Inside: 19 beautiful winter family photo outfits.

Planning family photo outfits can become a beast of a task, but if you’ve been given the job of doing so, you’re likely the best candidate to get the job done. Maybe it’s because you’re the mom of the family doing immediate family photos, or maybe you’re the most stylish out of all the extended family photos, but either way, you’re going to rock it when you get it all done!

We can talk about colors and how to dress trendy and in color all day, but until you get to the bottom of how to dress your family to their personality, you’re going to keep digging for tips on the best family photo outfits.

If your family is more country, city, casual, glitzy, or somewhere in-between all of these, you’re going to find the perfect outfit, without a doubt. All you have to do is pinpoint how your family personality is best represented via outfits and you’ll have the first direction to head in.

Three families taking family photos

Family photos are daunting, but as you dissect all of the different ways to piece and pair things together for everyone involved to get a hold of, you’re going to be creating outfits for your most beautiful family photos yet!

Coordinating Family Photos

Being the family photo coordinator is no walk in the park but it is oh so fun. Whether you’re just coordinating the kids and your man, or if you’ve got all of the extended family members with you, having the creative eye is a challenge that I know you’re up for.

Well challenge accepted, because I’ve got some tips for you if you’re just a little bit totally lost.

As we’ve already mentioned, start with a theme or an underlying aesthetic. Cozy? Country? Classy? You name it, and you can totally snap some family pictures that capture your family’s personality. This will help you when searching for inspiration photos.

But before that, you need to know what colors we’re going for. We can dive into the best winter colors in just a bit, but they really do bring a photo all together. Choose Three colors that work really well together and that people are likely going to be able to find and achieve easily so that they don’t go rogue when they struggle finding the right color.

Then search for inspiration pictures. Some of which you will find here, and you will hopefully find all of the pens you need to get the ball rolling! If people have something specific to go off of, they usually do pretty well at making it happen. In theory.

Give them a color palette to follow, and they should stick to it. Give them a style like cozy knit sweaters or classy blouses, and you’ve got yourself a coordinated family picture.

Winter Trends 2024

While there are a lot of trends that aren’t the best for a good family picture moment, there are plenty that are. If you start looking into the trending styles this winter, you’re going to find some interesting pieces and ideas. But as you start to put together what you want this family photo to look like, you’re going to find something that works for you and yours.

Just some trends you might like:

Bright colors – Think neons, bright shades of any color, and bold shades of your favorite colors.
Western accents – Boots, fringe, and buckles. Classic bohemian moves that will work for your country western family.
Preppy pieces – Loafers, blazers, button down tops, slacks and trousers, anything you can think of that fits the bill for preppy will suffice!

If any of these sound like your family, you might have just found the trendy way to dress them for your family photos. Naturally, everyone in the family has their own personality and styles, but you’re likely to find something that represents the family as a whole and tells the story of who you are through the photos.

Best Winter Colors

It’s all warm tones in 2023!

Some of the coolest shades come in the warmest colors, and they’re going to look hot this winter. This makes it pretty easy on your family if you give them the set color boundaries of warm tones or cool tones, you’re likely to make something work for everyone.

Here are some of the trending colors for Winter 2023.

Bright red
Spicy mustard yellow

And for neutrals, we’re loving a good gray this year!

Telling the family neutral tones all around will never fail, but if you want your pictures to pop and want them to have some fun while planning their outfits for the big photo shoot, then these are some fun options for you!

It might not be a bad idea to choose two of these that you like and then let them know gray or black is the neutral of choice when it comes to adding one more subtle shade.

Colors can be fun to play with, so don’t let the bold shades scare you away! Embrace the color train.

Outdoor outfit ideas for family photos in the winter

Outdoor Outfit Ideas

Snapping photos outdoors is always a win, we love to see the kids playing around outside and the beautiful scenery around. Sounds picture perfect, right?

But it gets a little tough shooting outside in the winter when you want to be a little bit practical too. If you live somewhere brutally cold, maybe sit this one out and grab some photos in a studio. But if you can bear it, at least enough, here are some outfit ideas to look cute while braving the winter.

1. Soft Neutrals
2. Beanies
3. Golden Girls
4. Furry
5. Blankets
6. Full Knits

What to wear for family photos

What To Wear

Wondering what to wear for winter family photo outfits? There’s nothing wrong with your favorite sweater and a stunning pair of leather over the knee boots. As long as you’re within your color palette.

Maybe you want to get a little creative with outfit ideas this year too– here are some of my favorite ideas for you for your family photos.

7. Bold Red
8. Sweater Dress
9. Matching Kids
10. Green Velvet
11. Casual
12. Indoor Christmas
13. Red Plaid

A couple wearing neutral glamor winter outfits

Outfit Ideas

A little stuck? Or want a variety of outfit ideas to send to all the cousins? I’ve got you covered. Winter clothes, while so cute, can be tough to pick out something that you know you’re going to look cute and fun in. Don’t stress– here are some outfit ideas.

14. Wrapped In Blankets
15. Neutral Glam
16. Parisian
17. Cozy Knits
18. Fun Coat
19. Shades Of Green

The best way to create the most beautiful winter family photo outfits is to yes incorporate trends into your outfits, but have fun while doing it. If you’re bringing everyone together, there’s likely going to be fun to follow! We all know that that’s not always the case with family, but it is always a sweet time, regardless.

Having fun with the family in front of the camera is always the perfect shot– and you won’t get any better than that.

Let the outfits set the tone and the code for the day, and let the family members bring the energy and personality. It will all go together! After finding your family niche and how to bring trends and color works into it, you’re going to be set on putting together the best winter family photo outfits, hands down. You’re going to love them.

Need some more inspo? Here’s some more coordinated winter family outfits!

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