Inside: 21 epic Taylor Swift Lover outfits to be passionate about this year.

If you’re lucky enough to have managed to snag Taylor Swift tickets for her Eras tour, it’s already time to start thinking about outfits you want to wear for the big night.

If you’re into concert culture, you understand why the concert outfits really do matter even if you won’t be seeing the artist up close and personal. It’s just part of the fun part of going to a concert is looking your best and matching the vibe of the tour as a whole. This is especially true for bigger artists like Taylor Swift, and Harry Styles with fans that love to be in on the action and have a piece of the excitement. Again, it’s just a part of the experience!

It’s part of the social media, fun, and the fun in person when you’re seeing all the other fans around and seeing what they’ve done to dress up for tonight‘s concert. It is a little bit of a best dressed situation, but it’s also just fun when you love your outfit and feel like you’re channeling the energy of your favorite artist.

So if you need some Taylor Swift Lover outfits, I got you! Here are 21 that are inspired by the lover era.

Four pink and girly outfits for a Taylor Swift concert

What To Wear To A Taylor Swift Concert

Dressing for a concert is always so fun, but so stressful if you’re not super sure what route you want to go.

You could be edgy, you could be casual, you could be super glitzy and glammed up, or you can be really relaxed and just copy one of their most iconic outfits. Either way, it takes creativity and time to put together an outfit like this for your favorite concert.

As you brainstorm, think about the artist. Think about their personality and their style.

Taylor Swift is super girly, and she’s definitely a girly icon, so dressing in something glamorous, fabulous, and girly is just a really great way to go to a Taylor Swift concert.

Concert attire varies, but for pop you can wear anything rave inspired to anything like normal everyday clothes. There are no rules, so don’t get too stressed about what you should be wearing and think about what you want to wear.

How does Taylor Swift make you feel? How does her music make you feel? Channel that energy, and just go for it! Music can be transported into an outfit as much as a feeling, so let that feeling become an outfit in your head and reach for the stars with these

Deciding An Era

Since it’s been a few years since Taylor toured, she’s respecting all of her previous era’s and in presenting them in this one tour. It’s become part of the culture of the Taylor Swift fanbase to know to your favorite era and represent it in your outfit for the show. Everyone has a favorite Taylor album based on the way that they resonate with different areas of her own life, so what might have been your favorite at the time may not be your favorite now, and vice versa, but choosing your favorite, or most impactful is the best way to go for this.

Are you in a super happy relationship and channeling Lover? or are you on your revenge path channeling Reputation? No matter where you are in life or where you’ve resonated with Taylor‘s music the most, you’re going to love this tour and you’re going to love getting dressed up like your favorite Taylor album. Concerts are so exciting

Maybe you can’t pick a favorite, based on the music alone, which I totally understand. Choosing your favorite artist’s favorite song is like choosing a favorite child! But if you can’t pick a song or an album based on music, choose based on overall aesthetic. They’re also different and so unique, you’ll have an easy time picking your favorite overall album aesthetic.

Taylor’s outfits especially for her live concerts and her music videos have always been so iconic, that choosing an outfit that replicates one of those is an easy win.

Best Shoes For A Concert

Concert shows are hard to narrow down, especially if you’re going for the cool concert goer look. Obviously a sick pair of shoes is a given for any cool outfit you’re planning, but when you’re standing in lines and jumping around whether on the floor or at your seat, you’re going to want to be able to bear the long hours that a concert consists of.
It’s always a struggle to decide which extreme to go to— comfort over style? Or beauty is pain? Hopefully with all of the options there are on the market, you never have to choose. But there does come a time when you really do have to decide.
Some successful styles that work both ways are a pair of comfortable and trendy cowboy boots. With these being so trendy they’ll make a good outfit great; especially with Taylor’s country roots, and they’re bearable to stand in all concert long.
If you’re going with an edgier Taylor Era, a pair of lug sole boots are always cool and on trend, and if you’re in a girlier and softer era, some platforms or feathery mules are so fun!
Fulfilling the outfit vision while staying practical is the best move for any concert. Never sacrifice style but maybe get a little creative.

Taylor Swift inspired outfits

Lover Era Inspired

The sweet and love filled era. Hopefully this is where you find yourself! If this is your favorite album, there are a lot of cute outfit ideas to channel Lover energy!
1. Pink And Shimmer
2. Heart Lines
3. The Heart Dress
4. Different Eras
5. Rainbow Sparkles

Taylor Swift standing under a Lover sign

Pink And Blue

6. Blue Sequins
7. Pink And Girly
8. Pink Romper
9. Light Wash Denim
10. Silver Stars

Aesthetic photos of pink, blue, and silver glitter

Lover Aesthetic

This aesthetic is sweet and dreamy. You’re going to love these outfits!
11. Denim Jacket
12. Silver Sparkles
13. Sparkly Button Up
14. Rainbow Vibes
15. Silver
16. Feathers And Ruffles

Concert outfit ideas

Concert Outfits

This era is so cute and colorful, it likely matches your personality so well. Here are the best outfits for you.
17. Rainbow Sequin
18. Ruffle Tiered Dress
19. Pink Fringe
20. Tweed Romper
21. Blue Bling

If Taylor Swift is your favorite artist, and you’ve snagged tickets, first of all, I’d like to say, I’m so excited for you! I’ve been in the big fan base and the ticket battle before, so I know this is a big deal. Your outfit means everything to you! Have the best time and don’t forget that it’s all fun, so just enjoy the night.

Taylor Swift is an incredible artist, and has created such a wild fanbase, that dressing like her and representing her fabulous music is a great homage to someone who’s really impacted your life through their art.

Hopefully these outfits helped you, and if Lovers is your favorite era, then… You’re a lucky one! Of all of her albums, this is the happiest one I would say, so you’re definitely going to have a great time dancing away to the Lover era at the Eras tour.

With the pink and blue album art, if you’re going with a bestie that also loves Lover, split the color art and have one of you be blue and one pink! Here are some blue outfit ideas for this idea.

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