Inside: 25 practical and cute spring rainy day outfits for this wet season.

The spring, while mostly beautiful, can also tend to bring a lot of unpredictable weather changes. It’s sunshine and florals season, but it’s also rainy season.

So while we want to wear white sundresses and cute sandals all the time, realistically, we need to be prepared for those gloomier days that require some rubber boots and a rain coat.

Just because you have to bundle up to hide from the elements doesn’t mean you can’t be cute while doing it! I always prefer the sunshine over rain, but even I don’t mind a little drizzle if the weather is a little warmer. So here are some of my favorite spring rainy day outfits that are still cute while keeping you dry from the incoming rain this season.

Whether you’re heading out for errands and want to look cute or you’re heading out to hang with your besties, there are plenty of cute spring rainy day outfits that are going to make you feel cuter than the gloomy weather.

Three aesthetic spring rainy day outfits of girls in the weather

Rainy Day Essentials

Rainy days can be a drag, but with the right clothing and gear, you can stay dry and comfortable no matter what Mother Nature has in store. Here are some essential clothing items to keep on hand for those soggy days:

  • Raincoat or umbrella: This should be your first line of defense against the rain. Choose a raincoat that is waterproof and breathable, and make sure it fits properly to keep water from seeping in at the sleeves and hem. If you prefer an umbrella, look for one that is sturdy and able to withstand strong winds. Not only are they practical but there are a ton of cuter options out there. They don’t have to be a super basic, you can snag a cute accessory version.
  • Waterproof boots: Wet feet are no fun, so make sure you have a good pair of waterproof boots to keep your feet dry and comfortable. Look for boots with a sturdy sole to help prevent slipping on wet surfaces, and consider investing in a pair with a removable insole for added warmth and comfort. I love my Chelsea rain boots that could pass as a regular pair of booties, but there are tons of stylish options.
  • Rain pants: If you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors in the rain, rain pants are a must-have. Look for a pair that is made from waterproof and breathable material, and make sure they fit snugly over your other clothing to keep water out.
  • Warm layers: Even if it’s raining, it’s important to stay warm and comfortable. Pack a few layers of clothing, including a lightweight base layer, a mid-layer for insulation, and a waterproof outer layer to keep you dry. These aren’t typically necessary in the spring, but sometimes the rain can bring the cold front back through, so make sure if that happens, you’re ready for the chilly vibes!
  • Hat and gloves: It’s important to protect your head and hands from the rain to stay warm and comfortable. Look for a waterproof hat that covers your head and ears, and choose gloves that are insulated and waterproof to keep your hands dry and warm. Leather gloves are a great option.

By investing in these essential clothing items, you’ll be prepared for whatever the weather has in store. So next time you see those rainclouds rolling in, don’t let them dampen your spirit – just suit up and enjoy the day!

Tips For Dressing Nice In The Rain

Dressing nicely in the rain can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. Here are some tips to help you stay stylish and dry on those soggy days:

Invest in a good raincoat: A high-quality raincoat is a must-have for any rainy day wardrobe. Look for one that is waterproof, breathable, and fits well to keep you dry and comfortable. A more tailored looking coat will be the best look for dressing nice in the rain, but an oversized trench is a pretty trendy staple. So know your audience before selecting.

Choose the right shoes: Wet feet are no fun, so make sure you have a good pair of waterproof shoes. Avoid canvas sneakers, as they can become soggy and uncomfortable in the rain. Grab a pair of rain boots if possible, but if these are too casual for where you’re headed, a cool leather boot that will be sustainable in the weather is rocking, or anything with a rubber sole. If necessary to wear pumps, opt for patent leather that is waterproof.

Accessorize wisely: Umbrellas and rain hats are essential for keeping dry in the rain, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Look for a compact umbrella that won’t take up too much space and a rain hat that complements your outfit.

Choose the right bottoms: Choosing bottoms that are too flowy and long will bite you in the end— it will for sure pick up water if you wear a maxi or any wide leg pans that hit the ground. Stick to fitted options for jeans and pants and midi at the longest when it comes to skirts.

Choose the right fabrics: Some fabrics are better at handling the rain than others. Natural fibers like wool and cashmere can hold onto moisture, so it’s best to avoid them on rainy days. Instead, opt for synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon, which are more waterproof and breathable.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to dress nicely and stay dry on those rainy days. So don’t let a little water get in the way of your style – just embrace it and make the most of it!

Two friends in the rain with umbrellas

Casual Chic Rainy Day Outfit

1. Chic Duo
2. Preppy Pieces
3. Leather Pants And Boots
4. Leather Puffer
5. Cool Weather Proof Coat
6. Leather Sneakers
7. Neutrals

Four work appropriate options for a rainy day


8. Style And Color
9. Work Casual
10. Neutrals
11. Chic
12. Pink
13. Dress And Tights

Two girls in cute outfits in the city with umbrellas

Aesthetic Outfits

14. Trendy
15. Linen And Leather
16. Grungy
17. Blazer And Boots
18. Classic Trench
19. Pastels
20. Preppy Plaid

A girl in a white trench coat

Spring Styles For Rainy Weather

21. Tee And Trench
22. Yellow Boots
23. Bright Trench
24. Tennis Shoes
25. Essentials

The rain can definitely put a damper on my mood, personally, but it’s no match for a great outfit that I love. Maybe you’re like me where your mood can be affected by how much you like your outfit or how fun it is, and if you are, hopefully these outfits will lift the mood of the day a little bit for you when you are brought down by the feeling and look of the rain.

But taking the weather conditions and turning it into a fashion statement is what real style is all about, so if you have a stylish ensemble for anything that comes your way, you know you’re a real fashion icon.

Spring is the season where you’ll get just about every kind of weather you can imagine, so be ready for it with some of these spring rainy day outfits. Get some new rain boots or a new rain coat and style away with the current spring trends.

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