Inside: What to wear with bralette? Top tips and ideas for how to create the perfect outfit around your favorite lacey bra.

It’s very few times in my life when I discover a new article of clothing that truly transcends my wardrobe and becomes a staple in my clothing. When I finally tried out a bralette, I had one of these aha moments.

I want you to have the same aha moment, so today I gathered some of my favorite bralette ideas for you to look through for inspiration. I also gave you some of my hottest tips that answer the question, “what to wear with bralette?”

3 different photos of bralette examples

Are you supposed to wear a bra with a bralette?

Let’s answer the big question we all have first… Are you supposed to wear a bra under your bralette? Nope! Unless you need the support as we all know lace is only going to hold up so much weight for you. 😉

When wearing a bralette, I usually don’t wear a traditional bra underneath. The whole point of a bralette is to provide some light support and coverage without the structure of a regular bra. It’s meant to be comfortable and stylish on its own, often with lace or unique designs that can peek out from under tops for a fashionable look.

However, if I need more support or prefer a layered look, I might wear a bralette over a regular bra. Ultimately, it’s about personal preference and the level of support and style I’m aiming for!

Black bralette idea

Cool Bralette Look by Dare To Be Chic

What shirts look good with bralettes?

I find that a variety of shirt styles can look great with a bralette, depending on the overall look I’m going for. For a casual and effortless vibe, I like pairing a bralette with an open-front cardigan or a loose, flowy tank top. This lets the bralette’s design peek out in a stylish way.

When aiming for a more edgy or trendy appearance, I might wear a bralette underneath a sheer or mesh top. The contrast between the delicate bralette and the sheer fabric can create a captivating visual effect.

For a laid-back, everyday look, I often go for a basic tee or a low-cut top. The bralette adds a touch of femininity and a bit of detail to the outfit without being overly revealing.

When I want to achieve a boho-chic style, I love pairing a bralette with a button-up bohemian blouse. The combination of textures and styles creates a unique and eye-catching ensemble.

In the end, the key is to experiment with different combinations and find what resonates with my personal style. Whether it’s a casual, edgy, or bohemian look, a bralette can be a versatile and stylish addition to various outfits. I go over all of these looks below!

Blue bralette with cardigan

Cute Outfit By 24 Colors

How do you layer with a bralette?

Layering with a bralette is all about playing with textures, colors, and styles to create a fashionable and put-together look. Here’s how I like to layer with a bralette:

  • Sheer Tops or Mesh: I enjoy layering a sheer or mesh top over a bralette. The contrasting textures add depth to the outfit while allowing the bralette’s design to peek through. It’s a bold and trendy choice that can work for a night out or a statement look.
  • Open-Front Cardigans: Pairing a bralette with an open-front cardigan is a comfortable and stylish option. The cardigan provides a bit of coverage while still showcasing the bralette’s straps and details. This combo is great for a casual and cozy ensemble.
  • Oversized Sweaters: I love the contrast between an oversized sweater and a delicate bralette. I let the bralette’s lace trim or straps show at the neckline while the sweater adds a cozy touch. It’s a blend of comfort and femininity that’s perfect for cooler seasons.
  • Brown Pants Outfit – These ideas were too cute not to include.

I have more ideas like this below!

Bralette under tank top

Tank Top Outfit By The House Of Sequins

What To Wear with Bralette? Ideas & Examples

I am a visual learner, so I wanted to start off my ideas with some photos you can look through!

1. Green Bralette with Mini Tee

2. Bralette with Maxi Skirt

3. Mustard with Floral Shirt

White pull over sweater idea

Cute Sweater Pull Over By Laura Beverlin

4. Country Themed Outfit

5. Black Bralette Fit

6. Cute Textured Bralette

Grey Bralette Design

Blazer Outfit Idea By Shop Now Chile

7. Tri Colored Outfit Idea

8. Bralette Cardigan Idea

9. White Bralette with Blue Shirt

Bralette with a Big Necklace

Casual Outfit By House Of Gentry

10. White Photo with Button Up

What To Wear with Bralette? More Ideas

Bralettes are so comfy and cute…I am obsessed. I think they are the perfect addition to any outfit. Don’t believe me? See for yourself!

