Inside: 47 blue outfit ideas to add to your wardrobe.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again.

The color movement is happening in full swing and I couldn’t be more excited about it. It makes your favorite neutral outfits pop even more when you decide to pull them back out. One of my personal favorite colors of any shade is blue! I think you’ll love these blue outfit ideas to add to your wardrobe.

It’s a super fun way to add something exciting to your closet without having to add too many statement pieces that won’t be worn too much.

Blue is a statement on its own, but you’ll love these blue outfit ideas that just make it feel like an easy integration into your cycle of outfits this season.

Two women in bright blue outfits

Blue is electric and soothing at the same time. It doesn’t sound possible, but it’s eye catching and calming all at once.

What Colors Go Well With Blue?

Right now we’re in an age of fashion where just about anything goes.

You can pair any colors together and with the right intentionality behind the details, it’s stunning.

There are a few technical right answers, and few colors that will always look good with every shade of blue. Each shade has different colors and shades of other colors that look incredible together, but for the general blue umbrella, these are some of the colors that will always look the best.

Orange – This is technically always going to be the best color to go with blue. Any shade of orange will pop with any shade of blue, because orange is blue’s complementary color. If you look across the color wheel, whatever is directly across from each color is its perfect match.

Green – Green, being a similar color to blue, since green is made of half blue, is a perfect color to pair with it. Using a more blue heavy green is important so that it’s more cohesive. It’s a more subtle color pairing that totally works together. (This one is also super trendy: light blue and kelly green.)

Red – Utilizing a bright red and a royal blue is one of my favorite color pairings! The eyes favor primary colors, and they all shine together. Adding yellow might be a bit too much for me personally, but if you want the full primary spectrum, go for it! These colors are such a bold yet satisfying pair, I love to see them together.

Neutrals – This one is a no-brainer, but grayscale or brown neutral tones are always a safe bet when pairing with blue. Khakis, black jeans, or a brown leather jacket are all cool options for pairing with blue. When you pair a color with neutrals, it makes the neutral pop even more.

If you want some brown boot ideas to throw in with the blue outfit, I have some ideas here.

 A super model walking down the runway in a blue coat and trousers

Trending Shades Of Blue

There are so many shades of blue, and none of them are technically out of style.

But different shades can totally be trendier than others, so here’s my take on the trending shades of blue that I know you’ll love to add to your wardrobe.

Pacific ocean blue is the big blue movement at the moment, and I think you’ll love the way that it makes an outfit bolder without too much effort. We’ve been seeing it on the runway this year, so get your hands on it ASAP! Everyone is going to be all over it.

Another really popular shade came around earlier this season with the help of the “coastal grandmother” aesthetic, bringing this soft blue closer to our hearts. It’s a gentle vibe, and a pale blue especially in a cotton top or cotton shorts are just so cute! I’m personally obsessed with this look.

It’s preppy and classy, a look everyone is loving these days.

Can You Pair Blue With Denim?

In short, yes! Of course. But the blues have to look cohesive together.

This is a tough one to describe, but when a blue looks off next to a denim, it’s likely that one is more indigo heavy and one is more yellow heavy. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad look, but if you’re putting a blue top with a pair of jeans and it’s not looking totally right, this is likely why.

While blue is a primary color so it isn’t a balanced mixture of other colors, denim is a little bit of a different story. It’s washed and dyed with different colors to create the right shade of blue for the jeans or jacket, so sometimes it can result in some random tints and shades. And you may never notice that it doesn’t look like pure blue until you put a pure blue next to it!

It might be some trial and error to figure out if the blue you want to wear with the jeans are actually a good match, but you can totally do it.

Two women in winter outfits with layered skirts and sweaters

Navy Blue Outfit Ideas

Navy blue will forever be a preppy staple in my closets and likely in the closets of many of us. I will always love a good navy sweater for the fall and winter!

Since preppy is so hot right now, check out these navy blue outfit ideas!

1. Navy On Navy
2. Silk Midi
3. Oversized Sweater
4. Sweater Vest
5. Wool Blazer
6. Monochrome
7. Pea Coat
8. Knit Set
9. Pleated Skirt
10. Suit

A blue lounge set

Casual Outfits

Casual outfits in blue shades are easy. A lounge set or a tee and jeans will always look cooler with a little bit of color! And few colors are cooler than blue.

11. Blue Corduroy
12. Lounge Set
13. Athletic Romper
14. Knit Dress
15. Striped Button Down
16. Blue Tank
17. Blue Ribbed Top
18. Denim On Denim
19. Sweatshirt

Two classy and tailored outfits in royal blue

Royal Blue

The pacific ocean blue we talked about earlier is going to be hot in the coming months. Until it trickles down into the consumer level of the industry, it’s similar enough to that of royal blue that you can almost use royal blue interchangeably.

20. Blazer Dress
21. Cobalt Cowl Neck
22. Slouchy Slacks
23. The Perfect Set
24. Royal On Black
25. With pink
26. Lounge Set
27. Turtleneck
28. Tee
29. Midi Dress
30. Fur Jacket

Four women in classy outfits

Classy Blue Outfits

Classy, preppy, chic. We all love a good light blue moment that gives us some country club vibes.

31. Dress Set
32. Street Cool
33. Tube Dress
34. Sweater
35. Knit Midi
36. All Blue Accessories
37. Layered Knit
38. Plaid Tweed
39. Color Pop
40. Oversized Cardi

Girl in puffy sleeve dress

Light Blue

41. Powder Blue Dress
42. Blazer Set
43. Corset Top
44. Satin Deep Neck
45. Ribbed Midi
46. Puff Sleeve Dress
47. With White Linen
48. Halter Crop
49. Cropped Sweater

Feeling blue? Wear your heart on your sleeve with some of these blue outfit ideas.

Feeling excited and want to channel some energy into your outfits this week? Try these different shades of blue to add something new and fresh you haven’t done before!

I love mixing up my style with a little bit of a new color, or using colors I’ve already had in my wardrobe with new color pairings or just general new ways to wear it. Color is always a cool way to shake up a closet and keep it fresh– even if it’s the same pieces! It feels new sometimes if you just wear it differently.

Need some more color inspiration? Here are some amazing green and brown outfit ideas. Green and brown are colors that you can totally pull off like neutrals if you need a gentle introduction to color. Blue comes ready to play!

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