Leather skirts are nothing new to the fashion scene, but we do continuously come up with new ways to wear the same old skirts. Ultimately this makes the piece a staple in our closets, and not one we will part with anytime soon. What used to be a symbol of grunge fashion now can be styled so many ways that it’s easily integrated into any aesthetic closet. Leather skirt outfits are incredibly versatile. 

We are continuously coming up with new ways to wear leather, and they always are some kind of nod to a previous generational trend– usually 80’s and 90’s fashion.

But once new leather pieces enter the scene, they rarely leave. They become a new staple in our closets that is styled a hundred different ways.

Leather skirts can be used to dress up a tee or to add some spice to a going out fit, worn with a sweater and tights in the winter or a crop top and sandals in the summer. There’s no wrong way to style your leather skirt, no matter the color or your personal style, there’s a leather skirt outfit for you.

Concerts, dinners, brunches, you name it, and it’s the occasion for the leather skirt. 

Black Leather Skirt Outfit Ideas

A classic, black leather skirt never fails. This will be your closet’s best friend, and the piece you grab to wear with every new top without even having to stop and wonder if it’s the right piece for the outfit. It is.

No questions asked.

With these style tips, your black skirt is ready to go.

  1. Black Blazer 
  2. Muscle Tank
  3. Unbuttoned Button Up
  4. White Bodysuit
  5. Red Sweater
  6. Tucked In Tee
  7. Silk Blouse
  8. Cropped Cardigan
  9. Casual Sweatshirt 
  10. Graphic and Denim Layers
  11. Neutral Knits

Brown Leather Skirt Outfit Ideas

In all the rage of neutrals, brown pieces are a great addition to your closet, as they add depth with creams, whites, and greens. Black is a great go to, but there’s another level of dimension when you match earth tones with earth tones. If you found a brown leather skirt and need some inspo, check it out. 

  1. Coordinated Jacket
  2. Orange Blouse
  3. White Button Up
  4. Black Blazer
  5. V-Neck Bodysuit
  6. Chambray Top
  7. Two Tones
  8. Gray Sweater
  9. Coordinated Bandeau

Leather Mini Skirt Outfits

We love a good midi skirt, but nothing beats our bestie, the mini skirt. They never have gone out of style and they never will, but the rush of Y2K style coming back to us has only elevated the mini skirt game, including our favorite leather mini skirt. If you’re not looking for something to wear to the office, you can never go wrong with a mini.  

  1. With a Blouse
  2. Funky Tights
  3. Black Basics
  4. Croc Print Skirt
  5. Lace Top
  6. Matching Bodysuit

edgy leather skirt ideas, three women in leather skirts

Edgy Skirt Outfits

We’re exiting the era of leather and all black being very niche and grunge and edgy. It’s chic and a staple now, but pairing your skirt with pieces that others wouldn’t? Now that’s edgy. Creativity and out of the box thinking is what grabs people’s attention when they say, “I wouldn’t wear that, but you’re so cool for doing it.” That’s edgy.

Even if it’s a simple graphic tee with leather boots, it’s a bit more punk than mainstream, and that will turn heads. 

  1. Coordinated Set
  2. Silver Leather
  3. Silver Pleated
  4. Cargo Style Skirt 
  5. Midi and Boots

Red Leather Skirt Outfits

Red leather is hot! If you’re ready to grab attention and make a bold fashion statement, red leather is for you. Monochrome or color coordinating is so chic, there are so many ways you can style a red leather skirt. 

  1. Black Band Tee
  2. Burgundy on Burgundy
  3. Black High Neck Blouse
  4. Striped Top
  5. Graphic Muscle Top
  6. White Off the Shoulder

Pink Leather Skirt Skirt Outfits

Lighter colored leathers are different, they’re cute. Your pink leather skirt outfit is going to make a statement no matter how you wear it. 

  1. White Tee
  2. Y2K Colorful Crop 
  3. Pink Leather Set
  4. Gray Cropped Tee

Camel Leather Skirt Outfits

Camel is the color of fall, it always reminds me of my favorite booties I pair with every chunky knit sweater that I own. It goes beautifully with whites, blues, and burgundy. These color palettes are usually pretty dark, but a light camel color adds dimension to your wardrobe. 

  1. Camel Blazer Pair
  2. Camel Sweater
  3. Long Layers
  4. Patchwork
  5. White Blouse

Plus size leather skirt ideas, four women in plus size leather skirts

Plus Size Leather Skirt Outfit Ideas

Leather skirts are flattering on anyone and everyone, especially when they’re high waisted and accentuate the curves at the waist. If you’re looking for plus size leather skirt outfit ideas, that’s the key.

Wearing the boxy skirt with a fitted top that shows off the lovely curve of the waist is a beautiful way to style the leather skirt.  

  1. Bodysuit Tank
  2. A-Line Skirt
  3. Fully Cropped

A looser fit top with a French or full tuck works the same, and adds a whimsy air to the outfit. 

  1. Off the Shoulder Blouse
  2. Patterned Sweater
  3. Black V Neck

What Goes Well With a Leather Skirt?

In short: anything. Anything goes well with a leather skirt. Not only do we love to see a leather skirt paired with a classic graphic tee, but playing with textures is a fun way to style the skirt as well. Pairing with more leather, different colored leather, knits, denim, suede, etc. creates an interesting visual aspect to the outfit. 

With a fabric as edgy as leather, keeping the other elements of the outfit classy and elegant is a beautiful way to mix aesthetics. Button ups, bodysuits, and sweaters are some of my favorite pairings to balance how pointed leather can be and ease it up. Unless you’re looking for the edgier look for a night out, then that’s a different story.

  1. Plain Tank
  2. Denim Play
  3. Street Layers
  4. The Go-To Tee
  5. Sweatshirts

Is the PU Skirt Real Leather?

If you’re searching the leather market these days, there’s so many different words and terms floating around referencing what kind of leather it’s made from. Commonly, you will see the words: vegan, faux, and pleather. But lately we’ve started to see the term “PU” which stands for polyurethane leather, which is completely synthetic leather. 

Brands often try to discreetly tell you if their leather products are genuine leather or not, seeing as some clients are looking for real leather products and some clients are pretty against the use of animal products. Ideally, they don’t want to alienate either market, so they come up with clever ways of telling you if the product is real leather or not. Hence the new label: PU. 

What Should I Wear With a Leather Skirt on a Night Out?

An iconic day to night piece, the best skirt to wear again and again, especially when your day is going to end out and about. You can wear just about anything in your closet for a night look. But here are some of the best night out looks with a leather skirt that aren’t overdone. 

  1. Crossed Colored Crop
  2. Deep V
  3. Red One Shoulder
  4. Split Middle Suit
  5. Lace Bodysuit
  6. One Shoulder Tops

There’s not a wrong way to wear your leather skirt– or the wrong occasion. Continue to look for new ways to wear it out, new ways of styling it and keep the staple around for a long time… She deserves it. Using layers and pieces you wouldn’t normally expect to see with a leather skirt are always a good way to go to change it up a bit. Whether it’s a mini or midi, black or pink, it’s the perfect skirt for your closet to wear time and time again.

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