Inside: 47 tips for your leopard print outfit ideas when you’re feeling a little sassy.

Animal print comes and goes every few years, and this time around, the trend stuck longer than normal! Leopard print is easily the sassiest of all animal prints on the market, and it takes a bold personality to wear it on the regular and to style it well so it doesn’t look dated.

The key to wearing a leopard print in 2022 is to keep it looking modern and current. It can easily look tacky and dated if it isn’t done well, so if you’re committing to make animal print work for you, then here are some tips to make sure it’s done right! 

When leopard print hits, it hits hard! And it’s an enviable style and people love to see it done well, so you will definitely grab all the attention and rack up some serious street credit! 

So here are some styling tips and examples to best style your leopard print!

Four girls in animal print outfits

Leopard print is a really fun style choice if you’re into the bold statement kind of vibe. You can take this look either minimalist or maximalist, or anything in between! For street style, classy style, any style you have your heart set on, there’s a leopard print outfit for you!  

Cardigans in animal print, two women in cardigans that are printed


A cardigan is always a winning piece when it comes to creating layers and adding something different to a basic outfit! The best part about cardigans is that you can quite literally just wear basics under it, add a fun cardigan and have a really cute outfit

If you’re unsure about the leopard print concept, a cardi is a good way to go. You won’t feel the need to wear it all the time, it’s not a mega statement piece, and if you end up loving it, you can wear it all the time if you want! 

They’re easy to style and you can layer them over bold colors or soft neutrals! There are no rules with a cardigan, they’re just cute and cozy especially for travel. Check out these leopard print cardigan styles that might convince you. 

  1. Colored Leopard Print
  2. Over Black And White
  3. Over A Green Dress
  4. Crop Top Layer
  5. Leopard Face
  6. Class Act
  7. All Black Chic
  8. Color Blocked

Tops with leopard style

Leopard Print Shirt 

A shirt is an easy way into a new trend– you can style it so many ways you’ll never run out of ideas! But if you want to find the best way to style it off the bat, here are some stylish leopard print outfit ideas! Printed tee shirts, blouses, tanks… there’s limitless styles of leopard print tops and you can find a way to wear it in every season! 

Leopard print isn’t limited to a single season, so snag a top in this funky pattern and make it you! And then make it you all over again in the next season. 

Office outfits, going out outfits, casual lunch outfits, you name it and there’s a leopard print top style for you! 

  1. Turtle Neck
  2. With Denim Shorts
  3. Blue Jeans
  4. Blazer Top
  5. Going Out Crop
  6. Puff Sleeve
  7. Colored Print Sweater

Leopard print dresses

Animal Print Dresses

A top in leopard print is one thing– easy to balance, but a whole dress in leopard print?! Bold, bold, BOLD! I love it! These are some really fun leopard print dresses that will let everyone know as soon as you walk in the room that you don’t mind a little attention and you’re ready for a good time! 

Style it with sneakers or heels, a good handbag, and a chic hairstyle (hello Olaplex bun!) and you’re looking chic with a little flair. Whatever you’re dressing for, it’s going to be a hit and you’ll totally turn heads! Whether you’re going to a birthday dinner or an office party, you’ve got all eyes on you.

In the winter just throw on a leather jacket or a little black sweater and you’ve got a dress you can wear in style year round.

  1. Baby Doll
  2. Beautiful Flowing Maxi
  3. With A Blue Pump
  4. Tie Front Dress
  5. Sundress
  6. Layered
  7. Summer Midi

Leopard skirts

Leopard Print Outfit Ideas With Skirts

The leopard print silk midi skirt has been all over our feeds for the last couple years now, and I’m totally a believer! It’s incredibly versatile and easy to style, you can wear it wherever and however you want! You’ll never run out of ideas. 

Grunge band tees, a little sweater, a crop top… Anything goes with this iconic skirt, and because it’s patterned, it instantly gives the illusion of more effort. And we love effortless style. 

  1. Maxi And Boots
  2. Chunky Sneakers
  3. Black Tee

I challenge you to pull any top out of your closet and see if it doesn’t work with these leopard skirts… Even if it’s bold and colorful, it probably does, if you make it work! Working with bold patterns can be so fun because you get to a point where just about anything goes, even if it doesn’t really. 

  1. Rep Top
  2. Pink Blouse
  3. Red Ruffle Skirt
  4. Mini And Graphic

A girl in a cute coordinated outfit

How To Accessorize Leopard Print

Accessorizing leopard print is like accessorizing basics. It’s already bold, so you can put fun colors with it and make it bolder, or a small gold chain and call it a day. 

This print can go with either end of the spectrum: maximalist or minimalist. 

Here are some inspiration pictures to help you visualize it either way. Leopard print can match with colors, other prints, more leopard, anything! Versatility isn’t a trait you find in many patterns, but you do find it with leopard print, so if you’re interested in the trend, snag whatever item of leopard print clothing you find that fits you and capitalize on the moment. 

You’ll have more fun with it than you think. 

  1. As A Set
  2. Blazer
  3. Converse
  4. Band Crop
  5. Head To Toe
  6. Kimono Over Corduroy
  7. Matching Bag
  8. Oversized Button Up
  9. Co-Ords

How To Wear The Print

If you’re searching the internet for how to wear leopard print, I’ve got you covered. I’m giving you style tips in the form of pictures, but also reminding you that styling, especially in this genre of style, is all a mentality! If your mind stays open to all the different ways that leopard can be styled, you’re going to rock it with anything you style it with! It’s a bold mentality.

If you want to start off easy, pair a top with a pair of black trousers or a black skirt and shoes. Easy. 

Then, as you get more into the print idea, start adding in funkier pairings: maybe dark green pants and white sneakers and a statement necklace. 

The world of styling is wide open when you enter it with confidence!

  1. Flowy Maxi
  2. Fleece
  3. Bodysuits
  4. Silk Slip
  5. Bell Bottom Pants
  6. Bold Color Bag
  7. With Florals
  8. Silk Blouse
  9. Matching Pieces

Of all the crazy prints out there, leopard is the one we see come back year after year and made into something totally new that we haven’t seen yet! It’s a timeless pattern, and we’re going to see it come back again not too long after it leaves us. 

We all have that grandma or aunt that loves her crazy prints, and this is just one of them. Channel your best eccentric 90’s queen and snag that leopard print! It’s exciting to dress a little out there sometimes, especially if patterns aren’t your thing! And you need to let patterns be your thing because they’re too fun! 

Leopard is a good neutral pattern for the minimalist girls, sure it’s still technically a pattern, but if you’re a tan and black only kinda gal, this is exactly that– tan and black! 

Whatever your normal style is, you can incorporate this timeless pattern into it, and add a little attitude to your wardrobe! Get out there and try it!

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