Inside: 41 fun and flirty summer skirt outfits to change the way you dress up or dress down your favorite skirts this year.

There’s no better staple in your spring and summer wardrobe than a skirt. Mini or maxi, or maybe even a midi! There are so many different styles of skirts and ways to wear each one out there that it can almost be overwhelming when you’re trying to decide how to wear a skirt and which one to even start with.

But there’s nothing easier in the summer than finding that perfect go-to combination, and throwing it on in a flash when there’s a sudden new event, or if you took too long trying to think of something else. Find your new go-to outfit for the summer, but also find your new favorite ways to get creative with skirts. Have fun with these outfits!

A skirt is the perfect piece for the summer. It keeps you cool while you look cool, and it’s sometimes nice to shake it up from the classic athletic shorts and tee shirt outfit when running out.

You can dress up just about any skirt as well as dress it down, so don’t sleep on the skirts in your closet! And if you need some new ways to style them, here are 41 fun and flirty summer skirt outfits for you.

Four girls in summer outfits using skirts

Summer 2023 Skirt Trends

In my opinion, the skirt trends this year are super fun. Not only are we still rocking on with dopamine dressing trends with colors and patterns that just exude a fun vibe, but we’re also working with some old trends that of course have looked pretty dated up until now.

While the silk midi skirt has been dominating the skirt market and the Instagram fashion trends for a couple of years now, there are some newer and more high fashion options that we can opt in to for a really cool and fashion forward look.

Everything old becomes new again, and it’s time to recycle some more of our 90’s and 2000’s looks that we’ve had tucked away in our closets and our minds for some time now. We already saw the return of the micro mini skirt, a classic that honestly should have never left our wardrobes, but now we’re seeing the influence that the 70’s had on the 2000’s, and the comeback of the peasant maxi skirt is the hot move right now.

While it seems a little counterintuitive to try to look cool in a skirt that is so casual or even simply, just so niche, but it’s one of those trends that if you know, you know. You may see a girl walking down the street in a maxi skirt and a tee shirt and think that she’s definitely in favor of the more conservative way of dressing, but really she could be up on some of the highest fashion trends. And the difference in reactions and assumptions lies in the knowledge of current fashion trends and how well you know what’s trending and popping off these days.

So don’t abandon your mini skirt for a maxi, they’re two very different styles, but you can most definitely bring those old skirts of yours back out and give them new life! Or shop some of the amazing ones on the market– they are plenty to find and as the trend progresses, you’re only going to be finding more.

How To Dress Down A Skirt

Dressing down a skirt may come super easily to you. It does to me!

We each have our own natural bent when it comes to how we lean when it comes to dressier or more casual outfitting choices and styling decisions. I naturally lean towards a more dressed down vibe, so this comes easy. But I do hear a lot of people chattering about wanting to be able to wear skirts with a little more versatility, and aren’t quite sure how to take it down a notch with a beautiful staple piece. So here are some of my tips for dressing down a skirt.

Start with the basics: Odds are, whatever skirt you’re wearing would look great with a tee shirt. The cut and shape may vary based on how ruffly or flat the skirt is, but either way you can throw on a tee with it. And what about sneakers? In 2023 we all likely have our go-to pair of white sneakers that pair with anything and everything, so why not break it out and put them with your skirt and tee shirt? The most common pairing for these I see is usually a white baby tee and white sneakers, and this is a classic.

But what if you want to change it up a bit?

I love to put a black ribbed racerback cropped tank top with a silk mini skirt. Edgy! Throw on some cool statement necklaces and a combat boot, and you’ve got a really cool style going with this skirt.

Throwing on an oversized button down with a mini skirt is killer too, and one of my favorite options. It’s chic but it’s also comfortable and casual.

Maxi skirts are a little more challenging because you have to balance all of the coverage out. Again, I love a ribbed racerback cropped tank, but if you’re looking for something a little different, it’s a little more edgy when you pair it with a matching top. Whether it comes in a set or if you happen to come across something that goes well with it, this is a super fashionable choice without being too formal with your skirt.

A casual top and a casual shoe are the staples to dressing down an outfit flawlessly, but get creative with it! The white tee and sneakers is always a hit, but there are so many different tops out there to pair with if you decide to think outside the box.

Four denim skirt outfits for summer

Denim Skirt

1. Funky Asymmetry
2. Blazer
3. White Button Down
4. Tank Top
5. Denim Set
6. Sweater
7. Baby Top
8. Patchwork Skirt
9. Puff Sleeve
10. Black Tee

Two girls in fashion forward street outfits

Maxi Skirt

11. Silver Maxi
12. Peasant Skirt
13. Baby Tee
14. Parachute Skirt
15. The Basics
16. Ribbed Skirt
17. Basic Black
18. Band Tee
19. Floral

A girl in an off white silk skirt and a white tank top

With Crop Tops

20. The Basics
21. White Ribbed
22. Tube Top
23. Black Long Sleeve
24. Peasant Sleeve Top
25. Simple White
26. Tied Tee
27. Coordination Orange
28. Wrapped Top
29. Collared Shirt
30. Cropped Sweater

Three aesthetic summer outfits


31. Silk And White
32. Two Piece
33. European Summer
34. All Black
35. Structured Skirt
36. Gen Z Street
37. Princess Top
38. Mico And Cropped
39. Denim Maxi
40. Minimalist Style
41. Simple Maxi

Skirts really are the perfect staple for our wardrobes. In the summer, a little flowy piece with floral patterns or just fun colors in general is a perfect garment to grab for when you’re ready to dart out the door, or when you want to put something really fun together to go hang out with the girls. You can’t ask for a better staple!

Whether you wear it with your cowboy boots or your favorite summer wedges, there’s a really cool outfit in store for you when you throw on any of these summer skirt outfits. No matter where you’re going or who you’re seeing it’s almost always a great option.

These outfit ideas are some of my favorites, but there are endless possibilities when it comes to styling a skirt. Follow the big trends, but also don’t forget to put your own personal style twist on it! That’s where fashion gets fun, in my opinion, is when we all follow the trends but in our own way.

And if your personal style really vibes with some color, here are some orange outfit ideas for you to incorporate into your closet and really have fun with. You’ll love these, especially in the summer time!

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