Inside: 27 ideas for what to wear at Elton John concert. One of the most fun events of the year, and you have to have the best outfit for it!

Concert outfits are some of the best, but also some of the most complicated outfits to piece together because you know you want it to be great. There’s a lot of pressure for a great concert outfit!

Even though it’s all for fun, and you’re likely not going to be face-to-face with the artist and hoping to wow them with your outfit, it’s part of the overall experience, and you have to give 110% to the best concert outfit. Especially for someone as iconic as Elton John, who is so famous for his style, and his unique looks, on stage and off, you have to show up and show out in his honor.

Whether your front row or in the nosebleeds, your outfit for this concert is going to be amazing. Let’s dive into some different ideas, how to style them, and the nitty-gritty details like what shoes should you even wear to a concert? Let’s piece together the best looks for you and your concert outfit dreams.

Three outfits perfect for an Elton John concert

Building A Concert Outfit

Building a concert outfit is easy for any artist, especially one that you know and love very well. You can replicate outfits from their iconic music videos or previous concert tours, you can replicate an outfit of theirs from a red carpet appearance, or you can simulate an outfit that just feels inspired by their music in general.

For someone like Elton John, you have easy access to plenty of pieces that are inspired by his music, inspired by his looks, or inspired by his overall life. He’s been known to be iconic for his style in the past, so I just know that it’s going to be hard to narrow down a specific look, but easy to execute.

Finding all the iconic accessories for what to wear at Elton John concert that mimic his, or a reminiscent of his old styles and ideas, can be totally easy when you shop online far enough in advance, so hopefully your concert isn’t just around the corner! But if it is, you can DIY some amazing pieces as well and look just as iconic if not better, because it’s unique!

So… To build a concert outfit, you need to pick the general look you’re going for. Are you going to replicate one of his amazing jumpsuits? Are you going to go with a rave style outfit that are Elton John-esque? Are you going to go with a cool band T look with one of his tour T-shirts? There’s so many options, so just decide what your favorite idea is from this post, and start to build out the different pieces. Looking for the pieces online, and craft stores, and in stores near you, that can be a little bit more sparkly and dazzling, you’re going to find the best pieces for your Elton John concert outfit.

Usually when putting together a fun outfit, you go with maybe a couple of statement pieces and then add in a couple basics to bring it back down to earth. But for a concert, you can bypass the basics and go all out on fun statement pieces. The sky is the limit and you can break all of the fashion boundaries here. Why not go a little costume-y?

Concert Shoes

Elton John, of course has known for crazy outfits down to the shoe. Head to toe glam was his thing. Do you want to match this energy? We love head to toe fabulousness at his concert, but you also want to keep in mind that you are going to be standing, potentially for a long time, or at least during the whole show. And you want to make sure that your feet stay comfortable so the experience stays fun. The shoes you wear can make or break the entire concert for you… Maybe not the entire concert, but if your feet get tired, you get tired. So stay comfortable and ready for anything with the right concert shoes.

There are plenty of fun and amazing sneakers on the market if that’s what you need to stay comfortable, or a pair of white leather sneakers that we all have in our closets work just great. Platform booties are obviously the go to for an Elton John look, and there are plenty of comfortable ones out there too. If you can, rock heels easily then this is a great way to go for a mix of comfort and fashion. Lately we’ve been seeing a lot of dazzling cowboy boots, which would be a great idea as well, so if you need some metallic pink or metallic red boots that are comfortable for concert, standing and walking, these can add a fun element have pizzazz and dazzle for your Elton John concert outfit.

Which ever way you lean as far as shoes go, you’re going to find the right shoe for you for this show. There’s no right or wrong answer, it’s all about what’s comfortable, and what you can manage style wise. If you’re in a seat rather than on the floor, then you have more options, seeing as you’ll have the seat to sit in, leaving after the show.

If you are in the pit, and going to be waiting in line before you even get to your standing-room-only spot for the concert, you might wanna opt for something a little bit more comfortable. It’s all about what you can manage comfort and style wise, so just pick the best shoes for you and your concert outfit and have a great time!

Four Elton John outfit replications

Elton John Concert Outfits

1. Fully Iconic Recreation
2. Feathers And Glasses
3. Glam Hippie
4. Baseball Outfit
5. Feather Jacket
6. Pink Metallic Set
7. Green Shiny
8. Rainbow Feathers
9. Stunning Pants

Three concert outfits that are fun and extra

Iconic Outfit Ideas

When figuring out what to wear at Elton John concert you can’t go wrong with signature Iconic styles that will have you belting out tunes before you even arrive.

10. Boa And Glasses
11. Stars Jumpsuit
12. Diamond Fringe
13. Diamond Chain Top
14. Elton John Tee
15. Stars Mesh
16. Pink Disco
17. Iconic Pieces
18. All White Sequins

A girl wearing starry flare jeans

Dazzling Outfits

19. Pink Feather Outfit
20. Purple Sequins
21. Metallic Red Vest
22. Feathers And Leather
23. Diamond Fringe
24. White Sequins
25. Sequin Skirt
26. Star Jeans
27. Shiny Feathery Suit

Going to a concert is more than just showing up to the venue to hear some live music. Especially when it’s for such a larger than life and iconic star like Elton John, there’s a lot of excitement, build up, and anticipation leading up to it, and when you’re there, the event is just going to be electric.

Wearing an outfit that matches the energy of the room is one of the best parts of going to any event that just has such a fun element to it, especially if you love fashion! What to wear at Elton John concert, or any concert, has to be a statement, and this one is no different! Hopefully you found the best ideas for concert outfits that either you can give a try yourself, or inspired you to create a totally new look on your own. Whatever you decide to do for this concert outfit, it’s going to be iconic.

Make sure to take all the Instagram photos, film, all the tick-tock‘s, and have the best time at the Elton John concert.

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