Inside: Wide girl summer outfits for you this year. It’s a brutal heat out there, find the best outfits to stunt in.

Summer is a tough time to dress for just about everyone. Unless you just love a simple tank top and shorts, which you might, but I personally like to make more of a statement and splash with my outfits, and that includes my summer casual fits.

If you shop in the plus sized category, summer I know is generally one of the harder times to find something cute that’s trendy but also fits and flatters the way that you want. It’s not easy for anyone I would assume, showing a little skin is a tough thing to do for many. But the summer calls for it in these temperatures, and summer also calls for a new batch of confidence.

It’s too easy to want to hide away during the fall and winter, but now it’s spring and summer and you don’t only need to dress comfortably for the new weather patterns, but there’s a certain aesthetic that comes with summer.

If you’re here looking for some wide girl summer outfits inspiration, I have a few for you. These are some of my favorites, and I think we can focus on how hot you’re going to look in these outfits, instead of how hot you could feel in this summer heat.

Four plus sized women in cool summer outfits

2023 Trendy Curvy Outfits

I want to make one thing pretty clear: While there are trends and brands targeted for the plus size community, I believe that everyone of any size can and should wear whatever they want whether or not it’s “correct” for your body type. But I also acknowledge that everyone tends to look for trends and pieces that flatter their body type. So a lot of this post is in response to this hunt, not to tell a community of people what they “should” wear.

So! With all that being said, what are some good trends for curves?!

This year, color is huge. I’m sure you’ve already been seeing it everywhere for the last few years too, but this summer we’re going bold. And it’s been so beautiful! Bright reds, bold neons, and everything in between is hot and trending right now. It’s so easy to throw on a bright top with a pair of denim or even with something a little more edgy and street like a pair of white cargos, and you’ve got an effortlessly cool outfit. These colors are crazy cool on anyone, and definitely something worth investing in for this summer.

As always, linen is the “it” fabric for summer. Loose fitting and slouchy street style is a part of this as well, as they always become very cool fitting as we wear them. There’s essentially a flowy and beachy undertone to what’s being worn during the summer, and it’s perfect for every body type. Something like this generally is more flattering on some bodies when it’s cinched at the waist. Plus size or not, your proportions play a role in this too. A size 0 with broader shoulders would benefit from belting the waist, doing a French tuck, or entirely tucking a top to draw attention to the waist just as much as someone who is plus sized. It’s all about proportions when it comes to silhouettes.

This next one is going to be cool for anyone and everyone of any style, size, or aesthetic. This summer is all about sheer clothing. It’s a totally cool style, and it could be anything from mesh to crochet that gives your top that see through element to it, but either way layering pieces that are see through on top and blocky pieces underneath, and you have a really cool outfit. We’re getting dangerously close to some of the funkier layering trends from our childhood like putting a dress over jeans or cargos. You can totally layer mesh tops, skirts, and dresses, and honestly, with this trend, the funkier the better. Have fun with it!

Styling Tips

Styling plus size fashion doesn’t have anything to do with slimming, but more so about flattering the body type you have. We’ve kind of touched on this, and there of course all the style tips and tricks we’ve heard from our mothers and grandmothers forever about how to slim down your image. Like certain colors and certain striped patterns, but let’s talk about accentuating the beauty that you have!

Like I touched on in the trends section of this post with loose and flowy outfits, drawing attention to your waist makes an outfit so much more flattering. You can get away with the baggy on baggy trend with a pair of loose fitting jeans and a loose top if you can redraw that waistline with either a tuck or a belt. It’s all about drawing the eyes to the slimmest part of the body, and with the same stone it will highlight all of your other beautiful curves.

Elongating your body with long coats, flare jeans, and monochrome outfits is an incredible way to style your plus size wardrobe. Regardless of your true size and weight, you will always look thinner if you look taller, so take any elongating tips you can to try to play with the optical illusion.

This is specific, but a wrap dress or a wrap top are beautiful pieces on a plus size body type. It wraps around at the waist and the V neck it creates is usually super flattering. This is a great piece to stock up on in your closet, not to mention the flirty little silhouette is usually pretty and perfect for the summer aesthetic and weather.

Three cool girl summer outfits

Summer Outfit Ideas

1. Neutrals Monochrome
2. White Puff Sleeve
3. Tied Band Tee
4. Layered Midis
5. Graphic And Patterns
6. Bra Top
7. Colored Kimono
8. Khaki And Patterns

Three casual outfits for summer in plus sizes

Casual Summer 2023

9. Beachy Layers
10. Golden Hour
11. Boheme Themes
12. Cool Slacks
13. Halter And Cargos
14. Leather
15. Vintage Jeans
16. Tee With Floral Skirt
17. Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Woman in cool midi skirt outfit

Aesthetic Outfits

18. Mini Sundress
19. Silk Midi
20. Chambray And Denim
21. Wrap Dress
22. Cool Beach Girl
23. Cool Striped Romper

While we all agree that size shouldn’t factor into what’s trending or what you should wear or be inspired by, I think we all know that it does. Hope these wide girl summer outfits something unique and different for you, as you start to develop your personal style and wardrobe and see how you can totally pull together a stunning summer closet full of clothes that are fitting and flattering to you, just because you took care to look into outfits that are made for you.

The trends for the plus size community are the same as the rest, but there are different details and styling tips you can use that make them work for you better. Remember that trends are only cool and fun as long as they make you feel cool, stylish, and like your personal style is increasing while wearing it.

Hopefully these ideas and this post gave you some good sense on how to move forward with your wardrobe this summer! You’re going to look killer in all of it.

As discussed, a huge trend this year is bright colors. These neon outfits are made for 2023 fashion, so if this is your vibe this summer, give them a try!

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