Inside: Easy couple outfit ideas to wear for pictures when you really need some help coordinating your S.O. for your next photoshoot.

We all love to see them online, on Facebook with all of the extended family commenting and Instagram with the best friends commenting… Couple photos. Whether it’s an engagement session or simply a golden hour shoot just to have some nice pictures together, I love to see them!

But couple outfit ideas for pictures can be tough, so I’m here to help.

I know it can be a difficult task to coordinate the outfits for these kinds of shoots. Odds are, one of you is really into style and one of you is not! So if you’re the stylish one, I feel your pain. Plan your outfit first, and then coordinate your other half around yours! If your color is neutral, their color is neutral. If your color is bold, their color is bold.

Sorry! Just how it goes.

Five couple outfit ideas for pictures and photoshoot examples

Let’s deep dive into couple outfits for pictures.

What Should I Wear For Engagement Photos?

If this is an engagement photo session, it’s more important than ever to showcase each of your personalities in the shoot! You’re celebrating and capturing a moment you will cherish forever, so make sure you look like yourselves, not a trendy shoot for fun.

These can be casual or formal, or anywhere in between. If your style is a neutral sweater and jeans, rock it. If your style is a white cocktail dress in a boujee hotel, go get it.

I love when you see a couple’s personality shine through their engagement photos! Determine what your style is and what your style is as a couple and go from there.

If you have different styles completely, show that off too! It won’t be the generally cohesive styling of a photoshoot, but I just know your friends and family would love to see you both dressed in your own styles. This is probably something that makes you unique as a couple and everyone around you sees it, show it off! Pick a neutral location like a studio or a field and serve us diverse couple realness.

How To Coordinate Couples Outfits

Coordinating outfits is pretty simple when you understand how colors, aesthetics, and patterns go together.

Colors are pretty simple when you choose a neutral palette– off whites and browns or grayscale. Choosing some actual color can become a challenge but generally two different shades of the same color will always do just fine. It adds dimension and grace to a photo.

Aesthetics are where people generally get tripped up. Unless you’re going for the mismatched personal style, that’s a different story. But if you’re in an earthy, flowy maxi dress and he’s in a leather jacket, jeans, and Doc Martens, you’re not achieving the aesthetic symbiosis. If you want to stick to the earthy route, I would put him in jeans, sneakers, and a matching toned button up or a suede jacket instead of leather.

Quick tip: when you see an outfit laid out on the bed once they’re dressed, label the aesthetic they’ve got going on if you can, and label yours too. If they don’t fit into the same or similar label, there’s likely a couple small changes you can make to it. The shoes, the jacket (grab a different one or remove it entirely), or the jewelry. Some aesthetic labels to start with are: earthy, urban, hipster, trendy, elegant, casual, rugged.

Patterns are a typical fashion faux pas we learn to avoid while growing up so it probably comes natural to you to know to avoid mixing patterns like paisley and plaid. There are some artful ways to mix patterns and it can actually look really cool, but if you aren’t confident in your eye for this, go ahead and nix the idea. Leave your plaids with solids and you’ll be great.

How To Choose A Color Palette

Choosing a color palette for a photoshoot heavily depends on the shoot location and your personality. You can never go wrong with white, cream, and denim, but I love an elevated color palette so here are some of my favorite recommendations.

I love to play with shades by adding a neutral or dressing the other person in a lighter shade of the same tone, it is a cool way to build dimension. You just have to make sure it’s a similar tone, meaning the red can’t be too orange and the blue can’t be too green, stuff like that.

Field or park location: The bolder the better in these outdoor settings, especially when it’s during a season where everything is a golden brown color, like wheat. Bright red, cobalt blue, or a sunset orange are stunning color options in this location. If you can find exact matches to have both of you in the same bold color, phenomenal.

Urban: An urban landscape like a parking garage or cool city street is always amazing with a pop of white– it stands out on the dull colors of the brick and makes you pop while still capturing the beauty of the city scene.

