Inside: 29 bash styles for your 19th birthday outfits.

Birthdays are the day we all look forward to the most… every year. Not only our own but our friends as well, to be able to celebrate the people we love and have an excuse to party.

And the best part of any birthday is getting to dress as the center of attention because well… you are.

You are the center of attention today, this week, or this month depending on how you celebrate.

And while you’re blowing out candles and dancing and having fun with your besties, all eyes and cameras are on you. So be photo ready in the best birthday outfit possible.

19th birthday outfits that sparkle

Your 19th is a big birthday, it’s truly an adult birthday but the last of your teen years. There’s a lot to commemorate at this year’s celebration.

So put on your best party dress and get partying!

What Are Some Birthday Photoshoot Ideas?

In the age of social media and posting all of our best photos to the internet, sometimes we have to set up a whole photoshoot to get that best photo!

It’s so popular these days to have a photoshoot centered around your birthday, specifically for Instagram, but it’s such a fun idea and a cool way to start celebrating early and make sure all of your followers KNOW it’s your birthday as soon as you blow up their feed with your birthday photos!

So the typical birthday photoshoot ideas are more like balloons– even some that say 19?!, glitter, confetti, cake, and a super extra dress. All of these are great, but are they YOU?

Your birthday should be all about you and all the fun you’re going to have on your big day, but if you’re having photos done you also want to make sure they represent your personality accurately!

If confetti and glitter aren’t really your thing, what is?

Are you more of a sporty girl? Bleacher shots with #19 face stickers could be dope.

Sassy? Check out some leopard print outfit ideas here!

More boho? An outdoorsy shoot with an ethereal gown, white 19 balloons, and pampas grass would be stunning.
There are ways to make a shoot more like you but just as extra if glitz and glam aren’t your vibe– and I know that’s what all the inspo pics are showing you online. So get creative and make it your own!

What Should You Wear For Your Own Party?

Again, your birthday and all the birthday attention should reflect you and your style! If it’s your style not to go anywhere near a dress, wear what you’re most comfortable in! You don’t have to wear a cocktail dress just because it’s your birthday!

But you can if you want to… because it’s your birthday.

So wear what feels like you and then do a little more.

Because it’s your birthday! If it’s not your style to wear makeup and do your hair, then don’t, but if that is your style then go ALL out!

Enjoy the spotlight and the glamor, it’s so fun and it’s the one day a year that is truly all about you. So party dresses are fun, but what’s trendy and cool at 19? What should you wear for your 19th birthday? Something that sparkles or shines! Satin is huge right now, as are sequins. Be flashy, be fun, and be ready for the cameras to be snappin’ pics left and right!

It’s all about you tonight.

How Should I Dress When Turning19?

Nineteen is such a fun age, as you’re in your adult years now but still in your teens. You have the best of both worlds this year!

You can enjoy this year, being young but learning who you are and finding your own independence. What a time.

Your 19th birthday outfits can totally reflect that– you don’t have to jump straight into “adult” vibe clothing, but you also can start to transition out of teenage style if you want. You can keep it fun and classy, just by curating your own style. When you discover your own style and what looks good on you as well as what makes you feel good, you already look a little more mature in whatever you wear.

So start to find what your personal style is and what makes you feel like yourself! You will truly start to see a shift in what you decide to wear on the daily.

pink y2k outfits


Olivia Rodrigo gave us this year’s greatest 19th birthday outfit: fully Y2K inspired. This trend resurgence is so fun, as it’s full of nostalgia for some young adults, while it’s the era that some were born straight into. 2003 babies may not remember the era all too well, but it’s still a part of you.

So dressing like the aesthetic of the decade you were born in is such a fun idea, especially when it’s the year’s hot trend right now.

Check out these Y2K outfit ideas for your birthday party:

  1. Olivia, Of Course
  2. Crazy Pink Flare Pants
  3. Angelic Wrap Set
  4. Paris Hilton… Of Course
  5. Hot Pink Crown
  6. Pink Mesh
  7. Diamond Mesh Halter
  8. Feather Top

Two women in classy party outfits

Classy 19th Birthday Outfits

Do you want to channel these new adult years into your birthday outfit and your birthday party by having a nice dinner with friends, maybe even a classic classy brunch on the weekend? These are some cute classy 19th birthday outfits in dress form you’ll love to wear to celebrate your special day.

These are graceful outfits that are also still youthful enough to be ringing in your last teen year. Check some of these out and see if this is the look you’re going for on your 19th birthday.

  1. Glitter Pants And Blazer
  2. White Silk Romper
  3. Black Mini And Gloves
  4. Slacks And Diamond Top
  5. Glitter Skirt And Button Up
  6. Feather Sleeves
  7. Pearl Mesh Top

2 women in dresses for a 19th birthday


A dress is always a great 19th birthday outfit option! It’s classy, it’s fun, and honestly… It’s easy! No pairing anything together, no worrying about mixing and matching, it’s just a dress. And it’s beautiful.

If you’re overwhelmed by the searches on your favorite online store for “party dress,” I’ve collected some of the best picks to give you some inspo while you’re searching for that perfect birthday dinner dress!

Pair it with sneakers or heels if you want, or some cute western or gogo boots for some fun, and feel like the start of the show in this dress for your 19th birthday.

  1. Green Wrap Dress
  2. Pink Glitter
  3. White Silk
  4. White Wrap Dress
  5. Orange Tulle
  6. White And Sparkly
  7. Beautiful Tulle

Two girls in casual cute outfits


Not all of us are craving a sparkly and glitzy party for our 19th, maybe you just want a chill hang out with your besties! Even if you’re still going out, you may not want all the girly, over-the-top vibes. And that’s perfect.

Here are some casual birthday outfit ideas so you can still serve birthday vibes without doing too much if you don’t want to!

We love a casual queen.

  1. Graphic And Metallic
  2. Feather Jeans
  3. Flower Jeans
  4. Floral Sundress
  5. Jeans And Button Up
  6. Yellow Mini
  7. Puff Sleeve Denim Dress

If you like the denim dress idea and want to dig into other ideas, check out 100+ ideas here.

Your 19th birthday bash is all about you and you should totally have the best outfit to reflect it. Whether you love all of the attention or not, it’s coming for you, so be ready anyway!

Whether you’re planning a fun dinner with your friends or a huge house party with your whole class, a great outfit is the best addition to any party. It can be intimidating, choosing an outfit for your birthday, but just find some inspiration here and get to online shopping.

If you’ve been considering a trip to Nashville for a birthday trip, here are some Nashville outfit ideas.

Bright colors, glitter, edgy black… the world of fun party outfits is yours and you can totally rock it for your birthday.

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