Disco cowgirl has become one of the biggest trends when it comes to party themes, and it’s obvious why!

Iconic, themed and fun this style brings it all!

Four outfit ideas for the disco cowgirl theme

Whether you’re planning outfits for:

If you’re throwing the party or attending, your outfit is going to be a blast to style. I’ve had so much fun putting together hese disco cowgirl outfit ideas.Disco cowgirl outfit ideas

You can very easily pull influence from country concert outfit ideas and just be ready to crank it up a notch.

Pro Tip: This is usually a pretty costume-y concept, so don’t be afraid to go the extra mile and add some fun hats and glitter!

Let’s have some fun with this one.

Three western bachelorette parties


This has been the IT theme for every bachelorette these past few years.

Each and every one I have attended has been the most fun and I’ve loved every second of the theme. Sharing outfits with all of the girls and coordinating them perfectly was such a bonding experience, and disco cowgirl is just truly the best theme for it! Here’s how we created the outfits…

1. Beaded Skirts

Beaded skirts are the easiest way to make an outfit super extra. White for the bride of course!

2. Silver Fringe

All white with silver fringe is my go-to for a stunning pre-wedding party outfit.

3. White Feather Top

A white feather top is so extra, it fits the theme perfectly.

4. Shiny Everything

Give everything a little sparkle! I love this addition of the new last name on a jacket for the extra bride vibe.

5. Walking Disco Ball

Want to be the walking disco ball? Here’s the dress for you.

Three blingy pink outfits


If you’re adding any color to the theme, it’s likely going to be pink. It can’t get much girlier than a hot pink outfit with disco details, so here are some outfit ideas that are more centered around color.

6. Pink Mini Skirt

This pink mini is perfect for the pink pops of color for the event! And the Yeehaw belt?? Absolutely.

7. Pink Rhinestone Boot

These boots are everything you need and more for this look.

8. Metallic Pink Jacket

What a killer piece this jacket is, and it just adds so much fun to the overall look of the photos and the outfit itself!

9. All The Pizazz

Feathers and sequins… This is my kind of outfit!

A girl in a denim set


Going to a concert is another great reason to dress up like this. Concerts have become a fun place to go over the top with outfits and this is a cute theme to go with whether you’re going to a pop or country concert.

10. Layered Tee Shirt

Layer a tee when you’re in a more casual setting like a concert for this adorable look.

11. Denim Set

A blingy denim set is all you need. Truly.

12. Silver Bra Top

This DJ knows what she’s doing— a silver bra top with a hat is the perfectly sexy and cool disco cowgirl look.

13. Fringe On Fringe

Anything with fringe counts. Anything.

Friend groups matching outfits

Matching Friends

One of the most precious aspects of girlhood is dressing up to match with your friends for an occasion of any kind.

Matching within this disco cowgirl outfit theme is relatively easy with these ideas, and as long as everyone stays on track. Here’s some inspiration for the group!

14. Beaded Pieces

These girls have the right idea adding all the movement with the beaded fringe dresses.

15. Matching Tees

If you’re not getting too dressed up and want to match with the girls, these disco cowgirl tee shirts are so cute!

16. Matching Hats

Coordinating a ton of matching outfits might not be what you had in mind, but these hats are phenomenal to make sure everyone’s got something fun to coordinate the group.

Girls in fringe dresses and tops, and a fringe cowboy hat


Fringe is one of the most fun details on a western inspired look, and it’s so easy to make it flashy too. This is hands down my favorite way to wear the style – here are a few ways to put the outfits together that I’m loving right now.

17. Groovy Gold Jacket

This jacket might be one of the best I have ever seen. Dip into the fringe theme here.

18. Silver Dress

Don’t just accessorize with it, get a full body of fringe.

19. Long Black Dress

This dress really takes my breath away… So chic and so fun all at once.

20. Fringe Cowgirl Hat

Let the hat do all the talking. That’s all.

21. Sequin Fringe Top

This top is the most beautiful and versatile top. I’m obsessed with the subtle fringe here.

What Is The Disco Cowgirl Theme?

If you’re not super familiar with the theme, it’s essentially a party theme that has everyone in the party dressing as a cowgirl but with a disco color scheme and style.

Very extra, very cutesy girly in black, white, and silver being the main colors, and usually consisting of denim and silver sequins.

Depending on the season, a mini skirt that’s black, denim, or silver is my favorite, with a flashy white top, or maybe a glittery mesh moment?

There are so many options, but the bottom line is that you just create a great shiny outfit and add a pair of boots or a hat.

And don’t forget to get a hat with feathers or sequins too!

Disco cowgirl outfit ideas

How To Dress Cowgirl For A Party

Dressing cowgirl for a party is easy, especially when it’s a disco cowgirl. Look at this amazing outfit Nicole Romero put together with pink boots & hat! Here are some easy ways to make your own look happen:

  • Flare jeans
  • Mini skirts
  • Leather
  • Denim pants
  • A skirt of the same color palette is the best place to start.

The top is where you can really hone in on a western themed top. You can have a lot of fun with this making it more country or more disco specific.

Even any mainstream trendy outfit works with a pair of boots and a hat. It doesn’t have to be too specific, but just think around the vibe of the party and throw a hat on it. Easy!

This is the time when getting to be basic and trendy with your friends just feels like pure bliss. With my parties I always like to try to do something different that my friends or I haven’t done before, but this will forever be a favorite of mine to style. Not to mention once you go out and hit the bars or whatever scene, all eyes are on you and you’re the center of attention. And who doesn’t love that every once in a while.

Get sparkly, giddy up, and let’s have the best time out there cowgirl!

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