Inside: Examples of what to wear to a museum when you’re ready to go get your art on, or history buff, whatever your favorite art is.

Museums are some of the most easy-going environments you can find yourself in. I love going to my local art museum to sit in the big comfy chairs by one of my favorite paintings, and either read, write, or just simply people watch as they experience some of my personal favorite works of art.

While there’s no dress code, sometimes it’s fun to get dressed up, or to dress very artsy to experience the whole ordeal in style.

If museums are your total vibe, you’ll love these outfits, especially if you’re asking yourself what to wear to a museum.

There’s no right or wrong answer for museum viewing attire, or just dress how you like, dress comfortably for wandering the halls and reading the plaques, and if you plan to take any pictures, some of these outfits will be perfect for your outfit inspo.

Some of my fondest memories both locally and abroad are centered around museums and art shows. One thing I personally think that we take for granted too often is all of the art and history that we could experience so easily, yet we often forget in all of the busyness.

Four preppy casual outfits

If you have time, take a couple hours out of your week and go enjoy some history at your local museum. Even if you’ve been 100 times before, sometimes it’s a relaxing trip to take to get your mind off of the craziness that is life.

Museum Dress Codes

Wondering what’s appropriate attire for a museum visit? Honestly, there are hardly any museums that require a specific look or dress code from their visitors, so you’re pretty much in the clear!
Aside from technicals, I really like to know what’s expected of me based on the vibe and the atmosphere of the place I’m visiting. I like to match aesthetics.

So what’s aesthetically appropriate for a museum? If you know anything about artsy aesthetics, this will come really natural to you.

First of all, some museums are incredibly large, and require a lot of walking and standing if you really want to see everything that it has to offer. Your local one may not be that big, but if you’re visiting a new city and planning to go see a major art museum like The Met in Manhattan, you’re gonna want to plan comfortable shoes. I made my mistake visiting The Met for the first time by not wearing shoes that I could walk around in all day, and I was pretty miserable by the time I left. This is imperative if you want to enjoy your time in the museum.

Other than comfortable shoes, the rest is up to you. I love to wear trendy, neutral, artistic girl vibe, like slouchy jeans and a cozy yet cool statement jacket. Museums are generally pretty quiet, so I pass on my favorite denim jacket with a loud buckle on it. But other than that, anything cute and aesthetic is great for the vibe of any museum.

Regular Museum Attire Vs. Openings

This is all pretty typical for a regular museum day, but if you’re invited to an opening event, or planning to attend a gallery opening, the attire is usually pretty nice. Nice for the art community is a little different, it’s a little bit more fashion forward and less formal, but it’s definitely not a casual look.

We will look at some examples later on in this post, but these events like gallery openings and art shows usually entail a dress code. And if there is an opportunity to dress up, think a little bit more edgy than your normal night out look.

It’s fun to dress up for gallery openings and art shows, especially if it’s a little different from your usual world. I know you’ll have fun with these events, so break out your favorite edgy night out outfit, grab your friends and get to that gallery opening!

Prep For A Museum Day

Getting ready to head to the museum for a day? Or maybe you’re museum hopping and getting to check out several museums in a new city you’re visiting? Either way, you’re going to have so much fun and you’re going to enjoy getting to see all these new pieces that you probably haven’t seen before, maybe even by artists you’ve never experienced.

As you set out for the day, remember my rule about comfortable shoes at the museum, and always remember to grab a museum map, especially if it’s a large one! Sometimes you get so caught up in wanting to see everything that you forget to make sure you see what you came for.

Ahead of time, I would check and see if there are certain days that are free versus others, or make sure that you don’t need to reserve tickets before going. A lot of museums are free or decently cheap to make it available to the public, and some of them do require reservations.

I often see people wondering if you can take pictures in a museum, and yes, you totally can! Without flash, though, make sure to switch it off before you snap apic. But do remember to stay away from the artwork, or the historical artifacts, otherwise, a museum staff member will politely ask you to step away.

Four casual cute neutral outfits

Casual Museum Outfits

On a regular day, museum outings are no formal affair. So go ahead and check out these cute and casual outfits for a perfect day at the museum.

1. Clean And Preppy
2. Midi Skirt
3. Oversized
4. Cozy
5. Jeans
6. Knit Pullover

What To Wear To A Museum

Not sure what you should pull out of the closet for visiting the museum? Here are some ideas for you!

7. Blazer
8. Sweater Vest
9. Floral Maxi
10. Black Bucket Hat
11. Oversized Denim
12. Brown Suiting

Girl in black dress looking at art in a museum

For A Date

Got a date to the museum? Here are some cool casual outfits to impress.

13. Plaid Mini Dress
14. Leather And Knit Combo
15. Sweater Dress
16. White Babydoll
17. Black Velvet Puff Sleeve

Two classy cool outfits

Museum Openings

18. Coords
19. Winter Princess
20. Blingy Top
21. Champagne Silk
22. Blazer and Shorts
23. The Party Pajama

If you’re in school right now, you might have your fill of art and history currently, but there’s something to be said for viewing art in a gallery, the way that it was meant to be viewed.

It’s a different experience, and when you read the plaque versus reading a textbook, it’s easier to connect with the artist and all of their intentions with their piece of work. Dressing just right for the occasion to go to a museum is so underrated, and it’s truly such a fun experience when you get together with your friends to go hang out at the local museum! Obviously, pictures will be taken, so be ready!

If museums and doing something a little different with your boo and your crew are your thing, you may totally love doing a wine tasting. This is another outing that doesn’t require a specific aesthetic, but is oh so fun to channel the vibe of a vineyard or winery on a coast somewhere while sipping local wines!

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