Inside: Cute options for modest summer outfits for when the event calls for a little more coverage even in the heat.

Everybody everywhere has to dress for the heat, but some by choice prefer to also dress modestly.

Modest dressing in the summer can be tricky, especially if you live somewhere like Texas, where I am, where it’s always so hot, even when the sun has gone down.

So many trends right now include a low waist and a cropped top, but there are plenty of options out there that are also good for covering what your mama gave you and staying modest. Modesty is a lifestyle choice and a personal style choice, so you may see a lot of your own style in some of these outfits, but that’s not to say that you can’t also buy into trends for the summer as well! We’re just going to be a lot pickier.

If your modesty is something that’s important to you, they don’t let anything like heat waves, or current trends stand in the way of the way that you want to dress for yourself.

Check out these outfits and let’s find you some modest summer outfit ideas for traveling and home to beat the heat in.

Three girls in summer outfits that are modest

Having a more modest wardrobe is an intentional choice that you make, whether that’s because it’s how you prefer to dress or it’s for an event that you have to attend. Sometimes some phases of life, some events, some careers, and some circumstances require that you dress more modestly, and while this is generally more of a life choice that we should make, there’s a time and place to respect these kinds of boundaries.

If you don’t normally prefer to dress modestly but are being asked to for a variety of reasons, then this post is for you too, not just those that choose to make the more modest outfit choices. You probably need more help than anyone else if this isn’t your preferred style, but I just know you’re going to find some ways to dress more modestly this summer for whatever is requiring it in your life right now.

Find your own personal style in each of these looks and see how you can incorporate it all into your summer closet. It’s a task, but you can totally make it work for you and what you need this summer.

Have fun with it, and don’t think that just because it’s modest that it can’t be cute and trendy!

Summer Trends That Work For Modesty

while so many of our summer trends, this year revolve around crop tops, and other pieces that aren’t necessarily the most modest, there are plenty to go around, that you have more of a modest side to them. Right now, we’re seeing a lot of peasant seams in our outfits, very reminiscent of Y2K , what is perfect for the modest outfit.

peasant, skirts, baggy, Bermuda shorts,… There’s so many trends at work for modesty, you just have to get outside what you see right in front of you in your basic stores. these takes on the current trains are a little bit more high fashion, but if you’re willing to go for it, it’s going to make it a cool girl of the year, while you were just trying to be modest.

there’s some trans out work for you just depending on how modest you’re really trying to be, and some that might be a little borderline. But depending on your boundaries and what it is, you’re dressing for that. Have you dressing some obviously. Some of that might work. For example, wearing work or style tank tops are really in right now, as well as peasant sleeve blouses with a deep V. The V can be covered with layers, or finding a high neck option as well.

there are plenty of options to opt out of the tiny mini skirt, as well as the super cropped baby tops were seeing this year. Don’t let trains dictate how you’re dressing for yourself, have fun with your fashion and know that you can wear anything and make it cool and trendy.

Teaching Outfits During Summer

i’ve done a few different posts on teacher outfits, and you can find summer teacher outfit ideas here, but I know a lot of times teachers have to follow specific dress codes for their students and their school districts. So while you’re not teaching in the summer, those last couple months and the first couple months of the school year. Going to put you in that box where you need to dress for the summer, but still remain pretty modest. Fun pieces like cargo pants, maxi, skirts, overalls… Your name is slacks and trousers are very trendy this year so if you can pull those off with a really lightweight top, you’re in good shape.

lightweight joggers that don’t look like sweatpants, and flowy maxi dresses are some of my favorite options when it comes to summer or early fall teacher outfits. Now, I’ve never taught in a classroom, but I have plenty of friends that follow these rules. Dressing modestly, and summer can be tough, and for teachers you have an extra layer of responsibility to be able to function for your students that day. I know that you are going to find some outfits here that show you how to dress modestly in the classroom.

A girl in a white tee shirt and red pants

Modest Summer Outfits

1. Button Downs
2. Puff Sleeve Dress
3. Sweater And Silk
4. Business Casual
5. Cool Pants
6. Jumpsuit
7. Tee And Skirt

Four girls in casual summer outfits

Cute Outfits

8. Gingham
9. Summery
10. Tee And Cropped Jeans
11. Linens
12. Khaki Dress
13. Preppy
14. Bermuda Shorts

Trendy outfits that are also modest

Trendy Modest Outfits

15. Mid Thigh Length Shorts
16. Oversized Button Down
17. Maxi And Graphic
18. Stripes
19. Baggy Colored Jeans
20. Casual Sweats
21. Chic White On White

Choosing to dress modestly helps when you choose your boundaries, set them high, and draw a line in the sand, saying what you do, or do not feel comfortable in. Make notes of what makes you feel comfortable and what trends you simply know won’t be for you. Sometimes they don’t look super showy until we try them on, and then you realize how exposed you can feel. It’s a game of trial and error but hopefully these outfit ideas are helping you narrow down what you can do for yourself.

When you go shopping. If you shop with friends you’re gonna point out things to you that maybe you’re just not really looking forward to wearing, so keep in mind that it’s all about what you want and how you do want to dress and represent yourself this summer.

Don’t get so stressed about the modesty part that you forget to have fun with your clothes too. It’s easier to achieve than it sounds!

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