For this summer, you need some great maxi skirt outfit ideas. I love when maxi skirts are on trend! These skirts are some of the most fun, easy to wear and classy fits around.

An easy breezy maxi skirt is just what I want to be throwing on in the morning while getting dressed, instead of a pair of jeans or trousers.

Three girls wearing cool maxi skirt outfits.

If you want to see some more examples and maybe some other styles of fun and flirty summer skirt outfits for ‘ya. A skirt in the summer just feels so right.

Here are just a few ways I love wearing maxi skirts:

  • A white tank and a sweater over my shoulders
  • A baby tee
  • An oversized tee
  • Wear your maxi skirt with sneakers
  • A bodysuit
  • A coordinating blouse

Which kind of tee you go with depends on the skirt style ideas you come up with of course, but generally speaking, maxi skirts are so versatile and they’re the perfect piece to center your warm-weather outfits around.

Three outfits of denim maxi skirts

Denim Maxi Skirts

As the 2000’s came back in a whirlwind of all of our worst style nightmares, some pretty cute pieces that had a lot of unseen potential then make their comeback too.

Denim skirts for starters, as they’ve become a huge staple this past year.

If you’re wary about the comeback or maybe you never had one to begin with, let me convert you.

1. Double Denim

A good Canadian tuxedo is super in fashion this year, and this is a really chill and relaxed way to do it.

2. Major Cut Out

A cool cutout like this one changes it up a little bit and makes it edgier.

3. Silk Pairing

The key to an outfit like a denim maxi skirt is to pair it with something that makes it kind of sexy in a way, or adds some needed texture to it. A silk shirt like this is the perfect pair

4. Brown Bomber

Adding natural different neutral colors to denim always works, since denim is inherently a neutral.

5. Simple White Tee

You can never go wrong with a simple white tee shirt!

6. Boots And Shacket

If you want a little more country, this is the way to go.

7. Greyscale

With a black denim skirt, stay in a laid back color palette.

8. Ribbed Bodysuit

The ribbed bodysuit is a great layering piece, and this is an easy example.

Two black maxi skirt outfits

Black Maxi Outfit Ideas

Black in the summer is a bold choice, but it’s not necessarily a bad one. I love to see some bold dark colors in the summer, even if just as a basic.

9. Silky And Strappy

Now this is a sexy look without showing too much.

10. Street Grunge

Throwing on a graphic tee with a black maxi skirt makes for a cool street wear look, especially when you accessorize like this.

11. Chain Belt

Lack of belt loops? No problem.

12. Chunky Sweater

An oversized sweater is the move when you’ve got a sleek kind of skirt to pair with it.

13. White Tank

If you want a little more low-key and cute/casual combination, a white tank does the job.

14. Sparkly

A sequin skirt paired with a tee is the outfit of my dreams. Rockstar chic, if you will.

15. Cardigan

Mini cardigans work so well with maxi skirts.

16. Boho Crop Top

The boho belt and crop top turn this skirt into something so dreamy and aesthetic.

17. Low Rise

In need of the perfect low rise maxi skirt? Check it out here.

Four floral maxi skirt outfit ideas.

Floral Long Skirts

Florals in the spring and summer are just perfect. You can never go wrong with it, and there are a hundred outfit inspiration ideas in a floral maxi… But if I’m being blunt, they’re not all great. So let me introduce you to my favorites.

18. Light Blue

The pale blue color of this skirt is so pretty when paired with white.

19. Baby Tee

Black baby tees are a staple in my closet, and this is the perfect way to execute the look.

20. Wrap Skirt

This is the definition of a perfect beach outfit if you’re shopping for vacay. A wrap skirt in these tropical colors with a tube top that will show off your tan lines? Yes, please!

21. Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are the easiest accessory to throw on over any outfit to make it casual while still adding a needed third piece.

22. Sheer Blouse

Sheer blouses aren’t just hot this year, they’re an easy way to add something fresh.

23. Matching Set

Need to pair a floral skirt? Grab a matching set, of course!

24. Tiered Skirt

Adding layers and movement gives so much to the outfit without trying.

25. Cowboy Boots

The hottest shoes for the last couple years and make everything a little edgier, even if it’s really just making it more country.

26. Belted

Accessories make every outfit!

Green skirt outfits

Green Maxis

Color is always the move and I’ve loved green skirts for a long time around here, and especially when the sun is out and temps are up.

A spring green is stunning and these maxi skirts are just beautiful!

27. Monochrome Baddie

The coolest outfit you can put together is a monochrome one with all of the right accessories!

28. Bright Blue

A bright blue with a loud green is always one of my favorite color combinations.

29.Subtle Olive

Bold colors isn’t everyone’s forte, and this makes it a little bit easier to incorporate something more colorful into your closet.

30. All Black

you can’t go wrong with pairing all black to your different colors.

31. Patchwork

This patchwork skirt is so precious and perfect for an easy breezy summer outfit.

32. Green Metallic

If you’re looking to make a statement, this is your move. It doesn’t get cooler and brighter than a metallic green maxi skirt.

33. Full And Pleated

A full and pleated skirt like this one is going to kill every time.

34. Ribbed White Top

This is a great example of less is more.

Four maxi skirts made of lace

Lace Maxi Style

A lace maxi is too good. If you’re looking for the breeze, this is it. Dress these up or down, and you’ve got a winning outfit that I approve of.

35.The two textures in this one skirt is a dream combination. I love this skirt!

36. Ballet Flats

Put a lace maxi with a pair of ballet flats and you’ve got the sweetest yet simplest combination.

37. Completely Sheer

I love an edgy look like this one that at first appears sweet but is a little tougher once you look close.

38. Coordinated

A co-ord set can never be topped in a situation like this. How stunning!

39. Leather And Lace

My personal favorite go-to for looks that need something new.

40. More Lace

Combine with a different color and style of lace and it’s immediately interesting.

41. Show A Little Leg

A little leg never hurt nobody!

42. Desert Style

How beautiful is this desert look?

43.Rocker Chic

Rocker chic is too easy to pull off when using pieces like this.

What To Wear With It?

I’ve touched on my favorite pieces to pair with a maxi skirt for the summer, but let’s look at each of those as actual outfit inspiration.

Are Maxi Skirts Trending In 2024?

Yes! They became big pretty rapidly in the summer of 2023, and we were all wearing them with our favorite sneakers and just an easy tank top.

If you’re hesitant, I don’t blame you. They can feel a little frumpy or dumpy, or just feel like something you pulled out of your mom’s closet.

But believe me, these are a hot trend in the easiest way. Find a shirt, any shirt that works with the cut of the skirt, and you’ve got the trendy cool summer outfit.

Long skirts and flowy pants are some of the coolest pieces to have in your summer closet, and hopefully this has inspired you to think outside of the box we’ve kept maxi skirts in for so long.

I adore outfits like this, and it’s just too easy to make it your warm-weather uniform. No doubt about it.

As you plan your outfits for the season, include a maxi skirt (or five) for the fun of it!

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