Inside: 53 travel outfits summer ideas for any destination. 

Traveling is what we all dream of as we stare out the window at our desks and wish we were out exploring the world. If you’re lucky enough to be planning or taking a vacation right now, we all wish we were you! 

One of the best parts of traveling the world is the cute pictures you get along the way, posed and candid, solo or group photos– and the outfit, as always, makes the photo.

Whether you’re traveling in the summer or fall, or to Europe or Asia, you probably need some outfit inspiration to get the packing started. Are you good at planning outfits or do you throw everything all in and figure it out later? Either way, these are the Summer travel ideas you need to get the ball rolling.

Summer travel outfits

Don’t waste precious vacation time worrying about which outfit to pack for your excursion, make it an easy task and get inspired. You’ll look the best on your vacay for sure! 

Two girls in airport travel outfits

Airport Outfits

As a culture, we put a lot of emphasis on the outfits we travel in, not just the ones we plan to be photographed in. A good “airport outfit” is iconic, and yet is so hard to find. To pick the right fit to make security easy but also make the plane comfortable is no easy task, but when you find your holy grail pieces that make up the perfect airport outfit for you, you’ll never go back!

Here is some travel outfits summer inspiration to put together your best airport fit– start the trip off right, and end it right! 

  1. Linen and Biker Shorts
  2. Gym Set
  3. White and Pink 
  4. Hoodie and Biker Shorts
  5. Oversized Blazer
  6. Flowing White Set
  7. All Cream Sweats

Are you more of an athleisure gal or be ready to run right off the plane to the first stop kind of gal? Different trip itineraries require levels of readiness when you land in your destination, but no matter how ready you want to be at the moment, you still have to be cozy enough to endure the flight. 

  1. Graphic Tee
  2. Slouchy Jeans
  3. Leather Leggings
  4. Sleek Biker Set
  5. Sweats and Leather
  6. Crossbody Bag
  7. Flare Leggings and Teddy

How to pack travel outfits, two women in summer outfits

How to Pack Travel Outfits

Packing is a struggle for some of us, some don’t want to plan whole outfits and just want to throw in sundresses for every day of the trip. And that’s a win on its own, but if you want to piece together particular outfits rather than rely solely on one piece, then you have to plan out ahead of time what you plan to pair together before it’s thrown in your suitcase.

If you want to plan out some easy pieces that can coordinate with just about anything you throw in your suitcase, then these are for you!  

  1. Ribbed Sets
  2. Linen Skirt and Tee
  3. Silk Skirt and Tee
  4. Knit Ribbed Dress
  5. Scarf Top
  6. Color Blocking
  7. Sarong

Packing coordinating sets or mega neutrals makes pairing everything together in your hotel, hostel, or AirBnB so much easier in the early morning when you’re just ready to get to breakfast and start the day abroad. Not to mention the mix and match possibilities!

If you pack right, there’s no limitations to the outfit combinations you have in your suitcase. 

  1. Tie Front Top
  2. Fun Accessories
  3. Halter and Belted
  4. Stunning White Midi
  5. Silk and Patterns
  6. Split Hem Pants
  7. Denim Mini

Tropical travel outfits

Tropical Vacation Outfits 

If you’re headed to a tropical island or general beach destination, then your daily outfits likely heavily rely on a bikini! But for dinners, shopping trips, excursions, maybe a show or two, you’re going to need something beautiful and beachy to embrace the vibes of the day and keep that sunburned untouched.

Wherever you’re going, whatever you plan to do away from the beach, here are some tropical vacation outfits for your time spent under the sun and in the sand. 

  1. Bright Orange Cover
  2. Flowy White Pants
  3. Orange Linen Set
  4. Coordinating Bikini and Pants
  5. Paisley Blue
  6. Tie Dye Cut Out Dress
  7. Boxer Shorts
  8. Terry Cloth Colored Set
  9. Silky Mini

Beach vacations are probably the easiest to pack for: shorts, sandals, tanks, flowy dresses. Check! Easy and ready to go! But if you want to be a little more intentional than that, here are some fresh beach outfit ideas to try on your next beach vacation. 

  1. Patchwork Style Maxi
  2. Knit Top
  3. Floral Mini Dress
  4. Knit Crop
  5. Red Cover Up

Two girls in urban travel outfits

Urban Travel Outfits Summer Ideas

Traveling to cool cities is a different idea entirely, everything from the restaurants to sight seeing requires a different style of vacation outfits to match the aesthetic of the city you’re in! Whether you’re exploring European countries you’ve never seen or revisiting old favorites inside the US, cool travel outfits summer ideas are a must. The photo ops are always huge when you’re out spotting some incredible landmarks, so be ready to capture the moment! 

  1. All Black Crop
  2. Halter and Leather
  3. White Flowy Set
  4. White Vest
  5. Relaxed Prep
  6. Knit Dress

When you’re wandering around a city, what’s your style preference? Sporty and ready for anything? Or sucking up the pain for beauty to walk around in the cutest shoes for your Insta pic? I’ve been both, and both are fun.

But if you’re looking to hit the explore page while exploring, here are some more urban travel outfit ideas to inspire you while you’re packing! 

  1. Artistic Skirts
  2. Red Sundress
  3. Blazer Dress
  4. Striped Sweater
  5. Timeless

Preparing to travel is almost just as exciting as actually traveling, packing included. Unless you truly struggle packing, knowing that you want to look your best abroad! Packing under that intention of looking on top of your game your whole trip adds a lot of pressure to something that should be relaxing! 

So get your travel inspo and get packing! Whether you’re going to the Virgin Islands or the Italian countryside, you can’t go wrong with a great matching set or linen top! Denim will never go wrong either. The possibilities are endless, and you can mix and match. However, if you’re looking to make every outfit its own and make each one a statement, then planning each outfit on its own is a whole process. 

Enjoy your vacation in style and get to planning! Gather your inspo here and get ready for the trip of a lifetime!

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