Inside: Easy winter brunch outfits to die for for a cozy Sunday brunch.

Sunday brunch is my favorite weekly tradition, and it makes the Sunday Scaries feel a little less intense.

Picking up either a Mimosa or a fresh oat milk latte gets the day started just right!

In the winter, brunch outfits can range anywhere from classy to lazy, because even your comfiest sweater can look like the nicest thing in your closet! So these are pretty easy outfits to piece together, but let’s look at some ideas if you’re struggling to put together a winter brunch outfit!

If this is your first time really piecing together some brunch, outfit, ideas, come along for the ride! Brunch outfits are some of my favorites, because it’s fun to dress up for a brunch, but still be comfy and cozy especially if you have an early brunch time like 10 AM.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a friend is in town, or you’re just celebrating the end of another great weekend, these are great outfits for your cozy Sunday brunch in the winter!

Two cute casual winter outfits

What To Wear To Bottomless Brunch

Bottomless brunch, in my opinion, should be offered everywhere! It’s not necessarily legal in all states, but if you’re one of the lucky ones that has a bottomless brunch place around the corner from your apartment, then this one’s for you! Bottomless brunch is where they serve you limitless mimosas for a great price. Goals, right?The great state of Texas needs to get on this train!

But what do you wear when you’re getting ready to just down a few Mimosas for the day? I tend to go cozy, and go with an oversize sweater or a sweater dress. Maybe dress it up with some over the knee boots but I don’t do anything too crazy like add a ton of layers or anything.

If you want to go dressy, I love working with cool layers like a trench coat, leather jacket, or a suede bomber jacket. The bomber takes my vote! Wear them over a plain, white, long sleeve tee, some baggy jeans, and you’re ready to show off at bottomless brunch today!

What Do You Wear To A Birthday Brunch

A brunch reservation for my birthday is already on the calendar for the next month or two out, it’s my favorite way to celebrate!

Personally, I like to dress cool, but not over the top, whether it’s for my birthday or somebody else’s.

One of my friends asked me what the dress attire is going to be for the day of, and I told her that her black bodysuit, black leather pants, and her Jordans would be a perfect outfit for my winter birthday brunch.
Cool and edgy is my game, but know the birthday girl and know her style, or if it’s your own birthday know what your own style is, but make it brunch vibes.

Dressed up casual is a good way to put it– not dressy but add something with a little flair to your casual fit, and you’re golden for a birthday brunch!

Cool Winter Staples To Own

Putting together a cool outfit for the winter simply means you need to work with your classic winter staples and just elevate it a little bit.

So what winter staples should you be shopping for/looking for in your closet when getting ready for this winter brunch? Great question, let’s get into it.

Cool winter staples, of course include pea coats, trench coats, and leather jackets, those are always going to be cool and classic for the winter season.

But what are some accessories besides your outer coat?

A velvet headband is always going to be a great option, a stunning over the knee boot that isn’t too trendy that it’ll be out next year, and a great staple turtleneck are all of my go-tos for building winter outfits.

All of these together would make a beautiful winter, brunch outfit, or each of them individually paired with other things would be a great option as well!

I believe these are all staples that you should own for your winter wardrobe, along with a good pair of premium denim jeans that will keep you warm as you take on the brisk winter weather.

Two women in cute and comfy dresses

Winter Brunch Dress

Dresses in the winter can be hard to make happen, but if it feels necessary, we can make it happen!

Aside from the classic sweater dress, I have a few other ideas of styles of dresses you might love for a winter brunch! Pair with those over the knee or knee high boots we talked about and you’ll be good to go!

1. Tweed To Layer
2. Layered Knits
3. Ribbed Bodycon
4. Turtleneck
5. Satin Longsleeve
6. Velvet

Three chic winter outfits

Chic Winter Brunch Outfits

Brunch outfits can channel many different styles, but one thing that always works for any brunch is a chic outfit that is fashionable and edgy.

Here are some examples of dressing chic for brunch to go meet your fashion-forward friends for coffee!

7. Velvet Set
8. Monochrome
9. Winter Whites
10. Equestrian Preppy
11. Leather Pants
12. French Aesthetic

Casual outfits for a winter brunch


Dressing down? This is usually my vibe for Sunday Funday during the football season when we’re just there to watch the Dallas Cowboys play! Hoodies, leggings, and Doc Martens are a whole vibe.

So here are some casual brunch outfits for those more relaxed brunch dates.

13. Jeans And Leather Trench
14. Retro Sweater
15. Black Bodysuit
16. Boxy Sweater
17. Chunky Knit
18. Branded Sweatshirt

Cute outfits for cold weather

Cute Brunch Outfits

Want to be cute but not necessarily chic and more dressed up than casual? Here are a few outfit ideas for you!

Brunch is always cute– in the summer I rock a slip dress that’s so easy to throw on in the morning, but what’s the equivalent to that in the winter time? Here’s some ideas!

19. Split Hem Jeans
20. Green Trench
21. Gingham Skirt
22. Oversized Leather
23. Jeans And Booties

Girl in suede teddy

Winter Brunch Outfit Ideas

We’ve covered all of the categories of different winter brunch outfits, so here’s a collection of a few more outfits I think would be perfect for the occasion!
Sometimes when there is no occasion and no one has asked, “what are we wearing” in the group chat, it can be hard to pinpoint the vibe! I’ve collected some ideas for you.

24. Knit Pants And Button Down
25. Suede Coat
26. Puffer
27. Velvet Set

Winter brunch vibes are oh so fun, and I hope you found some outfit ideas that you love!

Whether you’re wearing leggings, jeans, a dress… The list goes on, you’re going to love sporting these outfits to brunch.

Grab your favorite sweater, pick your favorite restaurant, and get ready to brunch hard this winter!

The best part about brunch is that you eat and you go home early and you call it a day… The best thing you could do on a weekend.

It’s a tradition when you meet your friends for a little morning meal, that Instagram photos are snapped. Of course everyone needs to see that you’re having the most fun this Sunday morning! So be camera ready and get ready to take cute pics with your friends around the brunch table.

If you’re leaning towards the comfy side, here are 47 comfy outfits to wear anywhere!

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