Cute layered outfits are the go-to for transitional seasons like spring and fall. During the times of year when it’s warm in the afternoon and chilly in the morning and evening, it’s so necessary to layer and to make those layers aesthetically pleasing.

Throwing on a jacket over a warmer weather outfit should be effortless and should go without much thought – in theory… But planning aesthetically cute layered outfits does take thought and effort while you’re analyzing if it’s the right jacket with the shoes and the jeans.

And the bag.

And everything else.

Four cute layered outfits

Figuring out exactly how you like to layer your outfits is a big component to getting that really cute and effortless look.

Here are my best tips along with some cute outfit examples so as you’re shopping for this spring season in the rain or shine, you know what pieces to snag to make the perfect layering of all of your outfits.

Two girls in cute layered dress outfits

Dress Layers

Layering a dress with a cute sweater on top in the spring is one of my favorite looks. There are many fun ways to layer dresses though, like throwing on a fitted lace top or cute bralette under a slip dress, or a cool denim jacket the same length as a mini dress to create something edgy. Here are more favorite aesthetic dress layering outfit ideas perfect for spring days.

1. Graphic Tee And Patterns

This is such a funky little outfit!

2. Drape A Jacket

In addition to the ribbed tee under the dress, drape a jacket over your shoulders and you’re golden! This look is perfectly polished.

3. Slouchy Sweater

Throwing a slouchy sweater over a workout dress is the ideal combination to make a cute and casual outfit.

4. A-Line Dress

The shape of the dress allows for a fun fitted layer.

Turtlenecks Underneath Style

A turtleneck in spring is a cute addition to a crew neck style that needs some warmth for the cooler hours of the day. Whether you’re styling a black turtleneck under a dress or a colorful pop that will shine, here are the perfect layering pieces!

5. Contrasting Vest

A contrasting color vest is so chic and definitely channels cottage core.

6. Trench Coat

A trench is the perfect jacket with a turtleneck.

7. Striped Button Down

This bundled up version of a classic button up makes it so chic and so ready for anything coming your way.

A girl in a flowy pink skirt and chunky sweater

Flowy Layers For Spring

A flowy outfit is easy to come by with today’s trends, and especially in the spring when the flowy and easy fabrics are the most dominant. Adding layers under or over this kind of piece is easy, and you will definitely find some fun outfit ideas in this category.

8. Cropped Leather

A cropped leather jacket is the ideal layer over a flowy dress. These are very contrasting styles and I love that in an outfit.

9. Chunky Sweater, Flowy Skirt

Everything about this is a layering dream.

A guy and a girl in layered hoodie outfits

Hoodies Over Things

Hoodies are a top tier layering choice for comfy outfits you can wear anywhere. When layered, they don’t look nearly as casual once you layer them with a pea coat or trench coat. I love these looks, especially if you’re a chill streetwear girly like me!

10. Cropped Puffer

A cropped puffer is one of my favorite ways to layer a hoodie.

11. A Trench Coat

Layering a hoodie under a trench coat is what turns a cool street style hoodie into a cool and elevated outfit.

12. Denim And A Trouser

A denim jacket and a trouser are some cool combinations. Again with the really cool mix of street attire and tailored pieces.

Three outfits with layered skirts

How To Style Skirts With Layers

Skirts are easy to wear in winter or spring, just throw on some tights or maybe style a cute pair of leg warmers for cold days! But the top options are unlimited, so here’s the layering low down on the other half.

13. Tights And A Tee

Grunge? This is the dream.

14. Baby Tee And Cardi

This is a really cool and interesting take on the trend of maxi skirts.

15. Cool Sweater

A cool skirt with a large sweater is cool and preppy at the same time.

How To Get Proportions Right When Layering Outfits?

There are a few factors when it comes to checking the proportions for your outfit when layering. These are:

  • Your body proportions
  • Trending proportions
  • Casual levels

Your body proportions are major when you’re trying to make the most flattering layered outfit. Even if you dress super trendy with the right upper to lower body proportions, your specific body type plays a factor into creating “right proportions.”

If you dig into some research and find out what works best for your specific body type, you can learn what’s going to make you look and feel your best!

Trending proportions change all of the time. In the 2010’s it was a cropped jacket and fitted jeans, super body conscious, and now it’s more like a small jacket and baggier pants, or a big jacket and chunky shoes to balance it from top to bottom.

Pro Style Tip: We’re looking at a heavier bottom trend right now, grounding the look.

This will play a factor in how you layer the top with different pieces underneath and the shoes that you pick for the outfit.

The level of casualness for the occasion makes a difference too. Usually for a more formal event, a longer and more slender proportions are best. Whether this is with a slender dress and sleek shoes or a trench coat layer that doesn’t add much bulk.

A girl in an all black outfit

Layering is the best way to dress in the spring, and these outfit ideas will surely help you as you start to venture into the questions that you have while trying to add layers to make each outfit perfect for the spring season.

As you build your spring wardrobe, it’s important to grab pieces that can be layered to be prepared for the transitional season.

Sweaters dominate the cold weather outfits, but they don’t shed as easy as a cardigan when the sun warms up the day in the afternoon.

Try new pieces that you maybe wouldn’t have gravitated to usually either, these tend to be ones that you can layer the best because you have to get creative. And creativity is the best way to conquer a layered style this spring! Tell me what you love to layer over your favorite spring pieces.

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