Inside: 67 ideas for what to wear on a night out clubbing with your friends.

It’s girls night! Or just a night out with the best friends no matter who they are. It’s time to hit the club!

If it’s been a minute since you’ve hit the scene or maybe you’re newly 21 and aren’t sure what is appropriate for bars versus clubs, I’ve collected some of my favorite ideas for what to wear on a night out clubbing for you here.

Sure it’s fun to go out casually and have fun in whatever you’re wearing, but who doesn’t love to get dolled up and paint the town red? The club is the place to do it all: mini dresses, sparkles, your favorite heels, and your perfected new hair style, you’re ready to go.

Four girls wearing outfits for a night out

Let’s get club ready and check out these outfit ideas for what to wear on a night out clubbing— it’s a whole process so get ready to roll.

What Should Girls Wear To The Club?

A good clubbing outfit can be super cute, casual, dressy, classy, et cetera. There’s some clubs that have dress codes, which we will get into later, but as long as you’re within the dress codes, there’s no specific style you “should wear.”

Have you ever gone out with the girls and no one sent the “what are we wearing?” text? As long as you know how dressed up or down your friends are and you match their vibe, there are a thousand different ways you could dress for the club.

The way I think about it, is that there’s only two boundaries: you can be too casual for a club, and you can be too conservative. I’m not saying show all of your skin, but I do tend to air on the side of a little lower neckline top for a club rather than a bar. I’m not typically a let it all show kind of person, but I like to match the vibe of the environment!

Clubs tend to be dressier than bars, being more of a high end social scene. So there are ways to wear casual pieces to a club, but they have to be styled well for the scene.

A piece I always keep in my closet for a night out is a sexy lace bodysuit.

If you’re wondering what to wear for a night out clubbing, it’s easier than you think. It’s fun to get all dressed up and ready for a night out on the town! Keep reading for more tips.

Club Dress Codes

If you’re heading out to a club with a dress code, it can be a little intimidating wondering what the general vibes will be with the whole crowd.

At just about any nightclub, the main categories you should avoid are activewear and loungewear. Even if it’s a more casual club, leggings, biker shorts, workout sets, and the like should never be worn in a club. Flip flops and casual open toe sandals are a general no-go as well.

Club dress codes can range from casual to black-tie, but the latter will likely not be on your itinerary for a random night out.

For casual dress codes you can rock jeans, but I advise to still stay away from athletic-wear.

If they refer to “club” attire for their dress code, they’re generally talking about a more sexy and elevated style. Ditch the jeans, and maybe opt for a staple little black dress or a mini skirt and blouse. Heels are the safest bet for your shoe choices, though you do have options.

Anything dressier than this ranges from smart casual, dressy, cocktail, and formal. Each of these are pretty standard across all events and venues, but always keep a slightly sexy edge to it.

What Kind Of Shoes Do You Wear To A Club

If you’re needing to dress up an outfit that’s already kind of club ready, heels will always be your best bet. You can’t be overdressed in general club attire, in my opinion. Open toe or closed toe are both great options.

Dressy sandals have the potential to work for a club on the more casual end, but if you want to opt in for less intense shoes than heels, boots and booties are a great option. Especially rocking some edgier platform leather boots, you can’t go wrong with using the casual pieces to make the look more edgy!

For girls in sexy and still classy outfits

Classy Clubbing Outfits

Classy clubbing outfits are my personal favorites. A shiny dress, a pair of fun heels, just general classy vibes for a fun night out.

Sometimes, classy and clubbing outfits don’t necessarily go together mentally, so if you need some inspo before stepping out of the Uber into the line at the new club in town, I’ve collected some of my favorite classy clubbing outfit ideas.

1. Blazer Dress
2. Lace Bodysuit
3. Sparkly Skirt
4. Rhinestone Fringe
5. Corset And Leather
6. Interesting Knot Skirt
7. White Wrap Dress
8. White Lace
9. Feather Sleeves
10. Puff Sleeves
11. Pearl Top

Sneakers to wear on a night out clubbing

With Sneakers

Sneakers are my go-to for going out, unless we’re hitting the club. If you’re going to more house-music styled clubs or one with a casual dress code, here are some ways you can still style your sneakers with your going out fit.

12. Gold Silk Dress
13. Leather And Corset
14. Club Suit
15. Crop Turtleneck
16. Mesh Top
17. All Black
18. Bodysuit
19. Leather Pants With Jordans
20. All White
21. Halter
22. Super Casual

A girl in black leather pants and a brown crop top.

Low-key Outfits To Wear On A Night Out Clubbing

Not every club nor every club fit has to be all out glamor. Here are some more low-key kinds of options.

23. Graphic Tee
24. Jean Shorts
25. Jeans And Corset
26. Brown Crop
27. White Tank
28. Wide Leg Pants
29. Y2K Mini
30. Black Set
31. Heart Top
32. Mesh Halter
33. Backless Crop

Four girls wearing going out outfits with pants

Nightclub Outfits With Pants

While dresses and skirts are still your safest route if you’re not sure about the vibes, there are plenty of ways to incorporate pants into your clubbing outfit round up. If you’re ranging into the dressier categories, you can swap a pair of jeans out for trousers.

34. Feather Top
35. All Leather
36. Mini Crop Top
37. Flowy White Set
38. Belted Flare Pants
39. Sequin Pants
40. Structured White Set
41. Shiny Top And Jeans
42. Patent Pants
43. High Waisted Trousers
44. Tan Cargos

Dresses for the club


We love a gold mini dress or a black silk slip on the nightlife circuit. There are so many different ways to go with choosing a dress for the club, so I’ve collected some of my favorite dress ideas for you to copy your next night out!

45. Puff Sleeves
46. White Slip Dress
47. Black Slip
48. Deep V Silk
49. Plunge Corset Dress
50. One Shoulder
51. Black Cutout Mini
52. Red Hot
53. Peplum
54. Green Mini
55. Pink Silk
56. Blue Tube Dress

Two tops perfect for going out clubbing

Tops To Wear Out Clubbing

If you’ve got your staple leather pants, jeans, or trousers perfect for clubbing, here are some of the best top styles to go with them!

57. Mesh Polka Dots
58. Gold Chain
59. Diamond Top
60. Polka Dot Corset
61. Patterned Corset
62. Silk Corset Top
63. White Shoulder
64. Wrap Tops
65. Deep V
66. Halter Top
67. Leopard Print

Luckily, clubbing outfits are mainly dresses, unless you want to start putting together outfits with a skirt or leather pants. But you can always get away with a mini dress so you don’t have a ton of pairing to do here, mainly styling!

Choosing an iconic dress and heels combo completed with your favorite clutch or mini bag is the best way to make sure you’ve got the best fit in the club tonight. Be practical, but also remember that you’re young and your feet can still recover quickly, so rock the heels while you can.

I love these outfit ideas for a night out and about, and I know you will too as you start trying some on for size. Channel your personality, you don’t want to look like you’re playing dress up in the club, but it’s fun to do something different if you want to! Have fun!

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