Inside: 27 ideas for what to wear in Miami. Being such a big and live party city, the perfect outfit for Miami is a must! Try these for the best packing list.

Heading off to Miami or anywhere warm for a vacation? You’re going to have the best time, Miami has it all. If you’re into party destinations, it of course has it all. If you’re just there for the beach, you’ve got all of that too.

Sometimes going to these big tourist cities you get a lot of annoying elements of traveling, but that also means that you get all of the perks too! Finding a cool place to eat is never hard here, and finding something fun and extravagant to do isn’t too tough either.

Your biggest challenge will be finding the perfect outfits. Everyone in Miami is dressed to the nines, and they’re all ready to party hard. The sunshine state brings out all of the best fashion, and it’s easy to dress Miami cool when the weather’s nice, so you’re going to have a great time packing and dressing for this vibe. Break out all of your favorite summer pieces, and check out some new ideas here.

These 27 ideas for what to wear in Miami should give you the best packing checklist, so check them out!

Three colorful and fun outfits for day or night in Miami

Miami Climate

Florida is known for having some of the most consistent climate in the country.

Being on the beach, you get the cool breeze that comes in off of the coast, but you still have the heat from the intensity of the Florida sun. And let me tell you, if you’ve never been, that sun is something different from what I’ve experienced on any other beach. But never fear, the coastal breeze is here to help!

No matter when you plan to hit up Miami, you’re going to have about the same weather. All year round, the high ranges from 74 to 87, while the lows range from 63 to 79. While the summer of course does have some of the higher numbers in the range, these months also have some of the highest number of rain days, averaging to about 11 days of rain a month.

These numbers allow a lot of wiggle room– regardless of when you go, you’re going to see beautiful and mild temperatures and plenty of sunshiney days.

Dress for plenty of sun and maybe a few layers for those chillier mornings when you go on a walk for coffee.

Packing Tips

Some of the best tips I can give you are general packing tips that I’ve learned the hard way over the last few years. As a chronic overpacker, I have plenty of wisdom to share with you to make packing a little bit easier.

When planning outfits, always plan to match the energy and aesthetic of the city. If you’re a fashion loving girly like I am, this will make all the difference when you feel like your outfit matches what’s happening around you. That always boosts my mood while visiting a new city and makes me feel really good about my outfit choices.

Next, you need to actually plan outfits. I used to just throw all of my favorite pieces into my suitcase and figure it out later. The problem with this was that I was consistently trying on new outfits and didn’t really have a whole fit that matched my vibe that I wanted for the day. It was a struggle, but I learned my lesson on that trip. Just a shame that the trip happened to be in Paris! The city where I wanted to have the absolute best outfits. Oh well. The photos still turned out great. Decide on what you want your dinner and going out outfits to be, and decide what you want your daytime outfits to be. Try them on as you put them in your suitcase so it’s not just an idea in your head that didn’t pan out. Be ready so that getting ready for the day over there in Miami is just that much smoother.

Select two shoes that are must-haves, and then allow a third when you see how much extra room you have. I get carried away with shoes, but if you’re going somewhere where you’ll be on your feet a lot, you likely have the staple pair of sneakers that will be essential to rewear anyway. Then have a solid going out shoe, and you’re good! And then as the suitcase fills up, you can prioritize another shoe for parties, walking around, or anything else you might want to have an extra option for.

This one is less about the clothes and more about practicality. Now, there are some of us that value all of our specific beauty products too much for this tip, but if you’re like me and are willing to sacrifice a few days of the right shampoo, I tend to choose to leave enough of my hair products at home and either use what’s in the hotel if I’m staying at one, or I go to a CVS or other drug store on my way to where I’m staying and pick up travel sizes.

Anything to save room for more outfits!

Different Outfits To Pack For Miami

The different outfits to pack for Miami are pretty straight forward, especially if you know that the plan is to go to the beach for the day, and dinner and party at night.

For beach days, don’t just think bikini and cover up– also throw in some fun matching sets to go over your swimsuit for walking around the city while taking a break, and maybe even some fun sheer dresses that serve as a cover up, but also as a statement piece, since sheer is a huge trend this year.

For night time, go straight for the mini skirts, the mini dresses in bold colors, and anything fun and a little bit crazier than you would wear at home. It’s all acceptable in Miami, so let’s look at some ideas.

Four daytime outfits for a beach city

Daytime Outfits

1. Neutral Pieces
2. Fun Colors
3. Dressed Up Loungewear
4. Black And White
5. Pink Maxi
6. Fun Patterns And Denim
7. Cool Button Up
8. Kimono Wrap Top
9. Bralette And Linen

Nightlife outfits for Miami

Nightlife Outfits

10. Hot Pink Tube Dress
11. Drapey Dress
12. Peasant Sleeve And Trouser
13. Wrap Set
14. Glitter Maxi
15. Cowl Set
16. White Mini
17. Strappy Set
18. Basics

A girl wearing a bikini top and linen pants

What To Wear In Miami

19. Colored Terry Cloth Set
20. Cutout Dress
21. Linen Pants
22. The Perfect Set
23. Crochet Mini
24. Polka Dot
25. Ribbed Maxi
26. Red Ruffles
27. Green Blazer Dress

Some vacations are for packing chill lounge clothes, and some are for packing your best and your favorite outfits. Matching the vibe of the city you’re traveling to is the number one best packing tip that I have. It makes it more fun when you feel like your wardrobe is reflecting the energy of the city and the activities you participate in. So have fun with your packing for this trip.

It’s always good vibes in Miami, always good weather, and always good energy. Your outfits for this vacation should reflect all of the positivity that comes with Miami. Be ready to party, to relax, and to go on adventures.

As you pack, remember the climate, the different activities you plan to embark on, and the general mood for the city and you’re in good shape. Good news is, there’s plenty of good shopping in Miami too, so if you’re at a loss and can’t find the perfect piece at home, you can pick something up along the way while you’re there.
If you need some standard travel outfits, here are some of the best, in my opinion. My favorites are the cool and casual that pass as a statement outfit but really allow you to stay comfy too.

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