Inside: 31 Euphoria themed outfits to stun everyone with all of the glitter and glamor.

I think it’s easy to say that Euphoria took the world by storm with all of its shiny and shimmery outfits and style, along with the catastrophic drama happening in the lives of each of the characters.

It’s had all of us hooked for a while, and we’re really just ready for the next season which is hopefully set to release in the next year or two.

The drama isn’t what caught the attention of the world when the show really took off and started getting attention:

  • It was the style
  • The cinematography
  • The music

The aesthetic of it all is really what gave it that addictive feel.

Neon lights, dramatically glittery makeup, and the over the top party outfits that made the show what it is.

Now… Whether you’re pulling inspiration from the show for your personal style or you’re going to a Euphoria themed party, there’s tons of options and outfits on the market for you to shop from to recreate the kinds of outfits they wear in the show.

Two piece outfits and dresses with incredible cutouts and sheer layers is the move for these outfit styles. Get ready to party in these outfits, you’re going to be dressed perfectly for it!

Three mesh and sheer party outfits

What Aesthetic Is Euphoria?

Euphoria is a mix of a couple of different styles, as are most different aesthetics on the market recently. We’ve tended to blend a few different looks and styles to create something new and exciting.

This one in particular is colorful, glittery, and edgy. Not in a girly girl little kid kind of sense, but in more of a Y2K club scene kind of way. Think Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, and Britney Spears going to the bars in the year 2000.

All that glam and glitz, but in the font of the 2020’s. This is the same kind of styles, skirt lengths, top styles, and hair-do’s, but with all in different fabrics. More ribbed, more stretchy knits, and more clingy materials.

Euphoria really successfully blended the 2000’s aesthetic with the 2020’s vibes and take on the decade’s trends.

Party outfits all of the time and very much characterized outfits that really make this show’s fashion and aesthetic what it is.

Drama, glitter, and edge. Follow these and you’ll be golden when creating your Euphoria themed outfits.

How Does Euphoria Affect Fashion?

Euphoria affected fashion pretty directly in the last couple of years. Like we’ve mentioned, it’s been an interesting mix of the early 2000’s clubbing and party styles that had already been on the rise when Euphoria was released but with the 2020’s spin on it.

Cutouts and sheer party dresses are nothing new, but it made them a little more common than just at the clubs when Euphoria came around.

These high school characters in the show acted and dressed nothing like high schoolers in real life do, as with most TV shows, but this one takes the cake. Wearing club and party outfits every hour of the day really had us all wanting to stunt and dress up for school and work in a different way. Their makeup really is what ended up making a huge difference when it came to their outfits and individual styles.

It was eye-catching and stunning, and it was simply just so different from all of the other popular TV shows and styles that were circulating at the time. The style reflects what’s going on in each of the character’s lives so there’s been some major character studies happening regarding the different outfits for each of the characters.

We’re going to dive into some of the bigger style inspirations of the show, Maddy, Cassie, and Jules and see how we can implement their style into our own.

How To Dress Like Euphoria Characters

Each of the characters really do have their own style while still fitting into the show’s main themes. This is a really unique factor that the costume director was able to implement. Too often do characters all dress too similarly on TV shows simply to fit in the show’s style without having their own personal style.

If you’re wondering how you can dress like Maddy, Cassie, or Jules from Euphoria, let’s take a look at each of their character outfit details.

How To Dress Like Cassie

Cassie is almost always dressed in pink and blue, and usually in the lighter shades but they do bring in some of the darker shades on occasion.

She often wears crop tops, as do most of the characters, and a lot of them are actually bralettes. Cassie is usually painted as the younger and more innocent character, though she’s no more young or innocent than the rest of them. Lettuce hems and puff sleeves and mini skirts are some of her style staples that you totally need to steal for the cassie look.

Bottoms are always high waisted and all pieces are usually pretty fitted.

Tight, light, and bright for Cassie!

How To Dress Like Maddy

Maddy is really our style hero from Euphoria, and has influenced a lot of the party trends that we’ve seen more recently since the show’s rise to popularity.

Maddy leans towards darker colors, lower rise jeans, and plenty of two piece sets. She wears the most cutouts and sheer fabrics, ready to show off her figure that way rather than with the fitted pieces that Cassie wears.

How To Dress Like Jules

Jules has a little bit more of a relaxed street style, with a still stunningly bright and fun color palette.

This character’s aesthetic can be labeled “bubblegum pop princess” and with a cool and casual 2000’s little girl inspired style with revealing elements like a crop top or mini skirt, you’ve got this down. Light and bright colors that play off of each other and complement each other well is the best way to curate Jule’s closet.

The little differences in these styles is what’s going to take you from dressing in the Euphoria theme to dressing with the influence of these specific and iconic characters.

Three girls in cute sets

Euphoria Inspired Outfits

1. Glitter Mesh
2. Strappy Top
3. Purple Set
4. Shimmer Two Piece
5. Iridescent Mesh
6. Mini Scarf
7. Strappy Top
8. Strappy Cut-Out Set
9. Off The Shoulder
10. Leather Tube Top
11. Extra Strap

Three great party outfits

How To Dress Like Euphoria

12. Bright Crochet
13. Purple Satin
14. Holographic Top
15. Mesh
16. Metal Mesh Top
17. Metallic Jeans
18. Flare Jeans And Corset
19. Hot Pink Set
20. Pink Three Piece
21. Mesh Dress

A girl in a purple metallic dress

Outfit Ideas

22. Purple Metallic
23. Strappy Set
24. White Lace Set
25. Sequin Romper
26. Chain Dress
27. Sequin Romper
28. Sheer And Sequin
29. Mini Dress
30. Black And Color
31. This Dream Set

As you’re getting ready to dress like a high schooler that doesn’t dress like a high schooler at all, channel your inner Maddy– she really is the queen of Euphoria High, especially when it comes to the best outfits and makeup looks.

You’ll want to top off every single one of these outfits with a stunning makeup look with hair styles to match. It’s not just in the clothes that you wear, it’s the all over styling of the look that makes the Euphoria looks so iconic.

Whatever your outfit is, if you style it right, you’ll fit right in.

Learning the Euphoria themed outfit styles is easy. It’s everywhere right now and you’re in the right place to find some different inspiration to create the best outfits. At the party or at school, you’re going to have the best Euphoria themed outfit out of everyone around you and I just know you’re going to rock it.

Obviously a lot of these looks are dresses and skirts, but if you need more skirt inspiration, here are some summer skirt outfits!