Inside: 11 matching Christmas outfit family style for you and yours this Christmas season.

Christmas is so fun for all the cute and quirky traditions that we adopt with friends and family all season long. There are some things that only slide at Christmas time for some of us, like sitting around and building candy houses and pairing matching Christmas outfits with your family. I wouldn’t normally volunteer to match outfits with my sisters, mother, and grandmother, but as soon as Christmas comes around I’m looking forward to the matching pajamas, matching sweaters for the shopping days, and all of the outfits in-between.

Whether you’re looking to match for seeing Christmas lights, for family photos, or your Christmas Day festivities, there are so many cute and fun options for you and your family. Match the girls, match the boys, match them all up and get to celebrating the holiday in style!

Matching family outfits for Christmas

You’re going to love these outfits— whether they’re completely matching or they’re more coordinated, there’s something to inspire your vision.

How To Match Family Outfits

Matching can go one of a few different ways, especially when it comes to matching a family. There are three styles that can really accomplish your mission when it comes to your matching dreams and ambitions for the holiday season.

– Exact matches for everyone
– Match the girls/match the boys
– Coordinated but not exactly matching

Depending on the makeup of your family, whether adult kids or young children, extended or immediate, boys and girls that don’t want to wear the same outfits as each other, there’s going to be different ideas going around and you’ll have different options to make the matching outfits happen.

No matter which route you go, your family will still stand out and you’ll have a cute new (or old! Maybe you’ve been on this train) tradition under your belt to build on for years to come.

Exact matching outfits are the easiest option in theory, as long as everyone complies! The one strong willed child determined to do their own thing might give you a hard time, but once you have them convinced they absolutely have to wear this sweater, it’s all golden from there. Just find your favorite tee, sweater, or pajama set available in everyone’s sizing and you’re good to go.

It can be super cute to match the girls with the girls and the boys with the boys. Put the boys in green sweaters that match dad, and let the girls and mom rock the green and white flannels. It’s still matching but it’s a little in between the exact match with everyone and a simple coordination.

Coordinating outfits is a cute version of the matching trend— it allows you to get everyone in the same color scheme or style while having their own look. This is the most popular among family photos and even outings like church services and Christmas dinner if these are a part of your Christmas agenda with your family.

Whatever your vision is, you’ll find it in one of these styles of matching Christmas outfits family style!

Christmas tree bokeh

Christmas Traditions

Looking at Christmas lights, attending family dinners, watching movies, making cookies, visiting ice sculpture gardens… the possibilities are endless for all of the possible traditions you and your family can hold. And all of these are great opportunities for matching Christmas outfits with your family!

Adding to these create such sweet moments. I remember growing up and as we would add new activities to our Christmas week, and it was always so fun to do something new, that the next year we would be asking to do it again and it would eventually become tradition. My grandmother would be the one to sit with my sisters and I in the morning before opening presents to let my mom sleep a little longer, and she decided to fill the time with Christmas bingo. And it eventually became such a strong tradition, any year we celebrate without my grandmother we always send her a little bingo “prize bag” like she’s made for us, just for her to laugh to herself knowing what the bag of extra stocking stuffers was for.

Creating traditions out of moments is what the holidays are about, so be open to changing and creating new ones this year with your family.

Grown Kids Versus Children

Depending on the personalities of your kids, it’s hard to tell if your kids would be easier to convince to wear matching tee shirts with their siblings at 25 or 7 years old. But either way, it’s a cute photo op for kids of any age.

It’s cute and fun when they’re young, but quirky and goofy when they’re older. Let’s just be honest. The photos and they memories will be well loved and cherished either way, but coordinating outfits can definitely be easier if you have more strong willed adult children that are pushing back on your match plans.

Little kids will always be adorable in their little snowman tees or candy cane sweaters, and while they start to push back when they start feeling their own personalities, but overall won’t argue over matching with their siblings.

Whatever you can convince everyone to take part in is going to be perfect and will be some of your favorite memories!

Green family matching outfits


Green is a classic Christmas color because of the color of the trees, garland, and fir branches we use to decorate.

If you want to go the green route for your Christmas outfits this year, there are so many shades to play with especially if you coordinate instead of matching. An elegant dark green or a soft sage green, you’ll love these matching Christmas outfits family style in green.

1. Green Velvet
2. Let Mom Stand Out
3. Earth Tones
4. Plaid


Bright red is such a great and bold splash of color to indicate the Christmas holiday vibes. It will never not be holly and jolly to break out a bright red sweater for Christmas family photos. It’s the perfect move for all of your endeavors, and if you’re not much of a color loving family, it’s a good excuse to add something fun to your wardrobes, even for one outing.

5. Red Sweaters
6. Accents
7. Red Pop
8. Maroon

Neutral outfits for family photos


Black, tans, and browns, while not Christmas colors are still a super classy outfit idea for matching Christmas outfits family style!

9. Earth Tones
10. White And Tan
11. Black

Matching for Christmas outings is something that’s so cheesy that it’s only cute around the holidays. Extreme family traditions and being extra is what the holiday season is all about, so if you’re the go big or go home kind of person, this is your time to shine. You can’t beat all of the little things that make the season what it is.

My hope for you is that you enjoy and embrace all of your time with your loved ones this happy season. I hope these outfits inspire you to incorporate more fun traditions into your Christmas season and that it brings you more joy throughout the holidays.

Matching red sweaters or a full pajama set, these are some of the best matching Christmas outfits family style for you and yours! Post all over social media or save for your Christmas cards next season. We all love a good matching moment.