Inside: 21 masquerade outfit ideas to impress anyone at the masked ball! Not that they’ll know, of course.

Masquerade balls are like something straight out of a movie about a lifestyle that many of us don’t live. Balls and formal parties, it sounds like a dream out of The Great Gatsby, right?

Well if you catch an invite to one of these parties, you’re likely going to need some inspiration to get the ideas rolling on some outfit ideas! The dress code should already start as a helpful guide, but if you need a little bit more of an idea of what you should be wearing to an elegant event where your face is to be hidden with a stunning mask, then you’re in the right place!

In this post we’ll break down the dress codes, choosing a mask, and actually looking at what a masquerade ball is so that you’re well versed on all things appropriate for this outing.

Attire expectations are high, so let’s get started!

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What Is A Masquerade?

I’m sure you already know the basics of what a masquerade ball is, but ultimately, it’s a formal event where the guests are each required to wear a masquerade style mask in order to conceal their identity. Now, in every movie we watch with a masked ball, we all know who is who, so we know the masks don’t do a whole ton of concealing, but it’s definitely a fun element and it does make it harder to recognize acquaintances!

A popular trend in Italy, it originated from the idea of the Venetian Carnival where masks were abundant. It was a tradition for those in the upper class to host or attend masquerades for the sake of celebration. The masks created a game of sorts where people tried to guess who the other guests and attendees were. Now it’s all about the atmosphere and aesthetic of it all, but then it became increasingly more extravagant in costume and attire to better conceal your identity from the other guests playing the game.

Masquerade Dress Codes

Your dress code for a fancy event should always be listed on the invitation. If it’s not, one of two assumptions can be made: it’s a fairly casual event and you likely know the host and/or hostess pretty well, or it can be assumed that the event is extremely formal. However, the more formal an event, the more likely they are to want to make sure that all of the dress code requirements are met.

More often than not, a masquerade ball is likely to be a formal or black tie event. This means gowns, suits, the works. Elegant, extravagant, and elevated is everything you need to channel to make this outfit one of your best.

Black and white are often the most popular colors to wear to a masquerade, due to the fact that many masks are made in these colors. But unless otherwise stated, you can wear any color you’d like!

How To Choose A Mask

Choosing a mask might be the one thing that’s harder than choosing a dress! You want it to be mysterious, beautiful, and unique.

If you can manage to find masks of different colors aside from black and white, what color would be your ideal? While it might be intuitive to choose your dress first and then the mask, there are millions of dresses out there on the market but there are only so many masks that are going to be perfect for you! So I vote to choose the mask first.

Once you’ve selected a color or two to start looking for the perfect mask, decide how much of your face you want covered. Many of these masquerade masks just cover around your eyes, and not much of the rest of your face.

But if you want to go with mystery and intrigue, you can totally find some that cover more of your face than the basic eye mask we see all of the time. Even some cover one half of your face and then the other eye as well to cover up a little bit more.

The way that mask makers have been so creative and talented with creating masks for these parties over decades is beyond impressive, so I just know you’re going to be able to find the mask of your dreams (here’s my favorite), to match one of these masquerade outfit ideas

Halloween costume masquerade outfits

Halloween Masquerade

One instance where your masquerade may not be all the glitz and glamor of a formal event is if it’s for a halloween party. It still may be, but it’s common to find yourself at a more casual halloween masquerade than in any other scenario.

If you need a sick outfit, formal or not for your halloween masquerade party, allow me to give you some ideas! There are so many possible ways to go with these outfits, surely you’ll find the right one for you that also matches your mask!

Dress shopping, while overwhelming, can be so fun especially if you add in the costume element. Check these out and see if they fit what you’re looking for.

1. Cocktail Party
2. Lace Masks
3. Gold Wing
4. Mardi Gras
5. Simple
6. Red Dress
7. Bejewelled

Formal party outfits

Formal Party

Formal parties are easy enough to dress for in and of itself when all you need is a floor length gown and the right pair of shoes! But add in a special theme and another element to the outfit like a mask and you’re working with a whole different kind of party outfit.

Sometimes I know when I’m looking for an outfit for an event, all I need is a little inspiration. If I jump right into shopping, I don’t know what I want or am looking for. But if I know what looks like the best fit for me, or like the style and aesthetic I want to go for, I know what to search for while shopping.

Find some inspiration here.

8. Gold Feathers
9. Stellar
10. Black Webbing
11. Ball Gown
12. Stunning Silver
13. Large Mask
14. White Feathers

A couple in masquerade masks

Stunning Masquerade Outfits

If you’re here looking for an extra dose of help while picking your masquerade outfit, chances are, you’re looking to stun the crowd and impress the other attendees. And with a little extra dose of ideas, you’re going to!

Find something you love and something that you know will show off to the crowd, then start putting it together. You’re going to stun everyone!

15. Black Lace Mask
16. Gold
17. Peacock Feathers
18. The Basics
19. Black And White
20. Lovey
21. Ruffles And Layers

Masquerades are meant to be fun and entertaining for any and all attendees. Playing the guessing game is fun, and dressing up with the intent to hide your identity is part of the game! If you love a good costume party and a good competition, you’ll love going to a masquerade ball! While there may not be any formal game of “guess who,” it’s always going to be on everyone’s minds to make sure they stay hidden all the while trying to guess who you are too.

These events, though they can be out of our comfort zones, are what make life so exciting! Getting dressed up in one of our masquerade outfit ideas and doing something so different changes up the usual routine and makes life feel like something new every once in a while.

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