Inside: Taylor Swift concert outfit inspiration and ideas for the Eras tour… see what I did there?

Taylor Swift is doing it again… blessing us with a live tour of her music that has graced us constantly over the years. But this time, she’s honoring her old discography and every era of her music career by going on the Eras tour. With each album to be represented, it’s going to be an epic show that no one really wants to miss.

So hopefully you came out victorious from the war for tickets and are ready to don your Taylor lover outfit style.

If you were lucky enough and you’re beginning to plan your adventure out to the Eras tour, you’re probably in need of a killer concert outfit. Concerts these days have become part fashion show, especially for big artists with really enthusiastic fanbases. I know too well just from being a big fan of Harry Styles.

The pressure is on to pick an era. So which one of her previous albums speaks to you the most? Which era of Taylor Swift has you ready to scream her music from the rooftops? That’s where you should pull your outfit inspiration from.

Pick your era, and find an iconic Taylor outfit to correspond and get ready for this amazing night with Taylor Swift!

Taylor swift concert outfits

Different Taylor Swift Eras

Taylor Swift is a multi-talented singer and songwriter who has released a number of critically acclaimed albums throughout her career. From her self-titled debut album to her most recent release, “evermore,” she has consistently produced music that resonates with her fans and has built up quite the fan army.

One of Swift’s most popular albums is “1989,” which was released in 2014 and features a number of hit singles such as “Shake It Off” and “Blank Space.” This album brought her out of the country sector and introduced a more pop-influenced sound that helped to solidify her status as a global pop icon. This was the beginning of some of her most iconic eras.

Another highly beloved album from Taylor Swift is “reputation,” which was released in 2017. This album features a more edgy and experimental sound that reflects the personal and public struggles that Swift faced during this time in her life. With anthems like “Look What You Made Me Do,” this is easily a quick pick for a lot of us to choose as our favorite Taylor era. If you ever hear someone say they’re in their reputation era… watch out.

Lover is the softer and sweeter era of Taylor, and is definitely for those of you in happy relationships. This album stands out from the rest of her discography because she is so known for her heartbreak anthems.

Swift’s most recent album, “evermore,” was released in 2020 and features a more folk and indie-inspired sound. This album was released as a surprise to fans just a few months after her ninth studio album, “folklore.” “evermore” includes tracks such as “willow” and “champagne problems,” which have received widespread love.

Overall, Taylor Swift’s albums are a testament to her evolution as an artist and her ability to produce music that resonates with listeners of all ages. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to her music, there is sure to be an album in her discography that you’ll love, and an era that you can’t wait to go all out in for her tour.

How To Dress For The Era

There are a few different ways you can go with it once you’ve selected your era that you plan to represent on the Taylor Swift Eras tour.

As with any concert, if you’re choosing to dress to a theme, you can either dress to the theme of the album in general, the artists’ general style, or you can recreate an exact outfit of theirs that is iconic to their image.
With Taylor Swift having so many iconic outfits to replicate, this is a really fun direction to go in, especially if you choose an older album to throw it back to. From awards shows, to concert outfits, to music videos, there are endless possibilities of where you can pick up inspiration from.

As you channel your inner Taylor Swift, you’re likely going to find quite a bit of funky pop inspiration. With all of her glitter and color, these are some outfits that you are totally going to have fun with. Even if you choose her bold red lipstick era, there’s something so iconic about each of her eras.

Seeing fans from all over the city come together and go all out on some of the best concert outfits you’ve seen is going to be one of the best moments of any Taylor Swift fan’s life. It’s so fun to see the other fans of your favorite artist in your area, and add wild and fun outfits on top of it, and it’s a once in a lifetime moment.
Whether you choose to copy an exact outfit of hers or channel the energy from your favorite era, you’re going to look killer for this Taylor Swift concert.

Dressing For Concerts

One key element of a successful pop concert outfit is comfort. You’ll likely be standing for long periods of time, dancing and singing along to your favorite songs, so it’s important to choose clothing that won’t restrict your movement or cause discomfort. Opt for breathable fabrics such as cotton or linen, and consider wearing comfortable shoes that you can dance in. Or at least mildly comfortable… Sometimes the shoes make the outfit and you need to sacrifice sometimes.

Another important aspect of your concert outfit is personal style. Whether you prefer a more casual or extra look, the most important thing is to feel confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing. Even if you’re not going all out, you might consider incorporating elements of her style into your outfit, such as wearing a band t-shirt or incorporating her signature colors for the era of your choosing.

Finally, don’t forget to accessorize! A statement bag, a fun pair of earrings, or a custom jacket can add the perfect finishing touch to your concert outfit. Just be sure to choose items that won’t get in the way or cause distractions during the performance… We’ve all been the person stuck behind a hat… no fun.

Taylor swift in more pink and blue outfits


1. Pink Romper
2. Pastels
3. Sequins

Indie hipster aesthetic


4. Chunky Knit
5. Linen Dress
6. Album Art

Taylor swift reputation concert outfit


7. Bodysuit
8. Black Sequin Mini
9. Fur Sleeve
10. Old Glam

Three photos of Taylor swift in concert outfits


11. The White Glitter
12. White Set
13. Blue Mini

If you’re struggling to get creative with your Taylor Swift concert outfit for the Eras tour, hopefully you’ve found some helpful ideas and tips in this post. I love a good concert outfit as much as the next girl, but it can totally be stressful. But as you start to

If you’re planning on attending a Taylor Swift concert, you’ll want to make sure you have the perfect outfit to wear. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just love her music, there are many ways to incorporate her signature style into your concert attire.

One option is to go for a classic, feminine look inspired by Taylor’s signature style. Consider pairing a softer and girlier look that represents her more recent albums and eras. Alternatively, you could opt for a more edgy and casual outfit, such as a pair of high-waisted jeans and a graphic t-shirt. With the staple red lip of course.

In addition to your main outfit, don’t forget to accessorize with items such as a statement bag or a fun pair of earrings. And don’t forget to show your love for Taylor by wearing a piece of merchandise or incorporating her signature colors into your ensemble. With the perfect concert outfit, you’ll be ready to sing along to all your favorite Taylor Swift hits in style!

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