Inside: Fun & glitzy New Years Eve outfit ideas to ring in 2023 in style.

We all know that New Year’s is one of the biggest holidays of the year– no matter where you are in the world or what religion you believe in, you’re celebrating ringing in a brand new year.

We make resolutions, we hug and kiss our loved ones, we enjoy company and all of the sparkly things in life. It’s a wonderful holiday to celebrate. All things new. What more can we wish for?

As we’re gearing up to bring in a new year, we need to also remember that it’s prime time for photo ops, and we need to break out some of the more fun and adventurous pieces in our closets that don’t get much time out in the sun!

Don’t neglect all of the holiday sparkles and sexy black attire that we want to wear more often than is appropriate, now’s the time to let it shine!

Two girls wearing silver glittery outfits

If you need some ideas to inspire you for this year’s New Year’s outfits, here are some trending ideas for you to get that inspo!

Different Kinds Of NYE Dress Codes

While New Year’s is a pretty formal affair, it doesn’t always have to be! It can be casual, easy going, or dressy. There’s so many different ways you can go with your New Year’s plans.

Some years, my friends and I buy tickets to the hottest parties around, and sometimes we stay on the couch in our Uggs surrounded by 25 of our closest friends just having fun together. Either way is the perfect way to ring in the year but both require very different outfit ideas.

If you’re going out, the invitation, tickets, or flier to the party is likely going to indicate the dress code for you: casual, cocktail, formal, or black tie. Usually venues care a lot about the dress code and appearances at their New Year’s events, so they’re going to let you know what the expectations are before you arrive. And help make sure everyone’s in check when they do show up at the door. If it’s a more casual affair, obviously not as much dress coding will be happening, but anything above casual will only get more strict.

No matter where your formality level lies on the scale, you want to sparkle anyway! Even if you’re not a sparkly kind of guy or gal, this is your time to let it happen so you might as well join the hype. Break out the sequins and jewels and get on board the shiny train for 2023.

Best New Years Party Trends

Obviously sparkle and shine are your best friends for New Years, as they are all holiday season long. Don’t stop just before the big bang!

But what else is trending for this event?

What’s the big move for the holiday party to end all holiday parties (and years)?

The more the better. The more extra the better. More is more.

Feathers, leather, bows, and puffs are everything. If it’s got feathers, if it’s made of leather, if it’s got bows, or a puffy sleeve… You’re winning and you’re in the ballpark of great New Year’s outfits for this year. You won’t disappoint.

Trending this year is a lot of what’s normally trending but glammed up. Imagine your tailored business casual looks we’ve got going on this year, but add a little more sparkle and jazz to it and you’ve got a New Year’s look.

What To Wear For New Year’s Eve

When planning your outfit, you can go one of two ways.

Stick to your own personal standard of going out looks, or you can go above and beyond and just have fun with it! Because it’s the one night you really can and I think you should. But that’s just me.

Wear what you want to wear to bring in a new year, but remember you can only really wear those sparkly pieces a few more times before the holiday season is gone.

I have always understood the phrase, “when you look good, you feel good” to mean that you feel how you look. How you dress changes your mood, so when I look festive, I feel festive. When I look fun and excited, I feel fun and excited. So I want to bring the party with me and feel excited, festive, and celebratory of the night and remember the fun and wild year behind me.

It’s a time to celebrate, so break out your festive clothes, your party hat, and your favorite outfit and let’s get to counting down this ball drop surrounded by our people. It’s going to be a great one for 2023, I can feel it.

Four fun and shimmery outfits

Glitzy Things To Wear For Midnight Kisses

We can channel a lot of what we wear for New Year’s from what we normally wear out clubbing. There’s a lot of similarities in the outfits we break out for the big end of year party and what we normally wear when we party with our friends. But this is a whole new level of glitz and glamor that we don’t typically see at the bars and clubs on the weekends with our friends.

So if you want to channel some glam energy for New Year’s, here are some glitzy outfit ideas for NYE!

1. Sparkle Tee
2. Glitter Flares
3. Cropped Glitter Top
4. Green Iridescent Jumpsuit
5. Feather And Sheer
6. Ostrich Top
7. Rhinestone Statements
8. Green Romper
9. Pink Pop
10. Pink Fringe
11. Gatsby

A girl in a white button down and sparkly skirt


We can party and remain elegant… the two aren’t opposites, people.

Maybe you’re planning to attend a very elegant party, something classy and full of adults that are much more understated and classy than the typical ticketed event at the local night clubs.

I’ve got plenty of outfit ideas for that too– it’s pretty similar but we’re swapping out the mini dress for a midi and the corset tops for a velvet blouse. But either way, we’re channeling major flashy holiday energy, simply making it more appropriate for the scene and setting.

Or maybe you’re hitting the club but all that jazz isn’t your vibe, you’re just along for the ride. Here are some great ideas for you too.

12. Button Down
13. Champagne Slip
14. Shiny And Silky
15. Velvet Maxi
16. Striped Sparkles
17. Flora Mini
18. Sweater And Statement Pants
19. Gold Plisse
20. Blazer Fun
21. Wide Leg Set
22. Blingy Jumpsuit
23. Silver Fringe

Fun New Years Eve Outfits

If New Year’s is anything, it should be fun. So have fun with these outfit ideas and don’t forget that no matter who walks in that door or doesn’t, or what all you’ve got waiting for you when you get back to work, you should be loving this day and this moment, and celebrating a year of wonderful love and growth.

24. Purple Sequins
25. All Gold
26. Color Pop Pumps
27. Disco Dress
28. Mesh Pants
29. Green Fringe
30. Red Sweater
31. Sequin Slip
32. Red Suit
33. Quilted

Dressing for New Year’s can be so intimidating, especially when you know that there are a hundred options, especially at your fingertips. Let alone what’s already in your closet ready for you to break it back out since it was last worn. Don’t neglect the little black dress!

While we’re looking at outfits to wear and making plans to have the best New Year’s yet, we should also be taking the time to reminisce on a wonderful year.

I know mine was full of firsts and lasts, dreamy wistfulness as well as heartache, but in the end I know I have some of the most beautiful friendships around me to welcome whatever is coming next. So as you’re breaking out your resolutions or photos of your year in recap, remember all of the pieces that made this year special, and remember that life is short.

Wear the sparkles.

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