Inside: 27 trendy winter birthday outfits for those of us partying into the colder months!

Birthdays are so fun to plan and even more fun to dress for. Especially when you can channel flashy and center of attention vibes, who wouldn’t want to go all out on their birthday?

Winter birthdays can maybe be a little tough if your favorite season to dress for is spring or summer.

Winter party clothes can be tricky to navigate especially if you live somewhere where the winter’s are really intense. But never fear.

I have some amazing winter birthday outfits just for YOU as you start to plan your outfit along with everything else for your big day. Dinner reservations, drinks with the girls, kicking it at home with everyone… Whatever is on your agenda, you’re going to love these outfits and layering pieces for a winter bash.

Four girls in cute winter outfits

Let’s jump in to some of these ideas and how you can style them for winter!

Best Winter Layering Pieces

Obviously, we all have our go-to coats and sweaters for the winter time, ready to throw over anything and everything we might need to layer over this season.

I try to venture into something fresh, something that isn’t just the bare minimum black pea coat over every outfit. Although I treasure my pea coats!

My birthday is in November, so it’s truly a toss up every year if it’s going to be 80 degrees or 30! And I don’t usually even know until the day of. There’s no indication all month long what the weather will be like on my birthday here in Texas!

Some cool pieces I’ve started to look into on the chances of a cold birthday are:

  • Suede trench coat
  • Fleece lined moto jacket
  • Leather trench
  • Wool blazer
  • Long teddy (no cropped teddys!)

These are all pretty typical pieces and really trendy pieces (which we will get into next!) but they each have their own style to them. It’s new and fresh takes on your classic winter pieces, that still add an edgy and cool style to your layers over your birthday fit!

Winter Trends 2022

Every couple years, the winter trends change and the coats we wear get traded out for newer versions with a slightly new tailoring that makes the new one cool and the old one dated.

What’s trending in 2022? There aren’t a lot of changes to the winter trends this year! Obviously we will start seeing new ways that people style the old pieces, but for now, it’s still the coolest combinations of trench coats and flannel scarves.

Slouchy is the vibe, and anything you think Hailey Bieber would wear in the colder months over there in California is in. Off duty model with a combination of classy Blair Waldorf is still the move in the winter, and finding the balance is the perfect winter look.

Preppy street is what I call this style, and I couldn’t be happier, personally! I love this look. Tights with little socks and ballet flats but with a slouchy trench coat? Yes please! How cool.

For birthdays, this might look like slouchy leather pants with a long sleeve bodysuit and old Hollywood waves in your hair. The styling of hair, makeup, and shoes will really sell this look for your birthday.

Cool Shoes To Wear On Your Birthday

Obviously when you’re the center of attention, the outfit doesn’t stop at your knees! Your shoes have to be in line with the rest of the outfit too! To be ready for anything that comes your way, any photo or video of you having the time of your life on your birthday.

Heels are obviously the go to for your birthday fit, but right now, lug sole boots have my heart right now that I love the challenge of dressing them up!

Your shoes totally depend on your plans and destinations you have for this special day! If you’re heading to a club, heels are the move. If it’s a cool and classy dinner, lug soles or heels are perfect.

Anything more casual, lug sole or a perfect pair of fresh white sneakers will do the trick.

If you’re wearing a dress, tights will help keep you warm even if you go the sneaker or heels route. That is, if you live somewhere that it actually gets cold out in winter! Not everyone may need a solution for the winter air on their bare legs, but if you do, a pair of sheer black tights will always be a classy look.

Two girls in cute cozy winter outfits

Casual Winter Birthday Outfits

Birthdays are the time to go all out on your outfit– ready for every eye catching moment. But if that’s not your style or maybe you’re looking forward to just hanging out casually in style, here are some casual winter birthday outfits for you!

Honestly, in the winter you might have some more fun in the cool casual layers for a winter hangout anyway! If you’re more about comfort instead of over the top outfits, you’ll enjoy these.

1. Flannel Layers
2. Long White Teddy
3. Trench Mini
4. Flannel And Boots
5. Cool Sweats Layers
6. Scarf And Leggings
7. Leather Shorts
8. Large Knit Sweater
9. Knit Set

A girl in a pink sweater

For Teens

If you’re still in your teen years, birthday outfits are everything but also look a little differently than when you’re celebrating in your 20’s.

Showing off at school and wearing your best flashy winter fit is a flex is a typical birthday tradition. You just have to do it! So figuring out how to wear a cute school outfit that’s perfect for all the birthday love and posts is a task. Here are some ideas and inspiration for winter birthday outfits for teens for a dinner, a house party, or anything else.

10. Cute Jacket And Jeans
11. Pink Sweater
12. Leather Pants
13. Shacket And Docs
14. Preppy Sweater
15. Yellow Pop
16 Sweater Set
17. Gingham Layer
18. Pea Coat

Two girls in winter party dresses

Winter Dresses

Dresses are a crowd favorite for birthday outfits. They’re always so cute and dressy, and perfect for any occasion. Dress them up or dress them down and you’ve got the perfect outfit.

I honestly love an outfit with a dress because it’s way easier. People think you look like you put in more effort when you wear a dress, but honestly it’s less effort in a dress!

Check out these perfect winter dresses for your birthday.

19. All White Sweater Dress
20. Leather Dress Layers
21. Sleeves And Sequins
22. White Silk Mini
23. Black Layers
24. Long Sleeve Knit
25. Cream And Black
26. Off The Shoulder
27. Green Sweater

Winter birthdays are so fun. In the lead up to Christmas, you were probably feeling overshadowed by the Christmas festivities, but now it just feels like a part of the fun! If your birthday is after Christmas, it’s a pick-me-up for all of your friends in the bland winter months before spring hits.

It’s still possible to dress cool in the winter, even if all you want to do is bundle up instead! Getting the right layering pieces and the right trendy coat will make you fall back in love with a winter wardrobe, and will maybe make you want to bundle up less!

Wherever your birthday plans take you, have so much fun celebrating with your people and don’t forget to dress to impress! All eyes on you, birthday girl. Live it up, you don’t get the chance to every day.
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