Inside: Fun wine tasting outfit ideas for fancy date nights or girls nights in.

Girls night, date night, self care night, you name it, and it’s the perfect occasion for a wine tasting. All year round we’re ready to go grab a glass and find a new favorite. Regardless of the reason for the outing whether you are needing outfit ideas for the next winery visit or just a simple tasting for a girls night in, you’ll need the perfect wine tasting outfit. 

It’s just one of those occasions that feels better in an outfit you love. Summer, fall, or winter, classy or casual, I’ve got you covered with wine tasting outfit ideas that are classy, lovely, and perfect for a night out.

Wine Tasting Outfits

Wine tastings are a whole experience, and maybe you’re on vacation in Italy sampling the best Pinots, or maybe you’re in your hometown winery wishing you were vacationing abroad. Either way, you want to dress like you are for the best overall effect of the moment. 

Summer Wine Tasting Outfits

Wine Tasting Outfit Ideas Summer 

Summer is the most beautiful time to be touring a vineyard and sipping a cold white wine, or to be taking shelter from the heat inside a local spot sipping their wine samples. Again, whether you’re abroad or at home, a good outfit can make it feel like you’re in the dreamiest of wineries. Here are some wine tasting outfit ideas for summer to get you inspired. 

  1. Bold Color Pieces
  2. White Linen Sets
  3. Denim Jumpsuit
  4. Easy Y2K: Halter and Cargo
  5. Color Pop Scarves
  6. Silk Skirt
  7. Rustic Cowgirl
  8. Blue and White Linen
  9. Bright Pinks and Oranges

Summer Wine Tasting Outfit Ideas 

Summer heat is no joke, and it can seriously ruin the cutest outfit from the moment you step outside. Unfortunately, drinking can only add to the heat, but here are some outfit ideas to keep you cool even in the hottest of months. Inside or outside, you’ll feel easy breezy in some of these cutest summer outfits. 

  1. Coordinated Linens
  2. Dainty Slip Dress
  3. Pastel Blazers
  4. Knit Maxi 
  5. Scarf Top
  6. Checkered Pants
  7. Colored Button Up
  8. Romantic Midi
  9. Minimalist Matching Sets

Fall Wine Tasting Outfits

Wine Tasting Outfit Ideas Fall 

As we start to cool down, we can play with layers and have fun with some staple pieces in our closet again. The fall is the best time to sneak away for a warm afternoon on a vineyard and get a wine tasting before the evening cools us down, or to take a little stroll after dinner to your favorite winery and sip for a while before returning home. If you’re looking to escape the craziness of a new school year or impending holidays, here are some fall wine tasting outfit ideas to feel your best on your night out. 

  1. Bubbly Knits
  2. One Shoulder Tops
  3. Two Toned Combos
  4. White Jeans
  5. Striped Sweaters
  6. Linen Dress and Boots
  7. Knits and Leather
  8. Knit and Trouser Shorts

Autumn Tasting Outfits 

Autumn wine tasting outfit ideas have been a Pinterest favorite for a long time, with the best sweater outfits and new hot boots for the season. But here are some of the best fall OOTD inspirations specifically for a wine tasting with your favorite person or people.  

  1. Coordinated Knits
  2. Long Sleeve Maxi
  3. Color Pop Knits
  4. Sweater Dress
  5. Monochrome Red
  6. Equestrian Prep
  7. Sweater Vest

Winter Wine Tasting Outfits

Time to cozy up with your favorite red or a flight of reds that might become your new favorite. Here are some winter wine tasting outfit ideas for sampling for gifts or to search for the best wine to serve at your coming holiday party, so that this is one errand you don’t have to hit while wearing your errands outfit. 

  1. Oversized Sweater and Scarf
  2. Fleece Coats
  3. Girly Motto 
  4. Paisley Sweater
  5. Teddy and Docs
  6. Color Pop Knit
  7. Teddy and Leather

Winter Date Outfits 

Depending on your local climate, we may be past simple sweater weather and need something a little more bundled for your sipping. Wine tasting outfit ideas tend to cater to the summer needs during vacation, but if you’re escaping to a winery in the winter to remember warmer times, a sun dress doesn’t quite cut it. Here are some winter winery outfits just for your winter rendezvous. 

  1. Neutral Pea Coat
  2. Interesting Statements
  3. Vintage Shawl
  4. Belted Shawl
  5. Black Denim and Knits
  6. Checkers
  7. High Neck Green Sweater

Women’s Wine Tasting Outfits Winter 

Valentines day falls right in one of the coldest months of the year, and romantic winter outfits can be hard to navigate. If you’re hitting up a winery for Valentines or Galentines, here are some romance inspired winter wine tasting outfits.

  1. Slip Dress Layers
  2. Pops and Patterns
  3. Warm Tones
  4. Black on Black
  5. Statement Pants
  6. Varied Neutral Tones

Cute Winery Outfits 

In the age where every outing can be a photo-op with your besties or a chance to create some new Instagram content, it’s also just simply fun to look cute when going out. Wine tastings definitely channel a certain aesthetic: think European vacation.

So you need cute wine outfits that aren’t just any cute outfit– if you want to match the vibe, these are for you. 

  1. White Jumpsuit
  2. Coordinating Linens
  3. Statement Pants
  4. Corset Top
  5. Royal Knit
  6. Silk Pants
  7. Midi Dress

Dresses for Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting Dress

Dresses get all the hype for being so dressed up and give the appearance of more effort than a tee and jeans, but if you’ve spent any time trying to pair up the right tee with the right jeans, then you know a dress is actually the option with less effort. They’re fun, they’re flirty, and they’re just right for the outing of wine sampling. A wine tasting dress should be just that: fun, flirty, and ready for anything. Not too different from your favorite date night dress, but there’s  a specific aesthetic to channel here. Here are the best wine tasting dress inspirations. 

  1. Silk Midi
  2. Cottage Core Midi
  3. Summer Yellows
  4. Babydoll Cuts
  5. Dress Shirt
  6. Coastal Blues
  7. Vintage Maxi

Casual Wine Tasting Outfits

Casual Winery Outfits 

If casual is more your vibe and you enjoy the pairing of outfit pieces while pairing wines and entreés, I’ve got some casual winery outfit ideas for you. While it’s fun to dress up and channel the aesthetic of the outing into your outfit, sometimes it’s nice to spend the day out in something more casual and less effort, simply to enjoy the moment with your special someone, catching up with friends, or spending some quality time with your mom. Whoever you’re there with, whatever your goal is for the day, casual is the move, and you can still channel the winery aesthetic. 

  1. Denim on Denim
  2. Neutrals and Sneakers
  3. Slouchy Trousers
  4. Jeans and Birks
  5. Blazer Dress
  6. Linen Pants

When it comes to wine tasting outfit ideas, the Italian countryside is the aesthetic goal. This can easily be achieved wherever you are by dressing the part and pulling inspiration into your closet from the Mediterranean coast we love so much, and that gives us the best grapes for our summer wine sampling with our favorite people.

There’s always a good reason for a wine tasting, no matter the season or location, so grab some OOTD or date night inspiration and make your reservation. Heading overseas? Add these to your packing list for lunches, brunches, and anything else that comes your way in addition to those enviable vineyard tours.

If you’re looking for more date outfit options, check out these date night outfit ideas!

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