Inside: Mom outfit ideas for the cool mom without trying to hard.

Moms, moms, moms. We love them. But do you know how many moms I know that instantly start talking about “I can’t do this or that, I’m a MOM.” Okay, yes you totally can. So now I’m here today to give you ALLLLL the outfit ideas for the cool mom that needs to know she can totally still rock the same styles she has always loved.

Not that I am one, but I know being a mom can be tough. Leggings and a tee shirt just to make the day happen makes sense. But on those rare occasions when you get to go out and see your friends and live your life away from the kiddos, even for a second, you can still wear something trendy if you want to.

Check out some of these outfit ideas perfect for you moms out there. With younger kids and older.

Three girls in casual but classy outfits

What’s your style when you don’t have children attached to your hip?

Are you a little more hippie boho? Or do you prefer a little grunge moment?

What’s Trendy For Moms In 2022?

Trends for moms are just the same as trends for everyone else. It might have a little bit of a different spin on it, but if you were going to wear baggy boyfriend jeans before you had kids, it’s still cool for you to do so.

But thinking practically for a mom, you need to mix trends with convenience. And that can look like a lot of different things.

Baggy boyfriend jeans for starters– super trendy and so cute! But they also leave some wiggle room for all the mom activities and moving around you need to do. If you’re simply an older mom, not sure if these are too young for you, they’re not. Wear the baggy jeans. They’re cute on everyone.

High neck ribbed tank tops. These are great staples, perfect for layering. They’re also great alone though if it’s hot out! If you don’t love your arms showing or it’s a little chilly, a denim jacket or a cool white linen button down are perfect layers to go over these tops.

We’re just getting started but these are some of the best!

Casual Cool Mom Pieces

I have a few other ideas you might want to have on hand in addition to the baggy jeans, linen top, and high neck tank top.

Okay, depending on what generation you place yourself in, this might be a little triggering.

Remember yoga pants? Yeah, kids are calling them flared leggings these days. They’re pretty cool for a less mom-ish look, if you’re running around. They’re comfortable and trendy with the flared leg, and pair them with a blouse or tee and you’re good to go!

Oversized cardigans are a perfect layering piece and make everything look put together and fresh.

For shoes, a mule is always cute! A good slide on choice that’s easy. In 2022, the pointed toes is always a classic but a rounder or more square toe is the move.

Any classic white sneaker (leather of course!) is a great option for a casual outfit.

What Do Soccer Moms Wear?

Soccer moms are a specific style of mom. I want to acknowledge the ones that want to dress like moms, but still do it in a cool way.

Soccer moms are very brand specific with their athleisure. Dressed and ready for soccer practice or games in their name brand leggings and running tops, with their favorite pair of running shoes.

They might look ready for any soccer game, but really they’re ready for the grocery store races!

Four summer outfits that are simple

Summer Mom Outfit Ideas

Summers can be tough. For everyone.

If you’re hauling around kids to summer activities or if your kids are doing their own thing and you’re just trying to beat the summer heat, these outfits can be tricky. Staying cool but keeping it out together is a balancing act not too many of us have down!

Here are some different outfit ideas that are “mom appropriate” for wherever you might be going whatever the activities may entail!

Shorts, tanks, and sandals are a must. What does that look like for the mom that’s doing everything these days? Check out these summer mom outfit ideas.

1. White And Denim
2. Olive Romper
3. Casual Cardigan
4. Tee Dress
5. Bike Shorts And Tee

A woman in a sweater and a girl in a coat

Winter Outfit Ideas For Mom

Winter is a little easier to maintain– adding on more layers? Yes, please!

You can never go wrong with the perfect sweatshirt and the best comfortable combat boots! And then adding a pea coat on top just makes it look so lovely all together, I would never guess you ran out of the house in under two minutes flat!

If you’re like me and love the idea of dressing up the kiddos all cute and cozy for the winter months, then you should do the same for yourself!

Try some of these easy outfits if you’re not sure you can rally everything together for an elaborate winter fit.
And yes, these are perfect for moms of all ages.

6. Green Baggy Sweater
7. Patterned Shacket
8. Pea Coat
9. Striped Sweater
10. Large Plaid
11. Chunky Layers

A girl in a work tank top, slacks, and heels

Mom Workwear

Going to work as a mom I’m sure is tough on so many different levels. If you’re not even sure what to wear anymore whether it’s because of your time limitations or you’re not sure what people are wearing to the office anymore if it’s been so long since you’ve been in, here are some appropriate ideas for you.

Moms are truly superheroes. Doing everything that we could never even dream of! Hats of to you, you working moms.
Treat yourself to a cute new outfit.

12. The Basics
13. Brown And Black
14. Striped Shirt
15. Midi Layers
16. Tan Cardigan
17. Turtleneck Tank Top

Three lazy outfits

Errands Outfits

Errands are the easiest. Even without kids, I look like I haven’t touched my hair or face in days when I head out to Target for a little stroll.

So especially as a mother, you’re not expected to look “presentable” for your errands run.

However, if you’re someone that would like to look put together, even if you don’t have to, here are some of my favorite cute errands outfits you can try out!

18. Cap And Sweatshirt
19. Gray Sweats
20. Cozy Sweat
21. Oversized Sweatshirt
22. Pink Sweats
23. Sublime Sweatshirt

You can dress however you want as a mom. Never let anyone tell you that you should be more or less trendy when you’re carrying the lives of little ones or even teenagers on your back. You get to be whoever you want to be.

I know my mom, as a mother of young adults, mentions that she can’t wear certain trends because it makes it look like she’s trying to be too young. But I am so against that way of thinking– trends are for everyone!

Whether you tap into the trend resurgences of yoga pants and baggy jeans or if you’re all about the skinny jeans and slip on vans still, wear what you want to wear!

As you research what you should be wearing, don’t include the search term, “mom” unless you’re looking for your functional pieces. Look for trendy pieces that you love!

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