Inside: 47 stylish mens brunch outfits for celebrations, dates, or any casual brunch. 

Brunch: the strong weekend endeavor to keep the party going or start the party early, or avoiding the party all together and meeting up with friends to get a nice relaxing hang out in. The whole brunch trend has been majorly geared toward the girls, but what happens when the boyfriends, the husbands, the boy best friends get dragged along?

You’re also going to need a little bit of inspiration for the perfect brunch outfit for men, just as much as the girls do. 

Brunch outfits are simple: it’s a step up from the slouchy pajama pants you could be wearing to the little breakfast spot down the street from you at 8AM, and it’s not quite dinner clothes either. It’s the best middle ground: a daytime dinner concept. 

Now, it’s not totally required to wear the best outfit to brunch, you could get away with something super casual. But sometimes brunch is the best place to snag a good Insta-pic, especially if you’re there with your significant other.

Someone’s going to want a cute posed photo over coffee or mimosas. 

Mens brunch outfits

If you need help styling your man, or maybe you’re the man doing to research to pick the best stylish men’s brunch outfit, then we’ve got you covered with the best mens brunch outfits for you. 

Two mens summer brunch outfits

Summer Brunch Outfits

When it’s hot outside, there’s nothing I would rather do than drink a cold mimosa and sit on a cooled patio with friends. Summer brunch is a must, and with brunch comes outfit expectations. If your significant other is dragging you to a brunch but you don’t want to dress up too much because of the heat, here’s some inspiration to keep it relaxed while matching the brunch mood. 

  1. Color Pop Shorts
  2. Short Sleeve Layers
  3. Striped Button Up
  4. Cool Toned Neutrals
  5. Patterns
  6. Pastel Button Up
  7. Khaki on Khaki
  8. Summer Linens
  9. Solid Tee
  10. Open Front Shirt Set
  11. Light Tones

Two men in casual brunch outfits

Casual Brunch Outfits

On the occasion brunch isn’t turned into a big photo op, here are some good casual outfit inspirations to help you get dressed in such a way that still matches the vibe of brunch, but is more relaxed than your go big or go home Sunday Funday type of brunching.

Whatever your style: shorts, joggers, jeans, etc., there’s a brunch outfit for you. 

  1. Graphic
  2. Vintage Adidas
  3. Bucket Hat
  4. Vintage Tees
  5. Accessorized Tee
  6. Cross Body
  7. Cargo
  8. Neutrals
  9. Matching Set
  10. All Black Sweats
  11. Flannel Layers

Celebratory Brunch Outfits

Birthdays, engagements, new job offers… Any excuse to hold a celebratory brunch is a good excuse. So whatever you’re celebrating with a mimosa and an Egg Benedict, dress for the occasion! Celebrating at a breakfast is a weird combination of classy attire and casual day-wear.

Here’s some inspo to help keep you on track if you’re not sure where that middle ground is– It can be a touch spot! 

  1. Knit and Slacks
  2. White on White
  3. Polo and Sneaks
  4. Linen Pants
  5. Accessorized 
  6. Neutrals
  7. Interesting Polo
  8. Browns
  9. Linen and Stripes
  10. High Water Ankles
  11. Designer Cross Body

Mens outfit ideas for brunch dates

Brunch Date Outfit Ideas

A brunch date is one of life’s most simple pleasures, enjoying the morning with someone you love (or at least interested in, maybe it’s early on!) and getting to relax after a long work week. No matter the relationship level, you want to show up and show out, so here’s some brunch date outfit ideas to help you be comfortable and casual while spending time with your S.O.

  1. Clean Prep 
  2. Statement Sneaker
  3. Striped Trousers
  4. Over the Knee
  5. Relaxed Fit
  6. Layers
  7. Linen Set
  8. Tee and Slacks
  9. Add a Chain
  10. Interesting Joggers
  11. Preppy Sweater
  12. Cream and Stripes
  13. White Jeans
  14. Athlesure Inspired Suit

Brunch is all the rage these days, and brunch outfits are just as much of an ordeal as the location, the meals, the occasion itself. So if you’re not a super brunch style guy but are being dragged along and need some help, look no further. We’ve got you covered so you can go and enjoy your brunch date, celebration, or whatever the occasion.

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