Inside: 39 cute safari outfit ideas for your next vacay excursion.

Safari excursions are super cool ways to see nature and some of your favorite animals out in the wild, in their natural habitat. It’s a happier environment than the zoo, and there are so many cute ways to dress for it too.

If you’re traveling abroad somewhere you can go on a safari, you’ve got to get one in the books!

If you’ve already made the reservations, I’ve got plenty of cute outfit options for you to scope out and order before your vacay.

Utility jumpers and cargos are super trendy right now, which is perfect because that’s what you need to be looking for to pack for a safari! Cute outfits are everything on vacation especially when you’re the type of gal that always wants to look the part.

Cute Safari Outfits for summer

Check out these safari outfit ideas and get ready for the time of your life.

Need some ideas for planning the outfits for the rest of your vacation? Check out these easy travel outfits you’ll love.

What Do You Wear On A Safari?

Safaris are generally pretty warm and dusty, and an easy way to get the best experience is to lay low and not draw a ton of attention to yourself through patterns and colors.

Loose fitting and neutral colored is the name of the game on a safari, to keep you cool and keep from attracting the wildlife… Wild cats and Tsetse flies alike! We don’t want any of them coming after us.

The cargo trend is still going strong, so check out these safari outfit ideas to give you some inspiration while you go shopping for your adventure.

Thinking of rocking a safari friendly jumpsuit? Here are some types to style jumpsuit outfits.

What Shoes To Wear

This might be a no-brainer, but it’s nice to know what’s recommended while you’re packing.

Even if you’re in an off road vehicle on your excursion, there will likely be plenty of walking too. So plan for it by wearing some sturdy sneakers or light hiking boots.

These won’t be too hard to toss in your suitcase, but you want to make sure you’re okay with these getting dusty! It’s not too clean out there, (it is the wilderness after all!) so don’t wear any sneakers that will get permanently dirtied up by the environment unless you’re okay with it.

You also want to make sure they’re actually good walking shoes. While sneakers are so trendy for any outfit, not all of them are actually functional. So it’s time to test out your faves and make sure they’re ready to walk in.

Safari Outfit Ideas – What Not To Wear

Every location and safari company has different do’s and don’ts about what not to wear, but likely, there are some staples you just simply don’t want to wear that apply to any and all excursions.

First, let’s discuss the colors you want to avoid on your safari adventure. You’ll want to avoid both ends of the light and dark spectrum. White will get dirty in the dusty air, so I would steer clear of any white and creams! Sure, it will wash out, but it will show while you’re out on your excursion. If you want to hide any dust you collect while out and about, go ahead and lean towards some darker colors. But! Not too dark!

Black and navy are said to attract certain bugs and flies that you don’t want to see while out in the wilderness, so maybe go ahead and ditch your darkest items!

Jeans, flannels, and animal prints will cause issues for you on a safari as well.

Animal print is banned by many safaris, simply because you don’t know how animals will respond to you wearing the same coat as their prey! It’s generally just not a great idea so save your leopard print for another day!

Jeans and flannels simply attract Tsetse flies and you don’t want that… So go ahead and plan for leggings instead of jeans and a solid colored layer if you need something for cooler weather.

Something else to note about African countries as a whole: camouflage is usually reserved for strictly military wear. In the US it’s a cool and trendy piece and pattern to wear on the streets as well as while out in the wild, but it’s not so accepted abroad. Make sure you know what the culture is around this print before you break it out, or better yet just rule it out of your outfits over all.

Three women in cargo and linen clothing for an adventure in Africa

Safari Outfits For Women

Alright ladies, here are some of the best safari outfit ideas for you. These are all pretty trendy pieces, so if you’re looking for a good social media picture while you’re out there too, you’ll be ready.

Cargo, lightweight fabrics, and neutral colors are the move, so that’s a lot of what you’re going to see in these outfit ideas. Pair them with your favorite sneakers or hiking boots (that pass the walking test!) and you’re good to go.

  1. Linen And Khaki
  2. Cargo Jumpsuit
  3. Trousers
  4. Blousey
  5. Overalls
  6. Brown Leggings
  7. Cotton Long Sleeve
  8. Linen Layers
  9. Denim Shirt
  10. Utility Shorts

Kids dressed for a safari

Family Safari Outfit Ideas

Bringing kiddos with you on your safari? You’ll want to make sure they stay cool and don’t attract bugs so that they can enjoy the adventure as much as you do.

Family safari outfit ideas are going to follow the same guidelines as yours, but here are some extra ideas you may not be packing for yourself. Or they can match you and have a “mini me” moment! How cute.

  1. Relaxed Jeans
  2. Cargo Vest Or Jeans
  3. Button Up
  4. Cargos For Everyone
  5. Fashion Lover
  6. Linen Rompers
  7. Khaki Overalls
  8. Linen Overalls
  9. The Basics

Outfits for a safari themed party

Safari Party Outfits

Is safari day on your spirit week line up this year? Or are you planning on attending a safari themed party? Here are some cute safari outfit ideas for you that don’t follow the strict guidelines on what you’d want to wear on an actual safari!

Stay trendy but stay on theme with these outfits.

  1. Joggers
  2. Color Scheme
  3. Elevated
  4. Western Hottie
  5. Tan Jacket
  6. Relaxed
  7. Mini Tee Dress
  8. Oversized Button Up
  9. Linen Set

Outfit ideas for a wilderness excursion

Outfit Ideas

There are so many cute safari outfit ideas you can snag for a safari adventure, so here are just a few more ideas!

While you’re not meant to be the main attraction– that should be lions and tigers (and bears…?!) you’ll want to look cute simply for the sake of being cute for all of your vacation activities.

  1. Light Fabrics
  2. Jumpsuit
  3. Tie Dye Layer
  4. Trekking Romper
  5. Light Cardigan Layer
  6. Trendy
  7. Khaki Romper
  8. Linen Jumpsuit
  9. Casual
  10. Ribbed Knit

Your next safari adventure is going to be done in style. You’ll love seeing what you normally see in photos and in documentaries right in front of your eyes, and seeing it in style. Whether you have kids in tow or not, it’s going to be a magical experience.

If you’re prepping for a safari party or safari day at school, you’re going to be best dressed for sure. There are so many cute trends circulating that fit the safari vibe, so you’ll find something that’s a combination of on theme and on trend and look cool doing it. Don’t sweat the party prep, your outfit is about to be taken care of.

Safari outfit ideas can be bland or fun, but you’ll make it look cool no matter what you wear! Have fun at your party or on your vacay, and keep an eye out for wild animals.

If you get inspired by nature and want to start rocking some animal print outfits, here are tips for styling your leopard print!

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