Inside: 23 ideas for New York summer outfits: See the city in style.

New York is iconic and easy to travel for so many reasons. Some of those reasons being all of the fun outfits you get to wear while exploring one of the most magical cities in the world. They’re not lying when they talk about New York Magic… There’s just something in the air!

And while every season is a big tourist season for the Big Apple, people tend to think about New York in the winter around the holidays or when the leaves are changing color. There’s a reason for that, it’s absolutely stunning. However, the summer in the city is just as beautiful and is just as fun to explore in the nice weather. Because no matter what, the weather is much nicer there than down here in Texas where I’m from!

This might leave you wondering what you’re supposed to wear in New York in the summer, though. We all think about boots and winter coats, but what are the cool summer styles that are wandering the streets of Manhattan during those hotter months? Let’s break it down and give you some ideas of New York summer outfits.

Five perfect outfits for being in New York in the summer

Temperature In New York

The first step to planning outfits is to look at the temperature range for the city you’re visiting in the month that you’ll be there. Obviously. You don’t need me to tell you that.

For the warmest summer months, the lows tend to stay in the 60’s, and highs stick around the 80’s. Could you talk about more perfect weather?

There are a couple of factors at play that make the city feel a little warmer than this during the day time strolls throughout, that you should keep in mind.

The first being all of the buildings. If you’re in Midtown, especially, you’re going to feel the lack of a breeze while you’re meandering Manhattan. That makes a huge difference in the temperatures you feel. In different parts of the city like the Upper East Side and Chelsea where the buildings are a bit shorter and there’s either a coast or a park nearby to let the air breeze through, you definitely feel the cooler air.

Second, this is a walking city. Obviously. Even if you’re taking the taxis, the Subway, or Ubers to get around, there’s still a good bit of walking involved so all that movement gets you a little warmer than you would expect, even if you’re coming in from a city that gets way hotter than this in the summer.

These factors make the temperatures feel a little warmer, but you still get the nice cool summer that we dream of in the city.

Do You Need A Jacket In New York City Summer?

Seeing as we usually see New York as a pretty cold state and a decently cold city, this question is very relevant to anyone traveling there for the first time in the summer.

But the answer is no, you do not need a jacket for traveling to New York in the summer.

I personally like to have a light jacket for walking around after dark, but that’s because I always find myself to be chilly in almost any scenario without direct sunlight. But ultimately, it’s not necessary to pack a jacket for the summer.

What To Wear In New York In The Summer

The summer has a totally different vibe for New Yorkers. There’s no coats and heavy layers and beanies to keep you warm from the brutal breeze, the sun is almost always shining down, and there’s so much to do outside, there’s always something fun going on in the streets.

So what’s the outfit style for the season?

New York tends to see a wide variety of different styles and trends, in addition to those that are always New York classics.

As always, there’s a heavy presence of street fashion in New York. This is one of the cities in which it originates and creates a splash of influence. Street style isn’t just called that, it’s literally what makes sense to be wearing while roaming the streets of a major city. So sneakers, cool athleisure, and interesting styles aren’t just for the style of it, it’s for the practicality and the ease of it.

Within the culture of an iconic and artistic city, there’s always the cool and fashion forward side of it too. This always has a heavy influence on street style as well.

In 2023, a huge style trend that has definitely been spotted around New York is the coastal cowgirl aesthetic. It’s that hipster and hippie Y2K natural look but with cowboy boots and trucker hats. I absolutely adore this style, and think it’s so cute, and I just know that we’re going to see a lot of vintage oversized tees with cowgirl boots around New York this summer.

Y2K as per usual is still going strong as an aesthetic, and preppy will start coming right back in at the end of the season to get us ready to get back into the fall academic looks.

Among all trends and aesthetics, color is a huge element to 2023 summer fashion, and no one does it better than a New Yorker. So get some color in your wardrobe and pack it for that summer trip!

Three girls in summer outfits

Summer New York Outfits

1. Button Down And Boots
2. Bucket Hat
3. Maxi
4. Slashed Denim Shorts
5. White Puff Sleeve Dress
6. Low Baggy Jeans
7. Minimal Silk Midi

A girl in a white shirt dress and pink accessories

What To Wear In New York

8. Comfy Cool Set
9. Vintage Tee And Bermudas
10. Loud Pops
11. Cool Skirts
12. Colorful Maxi Dress
13. White Linen
14. Bright Monochrome
15. Big Bow

Bold and fun summer outfits

Summer Outfit Ideas

16. Attention Grabbing Pieces
17. Cool Trousers
18. Interesting Maxi
19. Vest Top
20. Mixed Patterns
21. Silk Mini
22. Denim Romper
23. Cool And Relaxed

I hope this fills your mind with ideas of all of the different ways to fill your suitcase with the coolest street outfits this summer. Remember, all styles and trends come from New York, so don’t be afraid to step out with your style a little bit while you’re there. It’s the place to do it and it’s oh so fun! This is how I discovered a more edgy version of my own personal style: I felt more free to explore it there in New York.

Summer is my personal favorite time to create cool and fun outfits, when I don’t have to worry about ruining it with a layer just for warmth. So have fun with these styles and get ahead of trends. Set them if you can, we all love a trend setter.

Enjoy New York in the summer with the warm air filling the streets and the sun beaming in Central Park. There’s nothing quite like it, so put on your favorite summer outfits for the city and get exploring.

If you’re looking to incorporate that color into your travel outfits for the summer, here are some yellow skirt outfit ideas for some specific styling tips.