11. Button Up with Jeans

12. Bralette As A Shirt

13. Bralette with Sport Coat

Black Tied shirt

Black Overshirt Outfit By melanie

14. White Lace Bralette Chic Idea

15. Bralette Under Shirt

16. Flannel Bralette Idea

Red shirt outfit idea

Red Shirt Outfit By Evelynn Shine

17. High Wasted Pants and Cardigans

18. T Shirt with Bralette

Brown Blazer outfit

Fancy Pantsuit Outfit By Trendsendstyle

19. Big Fluffy Sweater

20. Bralette with OverShirt

Light blue bralette

Light Blue Outlet by Sarah Grace Boutique

What To Wear with Bralette? Top Tips

And lastly, I have some awesome tips for what to wear with a bralette?

What to Wear with Bralette – 21. Casual Chic

I love wearing my bralette with a high-waisted denim skirt and a lightweight cardigan. It’s comfy yet stylish, perfect for a day out with friends.

22. Boho Vibes

Pairing my bralette with flowy palazzo pants and a kimono makes me feel like a free spirit. Add some layered necklaces for that extra bohemian touch.

What to Wear with Bralette –  23. Sporty Edge

A bralette looks awesome peeking out from under a cropped hoodie and some high-waisted leggings. It’s the ultimate blend of comfort and athleisure.

White Shirt with Blue Cover up

Glam Look By Unknown

24. Date Night Glam

For a night out, I adore matching my bralette with a high-waisted leather skirt and strappy heels. It’s daring and confident, just the way I like it.

What to Wear with Bralette – 25. Beachy Feels

Wearing a bralette as a bikini top with some high-cut shorts is my go-to beach look. Add a floppy hat and oversized sunglasses for that effortlessly cool vibe.

26. Layered Sophistication

A sheer blouse worn over my bralette, paired with tailored trousers, creates a layered and polished ensemble that’s perfect for a stylish brunch.

What to Wear with Bralette – 27. Festival Frenzy

When I’m headed to a festival, I go all out with a bralette, fringed shorts, combat boots(check out these combat boots outfit ideas), and a funky bucket hat. The energy is electric!

Cute cardigan outfit

Adorable cardigan outfit by Lee Lee’s Boutique

28. Business Casual Twist

To mix things up at the office, I wear a structured blazer over my bralette, along with high-waisted slacks and loafers. Professional with a touch of sass.

What to Wear with Bralette – 29. Retro Revival

A bralette tucked into high-waisted mom jeans exudes vintage charm. I finish the look with cat-eye sunglasses and chunky sneakers.

30. Urban Street Style

I love the contrast of a bralette with oversized cargo pants and a pair of sneakers. Throw on a beanie, and I’m ready to take on the city.

31. Effortless Elegance

Pairing a silk bralette with a flowy maxi skirt is my way of feeling effortlessly elegant. It’s a simple yet stunning combination for a special occasion.

32. Rockstar Attitude

When I’m feeling edgy, I wear my bralette with black skinny jeans, a studded belt, and ankle boots. A leather jacket ties the whole rocker-chic look together.

33. Laid-Back Layers

On a chill day, I opt for an oversized flannel shirt worn open over my bralette and distressed jeans. It’s cozy and relaxed, perfect for a coffee date.

White over shirt

Outfit By ChicTalkCH

I literally could not be more excited to help you have your ‘aha’ moment with the bralette. They truly are a game changer when it comes to fashion and comfort.

If you fell in love with these ideas, let me introduce you to my tips on how to wear a button down shirt open.

In the fashion world, you can just keep upgrading and upgrading. Keeping up with the trends can be hard, but that is why you have me.