Inside: 21 matching Easter outfits for the whole family to wear.

Easter being such a fun, family oriented time, and a time to really bring the kids together in cute outfits, it’s the perfect time to fulfill your matching family outfit fantasies.

Whether the girls are in matching dresses, and the boys are in suspenders, or they’re all in khakis and white blouses, spring is the cutest time to put kids in matching outfits in my opinion. There’s so many directions and so many ways to go it’s probably overwhelming at this point. So let’s look at some ideas.

Whatever you choose, your family and your kids are going to look adorable.

Easter dresses have been as iconic as it’s just an elevated version of your Sunday Best. It’s so fun to see kids and families get dressed up so nicely for church or for lunch, and enjoy hunting for Easter eggs!

Snap your pictures of your kids, all dressed up and matching, share to social media, and enjoy your Easter.

Children all in matching outfits wit their family

Colors For Spring

The spring colors for 2023 are different from what we have usually seen in the past as typical spring color pallets. Sure, we still have a good pastel, and we throw in some calm neutrals and there as well, but this year we want to make a pop and a splash!

2023 is about new things and making bold statements. After the last few years that we’ve had as a community, we all need something to shake up the way that life had been before, and colors are a fun way to do it! It’s harmless, it’s fun, and it just brings a new vibrancy to life that we have so ignored since.

Easter is all about the spring aesthetic, so if you want to tap into the traditional neutrals and pastels, it’s always gonna be a hit. White is always beautiful as well, but if you really want to pop and make your children super trendy and fun, always go with a bright pink or imperial yellow. While they may not be your traditional Easter colors, these are the new spring colors and I think you’re going to love them, and your children will just look so cute and big pops of color.

Use pastels to accent the main color schemes, with the shoes, hair accessories, et cetera. Playing with shades is the best way to incorporate cool color themes into your wardrobe.

How To Match Siblings

Matching siblings and outfits is always a task, especially if they have hard heads and know what they want to wear on their own. However, hopefully for Easter they’re used to it by now, so, as you begin to match them in their outfits, they get over it. Even if all you have to do is match the colors, that’s an easy feat, usually children’s clothes come in many different versions of the same colors or the same fabric used.

If you have two little girls that you want to put in dresses or two boys that you want to put in the same trouser pants, this is the easiest solution! If you have a boy and a girl, it’s also easy to coordinate the outfit instead of matching them, by using similar colors or colors that go well together, even if they don’t exactly match.

Matching and coordination are two different themes, and two different ways to go with dressing your children for family photos. Matching is an exact match to each other, while coordinating is just using pieces that are cohesive. Either of these directions will give your family the fun matching effect, even if it’s not an exact match. If your kiddos like to pick out their own outfits, coordinating may make the day go smoother if you let them “pick” something that feels a little unique to them. Let them have their moment and you’ll still get your stunning matching family photo. Whatever to make them feel like they are so cute and fun in their outfits, is the best way to go. Minimize the fights, and let them help pick out the outfits… Within reason, of course!

And then when the kids’ outfits are done, we can match the parents.

Find your outfit either in white or the same color as theirs, so as to complement each other’s outfits. It’s a balancing game, making them feel like they chose their own outfit while also choosing it for them… win win! Potentially. You never know with kids I suppose.

Classic Easter Sunday Aesthetic

The classic Easter Sunday aesthetic is nothing to be intimidated by, it’s one of the easiest vibes to dress for.

In the south, it’s very floral, white, bright, colorful… You name it and it’s part of the style. We’ve all seen it, we all love it, and we’re all ready for it to take over for its season.

As you start to look for different outfits for your family, and how they can dress up together for Easter, keep in mind that Easter Sunday is just basically your favorite Sunday best. It’s all of your best dresses, your best suits, and your favorite heels to accompany the outfit. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the whole concept of Easter Sunday outfits, but just remember it really is just your Sunday best. Have fun with it and just rock your favorite Sunday outfit.

When you think about specific pieces, keep in mind the girliest dresses, the brightest whites, and the most trendy spring colors. Spring colors change from year to year, obviously, as we’re seeing this year, but it truly is such a timeless aesthetic, that, even as the colors and microtrends change, Easter Sunday will always look like Easter Sunday.

Families with perfect outfits for easter


1. Blue And White Florals
2. Peach
3. Pink Romper
4. Match Print
5. Tulle Dress
6. Stripes
7. Yellow

Girl sitting on wall in a yellow skirt

Siblings Matching Outfits

8. Girl’s Matching Dresses
9. Same Colors
10. Stripes
11. Floral And Solids
12. Pink Ruffles
13. Mini Florals
14. Yellow Stripes
15. Red Florals

kids in matching outfits for a tor=ur


16. Linen Ruffles
17. All Green
18. Blue Palm Leaves
19. Seer Sucker
20. Red Gingham
21. Bunny

Easter is a beautiful time to have an excuse to get the family together, get together with friends, and just enjoy some beautiful spring weather. Whatever your plans are, I hope it’s relaxing and beautiful, and a nice time with your loved ones. Easter is such a fun holiday because there isn’t too much prep that goes into it aside from choosing outfits, so hopefully this helped take some of the projects off of your plate, and you can just enjoy the holiday.

Spring is such a cute season to break out fun outfits, so hopefully you’re taking full advantage, I know I am! I love everything about spring, and its colors and its patterns and its themes, and Easter is just the best time to break it out and pull out your best version of your spring wardrobe. Enjoy the vibes and happy Easter!

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