Inside: 27 country concert outfit ideas for the country loving concert goer making plans and buying tickets.

Being a concert lever is totally a personality trait at this point. And so is being a country music lover. So if you combine the two together, you have a personality built up just about your music taste and your love of live music. These are both amazing traits to have in super fun qualities to add to your personality.

The best part of concert culture is the fun outfits you get to wear while going. concert outfits are the best outfits, they’re so cute and fun, and you get to show you not only your own personality and the cutest vibes, but the personality of your favorite artists that you’re going to see.

You really get to let your personal style show through, as concert outfits for country concerts are very different from pop concerts, which are very different from rap concerts. So all of these things come together to give you the best avenue to show off your personal style and taste. If you’re wondering what you’re going to wear to your next country concert, don’t worry, I’ve got a few great ideas for you.

Check out these 27 country concert outfit ideas.

Four girls in country outfits

What To Wear To A Country Concert

Wondering what to wear to a country concert? You’re in the right place because I know just how it feels to have to try to get dressed for different styles of concerts and feel like you’re a little bit at a loss when it comes to different outfit ideas. I am no country girl, I’ve grown up in Texas, but in the suburbs, and we were very much the city of style of Texas, not so much the country and rodeo part. Though I do see it often, and attend the state fair, where it’s all abundant, country concerts have never been my first spot to be found, but concerts have always been.

Country tends to run together with the Indie that I love so much, so sometimes I find myself at little crossover kinds of events. It’s interesting because the country style has always stayed very traditional, and very classic, very true it’s old roots.

Country style is still very peasant and western themed, think bohemian, think edgy, cool girl in the wild west. well these are some cute seams, a good sundress, never hurt anybody, or an all denim Robert, with a pair of cowboy boots. In the south, more is more, so don’t be afraid to stack on your jewelry and your rings. They will be well accepted, and be a great part of the look.

It’s all about the styling that elevates your look, see if you’re curious about how to style certain pieces for a country concert, stay tuned.

Best Shoes For Concerts

Fun heels or sneakers, cool boots or flats, there are many different extremes when it comes to the best shoes for any concert. Usually you have to pick between style and comfort, especially for concerts, but with country concerts you don’t have to do that here. We all know without saying that a good pair of cowboy boots will do the trick when it comes to a country concert outfit.

If the concert is in the summer, typically boots feel a little hot, like you’re gonna sweat your feet off. It’s worth it for the vibe for the concert, or you can switch to cute sandals.

If you’re in a pavilion, you have flexibility with the shoe choices, but if you’re in a dance hall or another country specific venue, you should wear your boots no matter how hot it is. If it’s in a dance hall, if you’ve never been, (which is unlikely if you’re going to a country concert) people there stomp on toes on accident all the time… It is honestly a safety hazard to wear anything other than your cowboy boots.

And anyway… Why would you want to wear anything else than your boots? Have the best time at your concert and be ready to dance the night away.

Colder weather country outfits

Fall/Winter Country Concert Outfits

Country outfits aren’t meant for the cold weather… For obvious reasons! But sometimes you find yourself in a country seat scene that needs a little bit more layering. So let’s look at some fall and winter country concert outfit ideas so you don’t freeze!

You can get so creative with layering that you don’t even need to think twice about the outfit as a whole. It always works.

And besides, once you’re inside it’s usually so hot anyways, you’re going to be ready to shed the layers to show off the original outfit anyways.
1. Cute Knit Set
2. Denim On Gray Denim
3. White Fringe
4. Sparkly Suit
5. Flannel Shawl
6. Relaxed Button Down
7. Fringe Blouse

Girls wearing country outfits with jeans


Jeans are kind of a given unless it’s the dead middle of summer in Texas! They’re a cowboy’s favorite pair of pants, so of course you can wear them to a country concert.
If you need a little bit of leg coverage for your concert, here are some cute country concert outfit ideas with jeans.

8. Cow Print Top
9. Corset
10. Flare Jeans
11. Kimono
12. Graphic Tee
13. Stunningly Simple
14. Seamed Bell Bottoms

Three girls in girly chic summer country outfits

Summer Concert Outfits

Summer concerts are the best concerts. They always remind me of highschool when all of my favorite artists were touring over the summers, and I would spend my days hanging out downtown hoping to run into them if they were exploring the city.
And summer concert outfits are always the cutest too, anyway. Pair of cut off shorts, crop top, boots, and you’re ready to go.
15. Grunge Tee And Boots
16. Statement Belt
17. Skirt
18. Fringe One Shoulder
19. Red Leather
20. Girly Dresses
21. Cow Print Shorts

Two cowgirls in the desert

Country Outfits

Country outfits are cute and girly, they’re so fun to dress up in for the summer OR the winter, so it’s never really out of style.
Even when it’s a little grungy and a little edgy, there’s always still some girly twists to it.
22. Classic Cowgirl
23. Fringe And Boots
24. Turquoise Fiend
25. Glitzy Glam
26. Flannel And Hat
27. Fringe Skirt

Country concerts, especially ones in the summer, are so easy to dress for, because country style never goes out of style, and the trends usually stay pretty traditional. It’s a classic look, and it’s cute on everybody!

Pull out your favorite pair of boots and a sundress and get over to the concert hall! No matter where you’re going, whether it’s at a two-step dance hall or a big music pavilion or a concert arena in your city, you’re going to have the best time and the best outfit too.

Don’t stress about the right shoes or the right outfit, tapping into your favorite country chic wardrobe is the best way to ensure that you’re going to have the best outfit at the country concert.

While I may not be the biggest country fan, I know that the music is fun and the concerts are even better. Get all dressed up in your favorite outfit and get over to that concert and have the best time.

Country and hippie aesthetics tend to run together sometimes, so maybe check out these 47 flower power outfit ideas for some more country concert outfit inspiration.

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