Fringe outfits are everywhere! Have you noticed? They’ve been everywhere & are going nowhere.

At the start of my fashion blogging career, my very first published post on a major fashion website was “How To Wear Fringe Jackets” and that was in 2016!

That just shows how strong this iconic style is and how it has stayed in style over the years.

Five outfits with pieces that have fringe details

It’s a fun fad that popped up in the groovy days of the 60s and 70s and has been a constant in the trend cycle ever since.

Let’s refresh that a little bit and let me show you how fringe outfits are worn in now! Eight years later our fringe pieces may be the same but the styling is something new and different.

Maybe you’re looking for fringe outfits that work for the country style of your dreams… Fringe is obviously super popular in that category, like these 27 wild rodeo outfits that easily compliment any of these fun fringe style.

Four girls wearing fringe boots or outfits with fringe and boots

Fringe And Boots Style Tips

Whether the brown boots for your outfit have fringe or the outfit has fringe and it’s paired with boots, this is the go-to country styled look for wearing fringe. Boots are the staple and have been the really trendy shoe these last couple of years, and the easiest to throw on in this style.

1. Fringe Sweater

Knit fringe is a cute way to put something new and exciting on your classic chunky sweater.

2. Modern Cowboy

The modern cowboy is full of flashy fringe and the dreamiest boot.

3. Fringe Boots

A fringe detailed pair of boots is the perfect accessory for your favorite sweater dress.

4. Casual Dress Up

Dress up a casual denim shorts outfits with a fringe jacket and statement boots.

5. Angelic Style

Walk like an angel with these wings!

6. Vintage Fur

The vintage fur is a phenomenal piece to throw on with a fringe boot.

7. Layered Fringe

Two fringe pieces are better than one!

Three cool western style outfits

Fringe Jacket Outfits

My favorite thing about my fringe jacket is that it goes with almost any outfit. Save for the preppier and more polished looking ones, this is the perfect addition to every outfit.

8. Coat Inspiration

Vintage coats are so in for 2024, and this is a perfect piece of fringed vintage to add to your collection.

9. Teddy

A teddy coat with fringe is the most fun way to keep the style in play while keeping the cold away.

10. Extra Long Fringe

Why be subtle when you can be fun?

11. Red Suede Moto

Nothing says edgy like red suede with a fringe detailing.

12. Denim On Denim

A denim on denim look always hits, and this one is no exception. The cropped jacket complete with a denim cargo pant can’t actually get any cooler. This combo is easy and street smart while channeling the western outfit ideas trend.

13. Black And White

Keep it simple with a black and white outfit.

14. Suede Poncho

How’s this for a layering piece?

15. White Ruffle

White ruffle details adds a girly and sweet look to something a little edgy and gritty. Balance your elements.

16. Chocolate Suede

Brown is the hot new neutral color on the scene, and this jacket is the perfect outfit.

Three skirts with fringe


Ready for any rodeo, festival, or party in a fringe skirt! It’s the ideal statement piece with anything like a tee shirt or sheer blouse.

17. Color Pop

A bright and fun skirt is way too good to pass up.

18. Country Baby

Your classic glamour cowgirl look is perfected with a sparkly fringe skirt. For the rodeo, a country concert outfit look, anywhere you need to go, this is the look.

19. Classy

A classy and non-western version of this skirt is iconic too. Sequins and fringe with a heel are fun and flashy for a night out.

20. Free Spirited

I am in love with this wrap skirt and easy top.

21. Casual

A fringe skirt doesn’t have to be so dramatic. You can make it easy and casual in something like this one.

22. Western Love

This version of a classic western look is a little less flashy, but still perfect for rocking a fringe skirt.

23. Silver Leather

This skirt with a graphic tee is just too cool.

24. Nashville Babe

A Barbie in Nashville moment is so hot right now, and this look is everything if you’re headed out to Tennessee.

A girl wearing a sequin fringe crop top


The only thing that makes fringe more fun is adding sequins to it. You will move and shine all at once, and that’s a killer combination. Check out these cute sequin fringe pieces.

25. Romper

Looking for the perfect party look with a little flash? This is the perfect piece to add to your closet for one of those sparkly nights out.

26. Crop Top

It’s a crop top but it doesn’t stop there!

27. Color Pop

These pops of color only add to the fun. It doesn’t get much better than this!

28. Button Down

A black button down with sequins and fringe is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Perfect to pull out when you need something fun in a flash.

29. All The Shine

Sparkle and shine with this sequin fringe jacket. Parties or vacations, this is amazing.

30. Denim Jewels

These jewels on a denim jacket and shorts set is too stunning. Great for that cool girl outfit that you need.

31. Strong Shoulder Cape

This cape. Need I say more?

32. Stay Golden

One gold dress, two ways.

33. Brilliant Blue

This bright blue is a beautiful splash of color.

Three shorts with fringe


Nothing says 2014 indie grunge more than a pair of fringe shorts or fringe outfits with shorts. You’re going to turn heads with this vibe!

34. Subtle Studded Tassel

These are way more subtle than your typical fringe denim shorts. And I love them.

35. Extreme Distressing

These aren’t just cut off denim shorts, these are extreme distressing.

36. Leather Fringe Shorts

Leather fringe shorts are so edgy but let’s be honest… These are still pretty girly and cutesy. These are the best shorts for an outfit that just needs a little movement and excitement.

37. Minor Details

I love the fringe hanging from the pockets and how it dresses up such a simple outfit.

38. Gold Accent Fringe

Adding an accent color like gold to a pair of black shorts is pretty fire.

39. Diamond Fringe

The shape of this rhinestone fringe around the pockets add so much to the design of the shorts.

40. Tweed Fringe

The tweed fringe is a cute blend of grungy and preppy.

41. Nashville Classic

A classic look for your Nashville trip!

Four women wearing fringe vest outfits


A vest is really giving country to me in this context. Try these different styling ideas if you’re looking for a good outfit idea using a fringe vest.

42. The Perfect Suede

The perfect suede layer for your best vintage style.

43. Wild West

Layer something like this together and you’ve got a super classic Wild West kind of a look.

44. US Flag

Need a pretty patriotic look?

45. Boxy

I’m obsessed with this look around a boxy vest that works like a top or a layering piece.

46. Braided Lace Vest

This braided lace vest is the coolest piece to have in your closet to throw on over every simple outfit.

47. Pink Embroidery

Why stop at fringe? The pink embroidery is just another pop of excitement on a cool leather vest.

Fringe is a timeless piece, though it feels very specific to a certain time period.

Adding movement into an outfit is a key element of adding dynamic to a look. Dynamic elements are what make each outfit interesting and adds intrigue to an overall look. It’s much more fun to dress this way and to make looks with pieces that feel fun and full of personality.

If you want something extra and something that’s going to level up your usual look, this is the way to go. You’re sure to love every outfit you put together for any occasion with a fringe piece, and adding these to your closet will give you a range of accessories.

As always, have fun!

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