Inside: Cozy winter cardigan outfits for the coziest and the trendiest outfits for the season.

We love a good cardigan, always. I always tend to prefer my summer and spring clothes to my winter clothes, so adding in a little cardigan on top of a tee or a tank (under a bigger coat of course) is the easiest way to transform any outfit of your choosing.

They’re cozy, they’re stylish, and there’s so many options of cute cardigans, you can definitely never have too many. At least I can’t! Personal opinion, but cardigans are definitely in my top five closet staples. If you’re looking for a little extra color or a little extra layering, these are perfect. If you’re not sure how to style your cardigans or if they’re even cool this year, I want to help you see all the amazing ways you can wear a cardigan and love it!

They can come off as preppy, but there’s a perfect style of cardigan for every aesthetic! Check it out.

four girls in outfits wearing cardigans

Are Cardigans In Style In 2023?

Yes. Always.
Cardigans are always in style, but the style of cardigan can definitely change with time of course. Cardigans feel like they’re always the same and will always be the same, but honestly they change in subtle details just as much as every other piece we cycle through every year.

Think about your favorite pair of boots. They’re just boots right? But are the heels the same trend this year as they were last? Or what about the fabric or the toe shape? Little details on style staples change all the time, but that doesn’t always mean they as a whole are in or out. They just change.

Cardigans are the same– long, short, cable knit, ribbed knit, button it up or leave it open? So they’re different and changing all the time, and even as they’re trending in one style, there are other styles still on the market.

So yes, cardigans are in style in 2023! And as we dig into this post, we’re going to look at examples of outfits that are cool using cardigans in 2023.

Styling Winter Cardigan Outfits

Styling cardigans can be tricky, but simple when you understand the different factors of what make it a good layer or not.

Three factors that make adding layers more simplified: length, silhouette, and color.

Color is an obvious one, but neutrals always work. Unless you’re trying to add brown or tan to gray or vice versa, but either way neutrals are an easy pick.
If you want to add dimension with your cardigan using the color, you can always play with shades that are already present in your outfit and try to add some more dimension and color to the overall look.

Length matters too because of the type of shirt you wear under and the kind of pants you add in. The length can flatter you or not, and it all just has to play together. If the pants are too baggy and the cardigan hits too long, it may not be a flattering fit. But it all depends on all of the details, as a more open versus a more closed cardigan could make a difference in how it all works.

Silhouette is essentially the same law. A fitted jean with a cropped chunky cardigan can be super cute! And the baggy look is in, so you don’t have to worry too much about baggy on baggy being too much, but you do have to consider how it looks on your body type and how it works for the occasion. I love a baggy moment, but sometimes it’s not called for in the moment.

It’s all pretty case by case, but check out the outfit inspiration below to get a better idea of how different pieces work together.

Jackets Over Cardigans

Putting a jacket over a cardigan is kind of a must, especially when you live in really cold temperatures.

My cardigans are usually for going to dinner when I know I’m going to need to keep an extra layer on in the restaurant but I don’t want to have my whole winter coat on.

What I’ve found while playing the layering game are these few tips:

Tailored pea coats look better for a buttoned and cropped cardigan underneath.
Long buttoned cardigans are cute under a trench coat.
Long open cardigans are best under an open and oversized coat.
If you’re buttoning your coat to get to your destination, then anything goes!
I love layering and playing the puzzle game to get the exact right layers going great together. These tips should help next time you go to throw on a cardigan and coat combination!

four comfy knit winter cardigan outfits


Casual cardigans are some of the best. Cozy, warm, and simply the best pieces you can have in your wardrobe for a casual dinner or an early morning coffee run. Any of these casual cardigan outfits will fit perfectly into your wardrobe, give them a try.

1. Lavender And Jeans
2. Green And Black
3. Graphic Tee
4. Neutrals
5. Cable-Knit
6. Tan
7. Varsity

Comfortable outfits

Comfy Sweaters

Cozy sweaters are an all time favorite of course– what’s the point of a sweater if you’re not cozy? Finding the right sweater is a tough game, but once you find your brand and your style that you can be loyal to, it changes the sweater game.

8. Cropped
9. Orange
10. Oversized
11. Brown
12. Puff Sleeve
13. Oversized
14. Chunky
15. Color Blocking
16. Florals

A girl wearing a cardigan and slacks

For Work

Wearing a cardigan to work is a game changer. It keeps it nice and comfortable in the office instead of a stiff blazer, and it totally makes the day more manageable when you’re not fighting your office attire.

If you need some inspiration to make a cardigan work for work, here are some outfit ideas for you.

17. Browns
18. Turtleneck
19. Slacks
20. Big Yellow
21. Blazer Cardigan
22. Rust Colored
23. Versatile
24. Purple
25. Big Gray Cardi

two girls in jeans and neutral colored tops

Neutral Cardigans

Adding on a neutral cardigan is always going to work for your outfit when you just have to throw something on to make yourself a little warmer through the day.

Not having to worry about the color of it is a huge plus, so investing in a couple neutral cardigans will always be a good idea. I stayed away from them for too long for not knowing how to make them fun, but I always regretted not having a staple piece for any occasion. Check these out.

26. Soft Pink
27. White And Creams
28. Staples
29. Oatmeal
30. Bell Sleeve
31. Tans
32. With Clogs
33. Gray
34. Brown

edgy outfits with knit sweaters

Edgy Cardigan Outfits

Need some edgy cardigan outfits in your life? We all do.

They don’t have to look soft and preppy, you can totally rock and roll them.

35. Black Tones
36. Graphic Tee
37. Black Cardi
38. Color Matching
39. Color Pop
40. Stars
41. Super Chunky

There’s no limits to how you can rock these winter cardigan outfits and make the style work for you. They’re so versatile, as we’ve seen in some of these outfit ideas, that you can literally wear them however you want and with whatever you want.

When pairing a cardigan with an outfit, it’s important to look for it to be layered well with silhouette, length, and so on. There are different factors to how we should mix and match, but ultimately, if you like it, wear it!

With a cute and casual piece like a cardigan, you can really truly wear it however you like! Hopefully this post helped you to see all the cute and fun ways you can wear your cardigan intentionally. Any cardigan outfit is a win!

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