Shacket outfit ideas for every length. The colder seasons call for an extra layer that sometimes needs a little help styling especially the crop or maxi long versions.

Are you a shacket lover who needs some tips about creating the best outfits with them for this season? I’m here to help!

Shackets are some of the easiest pieces to have in your closet for chilly and casual occasions – but can be the hardest to style differently every time you whip out your favorite one.

If you need some ideas on how to keep styling your shackets and ones of different lengths, check out these outfit ideas I’ve collected.

Four girls wearing cute and trendy fall outfits.

Part of the fun of fashion is making basic and simple pieces cool in a new way. Styling using casual pieces and making them cute and fun is a specialty of mine, so I want to share some tips with you.

Stay warm, cozy, and stylish in your shacket with these shacket outfit ideas for every length.

They’re especially great for hitting these style looks on a chilly day:

Two girls in cute plaid shackets

Best Plaid Shackets

The O.G. shacket idea was the plaid shacket. These started to roll out with the hipsters that love their go-to flannel shirt layer in the fall, and needed to find something to replace it that was a little warmer.

These have the perfect fall aesthetic: the plaid shackets.

1. Mocha Colors

This 12th Tribe plaid shacket is the perfect colors to bring the fall vibes in. Cute with a hat or leggings.

2. Soft Colors

Cute blue plaid from 3sixteen is perfect to pair with a light denim for a bright look!

3. Oversized Plaid

Change it up from the classic plaid to this oversized plaid pattern. It’s a fun and different take on the traditional pattern.

4. Taupe

This staple taupe color is the perfect throw on with every outfit you can imagine. A shacket like this works for all color schemes and seasons.

5. Fall Staples

These fall staples surrounding the plaid shacket is the perfect directive for a casual fall wardrobe.

6. Contrast Fabrics

There’s nothing more interesting than this mixed plaid button down! Turn heads and start conversations with this shirt from Lime Lush.

7. Sage Green

This sage green from Princess Polly is so cute when combined with a mini skirt.

Three cropped shirt jacket outfit ideas

Cropped Ideas

Naturally as with every trend we start to see, we need a cropped version. Every jacket on the market likely has a cropped version.

Here are some cute ways to style your cropped shacket.

8. Hip Length

This hip length cropped shacket is perfect to go with everything. It goes well over jeans, over a skirt, over a dress… You name it.

9. Textures

Play with textures with this fuzzy cropped shacket and a pair of leather pants. I love this look for fall and winter!

10. Three Colors

These three color ways of the same cropped shacket is so perfect for the fall rotation.

11. Black Or Color

You get to choose if you’re going grayscale or colorful this season… Here are two in the color options you have from Feather Pick.

12. Pink And Furry

Lane 201 has this cute cropped and heavy quality shacket in the most precious colors. This is one of my top picks this year!

13. With A Hat

A shacket with a hat is the fall uniform here in the south, and I think you’re really going to like the way this one looks! The colors are just perfect for the season!

14. Pumpkin Colors

Anything pumpkin colored just screams cozy to me. Snag this one for the coziest vibes in your closet!

Four women wearing oversized jackets

Oversized Long Shacket Style

The coziest way to rock this look is with the oversized and long shacket. This is the most “slouchy chic” version of the trend, and if you follow these ideas you might have the best outfit to make it come to life.

Dive into these outfit ideas!

15. White Cowboy Boots

Pairing your oversized shacket with leggings and cowboy boots is the perfect way to add some current style to a look that you’re going to love all season long.

17. Neutral Palette

Adding this red and black plaid over a neutral outfit is a great way to add some fun color to the day.

18. Street Style

It doesn’t have to be girly southern fall looks when you wear a shacket. This is a cool streetwear style of an oversized shacket that you can copy and rock.

19. Turtleneck

Pair with a cropped turtleneck for the perfect fall layering.

20. Classy Colors

There isn’t a more elegant color combination than navy and cream, so this Ione from Faithful and Free is the perfect one to add some class to your shacket collection.

21. Leather Jogger

A jogger is a great way to change up the denim or legging pairings with these shackets. I love this outfit from Katie Peake!

22. Bra Top Layer

If you need something a little edgy, layering with a bra top does the trick!

23. Camel Basics

This is a perfect example of when the basics are the perfect moves for your shacket outfits. A cool hairstyle and you’re done!

24. Furry Boots

The furry boots really pull this look together, and you can totally recreate this amazing winter look.

A girl wearing white leather jacket and a brown turtleneck

Leather Shacket Ideas

There’s nothing cooler than an amazing leather piece, especially an oversized cool girl leather. We love our leather moto jackets, but there’s just something about a piece that’s a little different from the typical piece. Get edgy with these leather shacket ideas.

25. Three Ways

Check out Lauren Dilena’s three beautiful ways to wear a leather shacket: dressed up and dressed down.

26. Cream Tones

Having two different cream options is perfect– are you more of an off white or a brown toned person? You choose!

27. With Chocolate Brown

How pretty is this color combo? Elevate your shackets to a leather shacket to bring it up to the next level.

28. Add The Fall Colors

Adding the rich brown tones with a beautiful leather is the perfect way to add some dimension to your neutrals.

29. Stunning Blue

This blue hued leather is going to be a show stopper! Add it to all black or even an all white outfit for the beautiful winter family photoshoot look.

30. Camel

This is the perfect shade of camel for every season. Jump on this color now for the best look in your wardrobe.

31. One Of Each

How cute are these all together?! Just think of the pairing opportunities!

Why Are We Wearing Shackets?

If these simply look like loungewear pieces to you and not outerwear, I don’t blame you! If these look like outerwear and not outfit pieces to you, I don’t blame you either!

If you’ve got a shacket and don’t exactly know what you’re supposed to do with it, I’ve got all the tips for you.

I’ve found that I wear mine far more often than I anticipated when I bought it. It’s going to become a staple for your outings if you need to layer and wear thicker pieces on occasion. We wear shackets because they’re a great layering piece, and that’s hard to come by.

A girl wearing a stunning red outfit in the fall

How Can I Make Shackets Dressy

In short, they aren’t particularly the most dressy pieces in our closets, but they absolutely can be. It all depends on how you style it!

There are shacket style dresses out there that can be dressed up with a heeled boot that curates a simply stunning outfit pairing.

One of my favorite ways that I’ve worn my favorite shacket took some playing around with and styling but I got it eventually.

  • I threw on my oversized white shacket over a slip dress
  • buttoned it up halfway
  • and shifted it up a little bit so that it was slouchy down the back and the front was a little more open
  • I stacked up about 10 necklaces of different lengths
  • added some cool and chunky earrings to the look to accessorize
  • and finished with a dark eye with a dark mauve lip color.

It was meant to be casual cool but it turned into one of my favorite outfits I’ve ever worn!

Sometime all it takes is some playing to make the coolest outfit.

If you’re like me and enjoy the cozier things of life, this is the piece for you. A shacket and ugg combination will always be elite, but sometimes we have to elevate it a little more than that. Unfortunately.

But that doesn’t mean we have to ditch it completely when we leave the house. These shacket outfit ideas are ready to hit the town and I just know you’re going to love rocking these out and about. Cooler weather calls for cozy layers, and these fleece pieces are just what you need to perfectly fit the bill for fall and winter classroom style.

White, plaid, or colorful, there’s a perfect way for you to curate a great outfit with my shacket.

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