Another city color palette I love is color blocking. Monochrome kelly green or a bubblegum pink would be so cute for a cityscape if you’re up for it! It’s bold but it would make for incredible photos.

Studio: If you’re working in a studio, you have to rely on your outfit to show a little more personality without the creativity of the location, but anything from minimalism to maximalism will go, so whatever your style is is fair game. However, minimalism feels the most fitting in the space. Any color scheme but having a more urban feel to it is perfect for a studio shoot. Grayscale, neutrals, or a cool toned palette: blue, green, and purple are my favorites for a studio shoot.

Two couples in tee shirts and sneakers


You can never go wrong with a super casual couples outfit for photos! It’s relaxed and comfortable and everything we want to be with our significant other.

Jeans, sweaters, sneakers, whatever makes you feel like you, go for it!

Here are some ideas of casual outfits styles to get some inspiration while throwing your favorite comfy pieces together.

1. Sneaker Casual
2. Tee And Jeans At Home
3. Graphic Tees
4. Skateboard
5. Henley
6. Sweatshirt
7. Tees
8. Neutral Shacket
9. White Denim
10. Denim Jacket
11. The Basics
12. White Sneakers

Couples in the snow in winter in coats or sweaters

Couple Outfit Ideas For Pictures In Winter

Baby, it’s cold outside is the perfect setting for some snuggly couple photos! Winter might be the easiest season to dress for photos, because your favorite sweater and favorite pair of jeans will normally do the trick.

13. Pea Coats
14. Festive Red
15. Bundled Up
16. Blanket
17. Puffers
18. White Lights
19. Sweaters
20. Red Flannel
21. Forest Green Gown
22. Cozy
23. Rust Sweater
24. Neutral

Four couples in indoor photos in minimalist outfits

Indoor Studio

I touched on this while talking about colors, but anything you choose to wear in a studio is a free game, but minimalist is usually the best move for a minimal space.

Wearing something like a turtleneck, open back, or shoulder shape helps add something interesting to the photo using shapes and necklines.

25. Cozy Knits
26. Slouchy Button Up
27. Bare Feet
28. Complimentary Colors
29. Open Back
30. All Black
31. Headband
32. White And Denim
33. Tee Shirts
34. Structured Suits

Couples outside in the summer in flowy dresses and tops

Couple Photos In Summer

Summer photos are so stunning! A flowy sundress and a plain tee are perfect for showing a happy, sunshiney relationship. You may get a little sweaty but hey– maybe it will add a natural glow to your complexion!

35. Blouse And Overalls
36. White Cotton Dress
37. Red Maxi
38. Floral Maxi
39. Jeans And Vans
40. Tan And Black
41. All Black
42. Earth Tones
43. White And Denim
44. Shorts
45. Red Dress
46. Earthy

Outdoor couple outfit ideas for pictures in outdoor photos

Outdoor Photos

Outdoor portraits are a classic, nothing beats a good golden hour session! If your surroundings are less than colorful, add the spice with your outfit. You can go any direction honestly with a field photoshoot, even a blazer would look editorial and cool in a field.

Check out these couple outfit ideas for pictures outside for some inspiration!

47. White
48. Cool Patterns And Tones
49. Light Tones
50. Black And White
51. Blue Dress
52. Knits
53. Flannel And Blouse
54. Red And White
55. Green Skirt
56. Pea Coat
57. Denim

Hopefully you found inspiration here for your photoshoot with your boo, and you know how to display your personality through your scenery and outfit choice. Your photos will be simply stunning, no matter what you wear though, so have fun with the process!

I love these couple outfit ideas for photos, whether they’re trendy and really well styled or really organic and easy going, they’re going to make for stunning photos for any occasion.

If you need some more men’s styling inspiration, check out the 47 stylish men’s brunch outfits here for some date outfit ideas for any season!

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