fun green to match with all of your casual and neutral pieces. What’s amazing about a bold color like this is that it goes so effortlessly with a plain top, that you don’t have to think too hard about the outfit at hand. Just put anything with it and that’s a full outfit.

Statement pieces don’t have to be much, just there. And paired well. Enjoy!

Color Pairings For Green

Again, green is an easy color because it works so flawlessly with neutrals but you can also work it in with other colors on the color wheel.

It will always be good to pair with other cool tones like blue or purple. Especially blue washes of denim. Purple and green are a bold pairing, but they look really nice and have cohesive tones so as to match well. If you wear them both in muted tones, then it’s a very neutral moment with the natural shades that you would find in a garden, if you’re growing lavender!

Pairing a color with its complement will always be cool and a really bold statement. In this case, green is right across the wheel from red, making this a really bold pairing, because when you see red and green together you either think of Christmas or Gucci. Both iconic and both take over the color pairing in our minds. So it’s a bold move to wear the colors together, but a great fashion move nonetheless.

Yellow tones naturally mix well with green as well as brown. A nice chocolate brown or bronze are some of the best with a nice natural shade of green.

Pair your green well but know if all else fails, we always have black and white!

Four girls in cute casual outfits

How To Wear A Green Skirt

1. Graphic Tee
2. Turtleneck
3. Sweater
4. White Buttonup
5. Leather Blazer
6. Purple Sweater
7. Gray Top

Green Skirt Outfits

8. Denim Jacket
9. Patterned Top
10. White Sweater
11. Button Down
12. Fall Vibes
13. Sneakers
14. Satin

Cute green skirt outfits

Cute Outfit Ideas

15. Tan Blazer
16. Hot Pink Sweater
17. Leather
18. Color Pop Heels
19. Green Top
20. Chunky Grey Sweater
21. Monochrome Sweater

No matter how you choose to wear these pieces, you’re going to look so on trend. Preppy or street, cute or casual, there’s so many ways to bring this into your closet for the next season.

As you channel the highest fashion version of yourself, you can totally create a cool outfit that fits perfectly into your wardrobe while bringing in something new and fresh as well. Giving your closet a good refresh with some of these pieces like these green skirt outfits is the best way to keep loving the clothes you own! Throwing in a new trend here and there will never hurt, and it’s always a good way to make your old clothes feel new again when you can pair them with something really cool.

Have fun with your outfits this season, and dig into the color theme.

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