Inside: How to wear a bucket hat and how to look cool while doing it!? Here are some favorite tips and examples.

Bucket hats made a huge statement coming back in the summer of 2021 after being a solid 90’s or 2000’s reminiscent piece for a decade or two.

They were used as the grandpa’s fishing hat accessory on old Disney channel shows but now they’re the summer accessory for any outfit! How did that switch up happen? We made ugly cool again and I hate to say it but bucket hats are a little bit on lists of ugly accessories and clothing pieces.

So let’s continue to bring them back with some of these examples of how to wear a bucket hat! Styling and using a bucket hat in your outfits is going to be a cool element when you really get it down to how to style it, and it’s going to be a real crowd pleaser!

Three girls in pastel spring outfits

Wearing Bucket Hats With Different Hair Styles

Hats can be so fun but if your hair is naturally a style that tends to get in the way of these accessories, then you’re probably thinking that they’re not for you. But that is definitely not true!

Whether you have curly hair, straight hair, short hair, long hair… the list goes on, you can wear a bucket hat.
The easiest hair length is going to be long hair of course, so you still look feminine (if that’s the goal) while wearing the hat. You can do fun braids, beachy waves, or leave it natural, whatever that looks like for you for an effortless look!

Short hair you might lose a little bit of visibility, but that doesn’t make your vibe any less cute. If you’re worried about losing some femininity, then I would wear the bucket hat with a girlier outfit like a sundress or a blouse of some sort. Adding jewelry can be a huge factor too!

Curly hair can be tricky too with the volume under a hat! It’s going to be a little different for everyone but if you find the bucket hat that you can fit over your curls, then you’re golden. I think a waterfall of natural curls from under a bucket hat is a beautiful look and you’re going to rock it.

Don’t let your hair style stop you from wearing the hat– if you think it doesn’t “look right,” adjust and find a new way to wear it! When we have a feature that’s a little different from the mainstream, it’s easy to say that a trend isn’t for us. Don’t listen to your own voice when you hear that, and put that bucket hat on!

Are Bucket Hats Fashionable?


There are many high fashion brands that have put it out in the last couple years like Prada and Balenciaga. While I usually say that just because it’s designer doesn’t mean it’s in fashion, that’s not the case here! Bucket hats have been all over the high streets, meaning they’re pretty cool.

Fashion is subjective, so just because they’re kind of in the funky or “ugly cool” category, we tend to write them off as non-fashionable. It’s easy to do! But I can tell you right now that they’re very much in fashion and are still very much a cool accessory when styled just right.

When Are Bucket Hats In Season?

Bucket hats are a practical piece turned fashionable. Practically, they’re for the summer and spring time. I like to still think of them as grandpa’s fishing hat. Ha! So when I go to the beach or the lake with some friends, I always throw my bucket hat in my bag.

You’ll see later on in this post how many people really bring the bucket hat into every season though. A warm sherpa one in the winter and a nylon one in the fall when it starts to drizzle, they can still be a practical fashion statement while still being a fashion statement at the same time.

So technically, bucket hats are a spring and summer item. But plenty of people have made them work on their own terms in any season. You do you!

Four girls in casual cute outfits with bucket hats

Bucket Hat Outfits

Ready to see how trend-setters have been rocking the bucket hat?

These outfits with bucket hats are so cool because you start to see how creative some people can be and it always inspires me to get more creative with my own style! It usually looks like a sick outfit all on its own that I wouldn’t even think to add something like a bucket hat.

Get inspired with some of these outfit ideas and incorporate that bucket hat into your own cool outfits!

1. White On White Vacation Outfit
2. Denim
3. All Black
4. Super Chic
5. Rihanna Y2K
6. All Linens
7. Pastels
8. Cool Fall Fit
9. New York Logo
10. Pinks

Two girls wearing dresses and hats

With A Dress

Dresses can be fun pieces to work with when you start adding in some cool accessories. A dress can go a long way on its own, but when you add something cool that just elevates the whole look, you’ve started to curate a really cool style. Accessories make an outfit more than the actual clothes do, sometimes. And that takes a real eye to figure out.

Check these out.

11. Bodycon Ribbed Dress
12. Summer Chic
13. Yellow
14. Cottagecore
15. Green Dress
16. Sweater
17. Gingham
18. Chic
19. Monochrome
20. Spring Layers

Girl in a cute green and black winter outfit in a teddy bucket hat and mittens

In Winter

Winter isn’t the first season I think of when I think of when to wear bucket hats, but they do look pretty cool anytime you want to wear them!

Pairing with a cozy sweater or a trench coat is my favorite look. Trench coats especially if you have a nylon bucket hat in a coordinating or matching color to the coat! It creates a really polished look, and you’re ready for anything the harsh weather is ready to throw your way!

21. Green Teddy
22. Knit Bucket Hat
23. Fuzzy Sweater
24. Designer Branded
25. Teddy
26. The Basics
27. Plaid And Puffer
28. Black Bucket
29. 90’s Vibes

Girl posing with a hat

How To Wear A Bucket Hat

The real question of this whole post is how to wear a bucket hat. And hopefully you have found several answers all throughout and know how to pull out that hat for an outfit that you can feel confident in. If you haven’t, here are a few more great examples of how to wear a bucket hat.

30. Terrycloth
31. Colors
32. Slip And Corduroy
33. Equestrian
34. Tee
35. Street
36. Linen
37. Crochet
38. Matching Fit
39. Spring Colors

Bucket hats are such a fun accessory that can be tough to get on board with, but when you do, it becomes so fun to start to pair it with outfits and other accessories that will make it a huge win.

Risky fashion trends are my favorite, and this is definitely one. If you throw it on with a tee shirt as an easy transition into incorporating it into your fashion, it can be done well.

Not every funky trend is for everyone, as much as I wish we could all look great in everything. And I think with the right amount of confidence, you can! But if you really feel like this isn’t for you, maybe you need something a little different to make a fun fashion statement. These are kind of in the sam style category, but maybe give crocs a try and see how they work into your wardrobe!

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