Inside: 37 easy to wear lollapalooza outfit ideas for the festival lover!

Lollapalooza 2022 is just around the corner… Got your tickets but forgot your outfits? Or already planning for next year? Either way, here are some easy outfits for you to pack and wear at Lolla this year or any year! 

Festival outfits can go one of two ways: super extra or crazy chill, and there is rarely an inbetween. If you’re the type to get all into the wild and out there festival fits for the internet to be talking about for weeks, you’ve been planning this for months and probably had all of your pieces in before tickets were even on sale! 

Easy to wear lollapalooza outfit ideas, two girls in easy festival outfits

If you’re on the other end of the spectrum and are ready to chill out with your friends and listen to some good music, but still want to look like you came ready for a festival, these outfits are for you! If you haven’t already been influenced by the previous festivals this year, here are some more options for you! 

what to wear to Lolla two girls in festival outfits

Lolla What To Wear

Lollapalooza is one of America’s best music festivals, and has some of the most fun fashion! The pressure isn’t as high as the Coachella fashion scene, so you can relax and be you a little bit, but still have fun with summer festival fashion trends that make a comeback every summer! 

It’s hot (obviously) and you’ll want to be comfortable while also snapping all of the most epic Instagram photos– so finding that happy middle is a tough task! But if you’ve been to a festival before you already know what works and what doesn’t, and you also know what to expect. 

Staying cool and looking cool don’t have to be two separate looks: luckily summer fashion is made for this kind of event, so you’ll be just fine. 

Here are some of the best outfits to help you figure out what to wear to Lolla this year! 

  1. Denim Set
  2. Scarf Top
  3. Tons Of Fringe
  4. Neon And Cargo

Lolla is a good mix of current pop music and indie music, with some more rock influences as well. You can channel all of the different music styles into your outfit style and go more mainstream festival style, boho, or grunge, and whichever way you choose, you’ll fit right in.

Festival style does have specific styling directions, but ultimately, it’s you and your style going to listen to your favorite music. You’ll fit in and look great on social media in just about anything you land on.

  1. Orange Skirt Set
  2. White On White
  3. Fringed Denim
  4. Patterned Set
  5. Funky Parachute Pants

easy festival outfits for music festivals

Easy Festival Outfits For Lollapalooza 

Are you more of a casual festival goer, or a go all out kind of gal? Music festivals are made for both personality types, and if you’re going for easy concert outfit inspo, look no further. Luckily, matching sets, rompers, and jumpsuits are everything right now, so order a matching set with one click and you’ve got one of four outfits covered! What’s easier than that?! 

Tee and shorts, or even the simple basics are all cool options for your festival style this year! Kendall Jenner did it, why can’t you? 

Check out some of these easy festival outfits for Lollapalooza and get ready for the time of your life! 

  1. Tee And Denim
  2. Linen Romper
  3. Statement Shorts
  4. Pastel Romper
  5. Denim One Piece

Even in a matching set, accessorizing is kind of a given! What’s your accessory style? Vests and hats are hot right now, but they’re also hot in temperature out there all day! Hats are functional at keeping the sun out of your face, but jewelry will always be a win! No extra layers added and easy to throw on and repeat with every outfit. 

  1. Tee Shirt Dress
  2. Accessorized Basics
  3. Patterned Set And Sneakers
  4. Crop And Denim

cool music festival outfits three women in music festival outfits

Cool Lollapalooza Outfits 

Honestly, anything goes at Lollapalooza. When you attend music festivals, you see so many different kinds of people and styles, and behind the filter of festival hype, everyone looks really cool. 

Relaxed and low-effort outfits take the cake, they tell everyone else you’re experienced and you’ve done this before. Even if you haven’t. And, when you’re out there with no cell signal trying to find your people, or you’re in the middle of the crowd all waiting for your favorite artists, you don’t really care what your outfit looks like. You’re just ready for a good time!

So look through these cool Lolla outfits and see what kind of festival style speaks to you and what your dream vibe is for a weekend full of music and friends. 

  1. Scarf Top
  2. Checker Pattern Trouser
  3. Hot Pink Mesh
  4. Interesting Pieces

Are you a colorful or neutral kind of person? Incorporating color into your festival outfits is an easy way to give your wardrobe on the field a little pop and make it feel a little extra fun, even if it’s some simple pieces thrown together. 

Color always goes in the summer, especially at Lolla. And it gives the illusion of more effort given than neutrals, even if you didn’t think any harder about it. 

I’m always an advocate for color at festivals. 

  1. Relaxed Denim Shorts
  2. Pink Cargo
  3. Butterfly Top
  4. Ultra Blinged Denim
  5. White Mesh

outfits to wear for a music festival, three women in festival outfits

Outfits To Wear For Music Festivals

Music festivals are like big fashion shows for everyone in attendance: who has the best desert boho grunge style and who wore it all the best. Although we have kind of strayed from the original modern hippie style of outfits worn to music festivals, the influences of the former festival trends remain.

Now, we are far more street influenced with our Lolla outfits (and Coachella, and ACL, and Bonnaroo…) but the boho will always be a part of the festival outfit’s history. You can never go wrong with something breezy and fun to dance in, but Doc Martens and cargo shorts are a cool new version of festival styles you might want to try. 

In short, there’s no right or wrong answers anymore with your daily outfits for Lolla, just be you, stay cool, and be ready to dance! 

  1. Pink Angel
  2. Mega Color Pop
  3. Daisy Gingham
  4. Blue Fringe Dress
  5. Western Imagery Shorts

Music fest outfits are all about fun! So channel the most fun you could have into an outfit and you’re good to go! 

  1. Yellow Lace Set
  2. Diamond Mesh
  3. Yin Yang
  4. Belted Tee
  5. Tee And Silk

While planning festival outfits is part of the fun, there’s no need to stress over having the best outfit out of everyone attending Lollapalooza. Planning a fun outfit for you is great, but don’t let it be something stressful! Find some inspiration here and have fun with it, that’s all festivals are about! 

Whether you’re more laid back or wanting something more wild and out there for your days out in front of the big stages, you’re going to fit right in with the other festival goers and look great in your Instagram post. And if you’re not sure if you want to be more laid back than extra, more grunge than boho, or more colorful than neutral, the good news is… it’s a four day event so you can do it all! 

Lollapalooza outfits are easier than you think– just put a festival twist on your personal style and coordinate with your friends and you’re good to go!

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