Inside: Cute 21st Birthday Outfit Ideas For Every Style.

The big birthday everyone waits for, the one excuse to break all the rules… Or not since there are no rules on YOU anymore, the big 21st birthday. 

Whether you’re rocking a sash to tell everyone it’s your birthday or playing it a little low-key, you need an incredible outfit for all the Instagram posts and stories to chronicle your first night out on the town with a legal ID. Even if that’s not what your night is about, it’s still a big moment. 

21st Birthday Outfits

This is the one day every year we all want to make our friends the center of attention, and to have fun with it! Not only do you want to look incredible in all the photos and videos everyone will want to take of you and with you, you want to feel your best in whatever you’re wearing! And we want to help you do that.

Dresses and jumpsuits, a top and jeans, whatever your move is for the big night, it’s going to be hot and it’s going to be special. Because today (or this week, or this month if you’re that kind of girl) is all about you! 

Even if you don’t want to stand out on your birthday, it’s your right to. Especially your 21st. Your friends and family  are going to make a big deal about it, so why not at least make sure you look amazing while they do? Here’s a round up of some 21st birthday outfit inspiration. 

21st Party Dresses

21st Birthday Dress Ideas

For a special occasion, a dress is always the go to– they can be really extra or totally laid back. But either way, they’re cute and super fun. All of the amazing dresses on the market can be overwhelming for sure, so what’s your vibe? You don’t have to dress completely over the top for your birthday, but you can, which makes it so much more fun. 

Are you more of a laid back party girl, or a go all out all night kind of girl? Whichever direction you go in, there’s a ton of options for you, so start by narrowing it down here with some of my top dress picks for a 21st birthday. 

  1. Golden Goddess 
  1. Red Ruffles
  2. Airy Orange
  3. White Babydoll
  4. Pastel Feathers
  5. Sunshine Girl
  6. Feathers for Days
  7. Black Tulle

Fun ideas for big party style

21st Birthday Outfits

If a dress isn’t your move, there are so many options in any style you choose that don’t incorporate a skirt. Or maybe you want to go for a two-outfit kind of night: dressing down for dinner and dressing up for drinks. Or maybe you’re simply heading to brunch. Either way, you can fit the occasion and still pop off in something other than a dress. 

Dressing up a pair of jeans is hot, and a jumpsuit is hotter. Sometimes it’s more fun to get creative with choosing your outfit than to call it done with a dress. Mixing and matching, or finding the perfect matching set are both fun options as well. So let’s check out some fun ideas for you to make some pairings for your big night. 

  1. Party Corset 
  2. Feather Sleeves
  3. Pattern Pieces
  4. Flashy Fringe
  5. Color Blocking
  6. Sparkle Jumper
  7. Green Silk Suit
  8. Color Pop Shoes

21st Birthday Photoshoot outfits

Outfits 21st Birthday Photoshoot Ideas

Right now, everyone is competing to be the hottest content on your Instagram feed. Everyone knows a photographer, so why not book a session and plan out a whole birthday themed photoshoot? The classic props to choose from are a dream: balloons, glitter, confetti, champagne, you name it! I’m loving this birthday photoshoot trend, it’s incredibly fun and they always turn out so precious. How fun is it to professionally capture each year of growing up? Not to mention, it does become the best content on your feed. But if you’re not a photoshoot stylist, it can be hard to pick an outfit that really measures up to the hype! So here are some outfit options to inspire you. 

  1. White Button Up
  2. Silk Slip Dress
  3. A Tulle Robe
  4. Blazer Moment
  5. Cutout Jumpsuit
  6. Tulle Dresses
  7. Flapper Inspo

Cute Outfits for 21st Birthday

Still not sure which direction to go in for your big day? The best tip is to stay true to your personal style, and just jazz it up! If you’re not a glamor girl, no need to go over the top with glam, or to pick the most extra outfit you’ve ever seen, but this is the day that gives you permission to do so if you want to. And that’s the best part about your birthday: it’s about what  you want. Here are some more chill vibes that calmly state, “It’s my birthday, buy me a drink!” 

  1. Classy Romper
  2. B&W Combo
  3. Green Wrap Dress
  4. Stunning in Silk
  5. Impression Suits
  6. Blinged Out Denim
  7. Ruched Top
  8. Blazer and Sneaks
  9. Orange Silk

21st Birthday Outfits Party Dresses Plus Size

21st Birthday Outfit Ideas Plus Size

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for yet and you need something more catered to the curvy girl fashion realm, I got you. What I love about party dresses and jumpsuits is that they suit everyone, but there are certain details like ruffles and bows that don’t always come across the most flattering on a part of your body you’re looking to minimize instead of accentuate. I’ve got some more dresses, jumpsuits, and outfits that keep away from anything you might be avoiding. Here’s your curvy 21st Birthday Outfit inspirations! 

  1. Feather Trim Pants
  2. Sheer Thing
  3. Powerful Coloring
  4. Gold Maxi
  5. Leopard Top Jumpsuit
  6. LBD
  7. Pink Shimmer
  8. Deep V

Birthday outfits are the bomb, and should make you feel like a million bucks, the center of attention, and a rockstar, all at the same time. Finding your personal style and spicing it up from there is the best route to take when planning a birthday outfit, or even a weeks’ worth of birthday outfits. Time to stand out, time to live it up, and time to celebrate.

As you plan your 21st birthday outfits, don’t forget that the day, night, week, or month is all about you, and your outfit should say it too!

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