Galentine’s brunch outfits can be so cute and easy to piece together or they can be a pain to try to curate the cutest, on-theme outfit you’ve got.

I love a themed brunch as much as the next girl, but sometimes you’re just simply at a loss for coming up with the right outfit that matches the exact theme.

I’ve planned and styled my share of Galentine’s parties and photoshoots, so I’ve got a few different ideas and tips up my sleeve to help you be the best dressed for the girlies at your Galentine’s brunch party.

Three girly outfits for a winter brunch.

Just because the audience is your best group of girls rather than a hot date, doesn’t mean you can’t tap into some more valentines-themed outfit options.

Here are 37 of my favorite Valentine’s Day outfit ideas to start with, and we’ll continue on in this post with some of my favorites that are more themed for a girls only brunch.

Galentine’s parties are some of my favorite events of the year, so let’s dive into these outfit ideas, shall we?

Two girls in pink dresses

Galentine’s Outfits

A Galentine’s outfit can be anything, but there’s heavy emphasis on the pink, red, and purple color scheme that circulates this time of year. Embrace the girly, and embrace color!

1. Frilly

This puff sleeve and hemmed dress is one of the cutest examples of wearing something girly and fun for Galentine’s with your girls.

2. Gold Top

Shiny, extra, and fun. What a perfect outfit! And the light wash jeans makes it acceptable as a day time outfit too, just right for brunch.

3. Red Pop

You don’t have to commit the whole outfit to the color scheme, even just a pop of red shoes does the trick.

4. Soft Florals

I love this top as a great piece for a Galentine’s outing.

5. Feathers And Leather

The more extra the better when it comes to a girl’s day!

6. Fifty Shades Of Pink

A collection of some really precious outfit ideas that you can copy this year. Every shade of pink you can think of represented right here.

7. Pink Cut Out Dress

This is everything I dreamed of and more while planning a brunch outfit.

8. Tulle Skirt

A tulle skirt with any casual top will always be a winner in a girly setting. I love this example with a sweater and skirt.

9. Babydoll Dress

There’s nothing sweeter than a babydoll dress, and this one with bows on the shoulder straps is perfection.

10. Cute Casual

A cardigan with pink accents and a denim mini is the ideal combination for a cute casual brunch with the girls!

Four perfect brunch outfits for Valentine's

Valentine’s Brunch Style With Friends

Grabbing brunch with friends has the potential to be a fashion show all on its own, but add in a special occasion and you’re sure to be rocking with some of your cutest outfit ideas you could curate.

Here are some ideas for you to get dressed up for a Valentine’s brunch with your friends.

11. Silk Skirt

A simple silk midi is perfect, especially when in it’s flawlessly on theme.

12. White Out

Who says you have to wear a specific color to be on theme? Cutesy and wintery make this the perfect outfit option.

13. Linen Set

A linen set is the best way to make a casual and chic statement.

14. Midi Dress

This midi dress paired with sneakers and a cardigan is a great way to make a dress more casual for cute but still relaxed brunch outing.

15. Floral Button Down

There is nothing more classic and perfect than a floral button-down in all the right hues to turn your outfit festive for the occasion.

16. Cropped Jacket

Match your purse to your cropped jacket and you’re golden!

17. Red Florals

Something about florals in the winter time is perfectly okay when it’s Galentine’s time.

18. Tiered Dress

This soft pink tiered dress really is the perfect blend of cute, casual, and girly while getting all dressed for the Valentines brunch with your friends.

19. Add A Hat

Adding a hat to a brunch outfit is one of my favorite tricks to turning this into a daytime look.

Two red and pink outfit ideas for a girl's brunch

Girl’s Brunch Outfit Ideas

You don’t need a reason to brunch, but it’s so much better when you do! And the photo ops that come with it are elite, so here are some girl’s brunch outfit ideas for you.

20. Tweed Skort Set

A tweed skort set is so feminine and pretty and perfect for your brunching needs.

21. With An Edge

Want to do something a little different and not embrace the girly? Here’s an idea of something so chic and so edgy that rejects the girly status quo.

22. Ribbed Set

This ribbed set is the epitome of a cool and vibrant winter brunch outfit for Valentine’s Day with the girls.


24. White Sweater Dress

White sweater dresses are the perfect winter brunch piece to have on hand.

25. Sweater And Leather

I adore this look of a sweet red sweater with cool leather pants!

26. Linen Dresses

A linen dress may or may not be ideal for the time of year depending on where you live, but if it works for you it’s the perfect look.

27. Bright Sweater

Bring the fun with this bright sweater.

28. Red Sundress

You can never go wrong with the red sundress!

What Do You Wear To A Galentine’s Party?

The best part about a Galentine’s party is that you really can get away with anything you want to wear. A dress code on these types of events is just part of the fun of it all, so always follow the host’s instructions! I’ve hosted pajama party Galentine’s, I’ve attended cozy Galentine’s wine nights, and a boujee night on the town in the name of the newly invented holiday. It’s all fun and games in girl world, so come as frilly and girlie as you desire, and have fun doing it!

Winter Brunch Outfit Ideas

If you’re going to brunch in the winter, it’s usually a little easier to dress for it as a cozy and cute affair than in the summer. Summer is too hot, winter is where it’s at with your favorite sweater and pair of boots! Or if you want to layer the cute top that you had just “added to cart,” then that’s great too.

Play with layers this winter, and find the balance between day and night when it comes to an outfit centered around being out with your girls.

Even in the winter, lighter fabrics and slightly more casual pieces make an outfit more day than night, and that’s the number one factor that makes a brunch outfit perfect: it’s as fun and flirty as going out, but the day time version.

Especially for Galentine’s, as always, just have a good time while planning your outfits, and it will be flawless!

A girl in a party outfit laughing.

There’s nothing better than going all out and planning a cute outing complete with stunning outfits with your best girl friends, and Valentine’s gone Galentine’s is the best time to do so.

Pink, purple, and red are everywhere and are just the colors you should be channeling for a brunch under this occasion.

Pro Tip: As you’re scanning the internet for fun and flirty outfit pieces for this brunch on the calendar, keep the daytime theme and the color scheme appropriate for the holiday (unless otherwise stated by your host), and you’re in the right direction.

Have fun spending the afternoon sipping lattes, eating pancakes, and snapping pictures with your best girls!

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