Inside: How to wear wide leg jeans, 11 outfit ideas.

Every few years, the trends in jeans change, and lately in the last few years we’ve started to see it drift from the cult classic of our favorite skinny jeans into straight leg, then now we’re seeing a lot more wide leg jeans enter the scene. They’ve sneakily become wider and wider, and now we need to assess how we’re going to wear these baggy styles.

As someone who works for a denim brand and spends my days sizing people and helping them find the right style of jean for them, I can confidently say that the wide leg jean looks better on people than they realize, but they have a hard time straying from what they know and what they feel confident in.

If you’re getting into the wide leg jean trend, just be ready to have an open mind and get outside of your comfort zone with it. That’s all it takes to put together outfits with this cool jean style!

Five wide leg jeans outfits

Trending Wide Leg Jeans

Again, every year we’re seeing slight shifts in the trending jeans and how they fit each of us. As these trends change, last year’s jeans become a little dated. This is a vicious and harmful cycle that I like to encourage people to buck against, but as these styles and trends come and go, it only makes sense that they become more and more dated as years pass.

However, these wide leg styles are here to stay for a while, so don’t worry about these going anywhere any time soon!

We started off a few years ago with moving towards some loose fitting straight leg jeans, then on to the actual wide leg, and in more recent years it’s been a big thing to wear them high rise with a pretty fitted waistband. While the rest of the jean is a little wide and baggy and the opposite of form fitting, keeping a more flattering waist helps with proportions of these strange new silhouettes.

Now, in the year of pushing the boundaries back again, we’re opting out of the high waist styles and moving more towards low waisted pieces and baggier than wide leg styles of jeans in 2023. This is still a little more fashion forward and edgy right now, so it’s not dated to wear the more flattering high rise versions, but in the next couple years or so you’re going to start seeing them lower and baggier.

It is important to note as well that this time in fashion is better than ever, as there is more acceptance, even encouragement, of wearing something that makes sense for you, not for the trends. Of course we’re still going to have the big trends like we always do, but even within the normal trends, we’re going to see the praise of the micro-trends. Which can be extremely toxic to the environment and culture, but it is very exciting for the fashion culture.

Embrace what you love and what looks best on you and makes you feel your best. And that’s the hottest trend.

Girl wearing high waist wide leg jeans with a white tank top

Body Types: Do Wide Leg Jeans Look Good On Everyone?

The hardest part about working on fitting people in jeans every day is that it’s not just one size fits all. Obviously! But even aside from your actual jean size, it doesn’t always mean that a specific style or version of the jeans are the best for you and your body type.

Before I dive into this, I want to give a disclaimer and just say that I think everyone looks the best in the style of jeans that they feel the best in. That’s all.

There’s not one specific body type which wide leg jeans look the best on. It really matters how wide the leg truly is, how the proportions of the waist height and the length of the leg are on your body, et cetera. So don’t be so quick to judge if a style looks good or bad on you, sometimes you just have to find the right pair. But after a couple of different styles of the same look, you may be able to conclude it’s just not for you. And that’s okay.

From what I see daily, I would have to say that it’s pretty conclusive to say that shorter and rounder women as well as taller and leaner women consistently look good in some form of wide leg jeans, whether baggy wide leg, palazzo, or so on.

That leaves me out of the occasion… I tend to stick to a baggy straight leg myself, but I have found a few styles that still fit me well as a shorter and leaner gal.

I think the baggy look is great on everyone, it’s just finding which style of baggy that matters!

Tops To Wear With Baggy Jeans

Tops to wear with baggy jeans is a pretty broad and open ended question. The answer depends heavily on where you’re going and what the occasion is, of course.

If this is a casual look, a cool baggy vintage tee shirt is my favorite piece to pair with some baggy jeans. With a cool sneaker or chunky boot and you just look so cool. It might feel like a lot and incredibly unflattering at first, but again the proportions of the tee and the jeans together matter too.

If you’re aiming for a cuter and more dressed up option, I always love a good bodysuit or tube top with some baggy jeans. The jeans themselves are reminiscent of the 2000’s and 90’s, and there’s nothing more 90’s than a tube top. Any little crop top works, even a flowy blouse that crops right below the waistband of the jeans.

The possible outfit ideas are endless with wide leg jeans.

Let’s look into some of these more specific outfit ideas and see how you can style those wide leg jeans for you specifically!

Two girls in cute outfits with baggy jeans

Wide Leg Jeans Outfit

1. Ribbed White Tank
2. Tied Sweater
3. Tiny Blouse
4. Blazer
5. Tucked Sweatshirt

Three cool casual outfits with trendy jeans in 2023

How To Wear Wide Leg Jeans

6. Chunky Sweater
7. One Shoulder
8. Cool Long Jacket
9. Graphic Tee
10. Casual
11. Striped Blouse

As you look for new ways to wear your jeans, remember that every body type is different too, so the proportions are going to matter as well. We touched on this already, but baggy jeans and a baggy tee might look killer on someone taller, but if you’re shorter like me, you need something to highlight your shape and frame a little bit more. So reading up on trends can always be a little challenging if you’re not reading about it specific to you.

You’ll get the hang of it!

My favorite thing about wide leg jeans, is not only do they look really edgy and high fashion right now, they also are so roomy that they feel incredibly comfortable. It’s almost like wearing sweats sometimes! Especially if you go really edgy and get some of the more low rise ones that sit baggy on the hips? I cannot explain how comfortable they are.

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