Inside: 57 classy 30th birthday outfit ideas for your best year yet!

Your birthday is always special, and throughout all of your 20’s each one can start to feel less and less exciting.

But as the 30th approaches, you have so much to celebrate! And you should feel loved, celebrated, and classy entering into your third decade. It can be scary to think about your thirties, but there’s nothing classier or more exciting than moving into another era of adulthood.

You should definitely be the center of attention, whether casual or boujee is your vibe, your outfit should reflect how ready you are to be the focus of all of the Instagram stories as the posts start rolling.

A hot pink suit or a sequin duster, you’ve got so many classy and edgy outfits for your 30th birthday here.

I collected 57 of my favorite 30th birthday outfit ideas for you to get inspired as you shop away for your special day!

Four women in cute birthday outfits

30th Year Theme

There are a couple of different themes that represent the 30th birthday.

The fun one I’m sure you’ve heard: Thirty, flirty, and thriving. It’s what we all hope to be when we turn thirty. I know I do! I want to still be flirting with life and thriving more than ever! Thirty may sound scary, especially if you’re the first of your friends to hit the milestone, but all of my thirty year old friends talk about how much they love their thirties. You’re as grown up as you thought you would be at twenty, but for real this time!

Do as you’re moving into your thirties, remember to stay flirty and thriving. No slowing down for you! Stay having fun.

More symbolically, the pearl represents the 30th birthday.

Whether given as a gift or made the party theme, pearls are representative of long-lasting wisdom and love. They’re often gifted for the 30th wedding anniversary, but the same all goes for a birthday.

If you need a birthday theme, classy girls in pearls never disappoint and you can channel all of the long lasting love coming your way in your thirties!

How To Dress Classy For Your Birthday

Wanting to dress classy for your birthday? Here are some tips for you! It’s easy to dress ready for the club or a little extra wild on your birthday, and I’m always here for it, but here are some tips to dressing more classy too to ring in a new version of you as an adult.

Don’t forget to have fun WHILE dressing classy!

Colors – Choosing your colors is a major key to dressing classy for your birthday. Classy doesn’t mean boring, it just means mature. Pastels, while beautiful, are a youthful color. This doesn’t make them any less classy per se, but I would opt for a more neutral color or more bold. Be sold on either extreme and live for your decision!

Cuts – Class is about balance. Growing up I heard that short skirts and low necklines aren’t classy at all– but I argue that it’s all about how you pair things. There are some events where neither of these pieces are appropriate, but a birthday dinner is not one of them! Pair a low cut top with a pair of cool jeans, or a high neck top with a mini skirt. Playing with cuts and layers makes anything work for you.

Aesthetic – This doesn’t mean preppy or business casual are the only options you have for dressing classy! You can totally dress bohemian, rocker, or anything else that matches your aesthetic. But simply using more elevated and nicer pieces will help make your aesthetic classier than you thought!

30th Birthday Party Ideas

Get ready to kick off your thirties in style and while having a ton of fun with all of your best friends!

The older I get, personally, the more I realize that birthday fun is all about doing what you love with people you love. It’s not all about the big parties and the extravagant plans, but spending time with the people that made this previous year great.

Here are some ideas for doing something a little extra for your 30th:

  • Rent a room at a boujee restaurant.
  • Go to a winery.
  • Classy house party with stunning decor.
  • Sunday funday brunch with all of your best friends.
  • Progressive dinner through your city at all of your favorite restaurants.
  • All of these may feel pretty tame depending on what you’ve done for your birthdays in the past, but again, it’s not about what you do but who you do it with. If your friends are lit and ready to party, the party will be wherever you are!

Three women in swanky outfits

Classy Birthday Outfits

Here are some examples of these classy birthday outfits and how to wear them! When you start to play around with pairings and details, it all becomes natural to pair things together in a classy way.

1. White On White
2. Dress And Gloves
3. Gold Silk Slip
4. White Blazer
5. Green Blouse
6. White Maxi
7. Black Silk
8. Neck Wrap
9. Sheer Top
10. Silk Dress
11. Red Bodycon

Three girls in cool casual outfits

Casual Birthday Outfits

If casual is more your style, no sweat! Here are a few casual fits to your style a little more.

Whether you’re looking for casual like a chill dinner out or casual like a night in with the girls, here are some outfits I think you’re going to love celebrating in.

12. Button Down Dress
13. Ruched Sweater
14. Plaid Blazer
15. Slouchy Leather
16. Cozy Dress
17. Preppy Sweater
18. Graphic Tee
19. Cool Jeans
20. Black Muscle Tank
21. Pleated Set
22. Satin Cargo Pants

Girl sitting on a box with silver jeans

Spring And Summer Outfits

The spring and summer are easy to dress to party, but a little more difficult to keep that classy layer game going.
Here are some spring and summer examples of great outfit ideas for your 30th birthday!

23. Puff Sleeve Mini
24. Green Squiggles
25. Silver Pants
26. White Vest And Pants
27. Zipper Set
28. Bodycon Midi
29. Slip Dress
30. Long Sleeve Set
31. White On White
32. Pink Slip Dress
33. Pink And Cheetah

Four women in cocktail attire

Outfit Ideas For Women

34. Cutout Jumpsuit
35. Red Suit
36. Flashy Pairings
37. White Puff Sleeve
38. Backless Mini Dress
38. Blue Satin Dress
39. Gold Suit
40. Feather Set
41. Satin Set
42. Feather Top
43. Glitter And Feather
44. Silver Halter Top

30th Birthday Outfit

Your 30th birthday should be special. And it is. I want you to feel like a million bucks when you’re meeting your friends for the big night.

These outfits will get the job done and I know it!

45. Black Mini And Brown Boots
46. Black Midi
47. Black Feather Sleeves
48. One Shoulder Dress
49. Black Classic Jumpsuit
50. Knits And Silks
51. Green Sweater Dress
52. Glitter Blouse
53. Purple And Red Florals
54. Orange Satin Tube Dress
55. Gold Halter Top
56. Diamond Chain Silk Dress
57. Black Peplum

Celebrating any birthday starts with the best outfit. It’s the basis of any good party! If this had you stumped, these 30th birthday outfit ideas should be pushing you into the right direction.

So as you shop, I hope you’re able to keep these tips and tricks for dressing classy for your birthday in mind, as well as some of these examples of good birthday outfits for you. Even if they feel a little bit out of your comfort zone, what better time than your 30th birthday than to get out of the box a little bit? None!

We all want to be the center of attention a little bit on our birthday, and you naturally will be. But you need an outfit that does it for you too, that’s why some of these are my favorites! (And are also in my cart ready to go for MY birthday!)

Go celebrate hard in your best new outfit, and practice your poses. You’re going to need all the photos of this outfit.

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