37 Cute Green Outfit Ideas For Ladies

Inside: Green outfit ideas to harness your inner luck. 

Green is the color of nature, it’s all about tranquility and always brings a positive feeling.

Wearing it is always a good idea: there are many shades to choose from and it fits any season. Some people prefer wearing light greens in spring, and others like rocking jewel tones of green in the fall, and if you are from the latter category, I have some ideas for you!

If you don’t own any green (or even if you do!), we recommend adding it to your wardrobe. We love the color, especially this time of year when the flowers are going to soon start to bloom. It’s truly perfect for spring (and well beyond St. Patrick’s Day).

Keep on scrolling for some of our favorite cute green outfit ideas for ladies.

Green Clothing Style

A Few Tips for Styling a Green Outfit

Choose Complementary Colors: Complementary colors (those colors opposite on the color wheel) are usually a good idea from a color harmony standpoint. But in this case, with red being green’s complementary color, that combination should be avoided for the most part (except in the month of December) for the obvious Christmas vibes it invokes. The way to work around this is to vary your shades. So play around with shades other than Christmas tree green and Santa Claus red, and you might stumble onto something fun and unexpected! 

Cute Green Outfits

1. Emerald Green Wide Leg Pants with Tied Up Shirt

2. Lime Green Top with White Pants

3. Long Knit Green Dress

4. Bright Green and Bright Blue Color Combo

5. Oversized Crewneck with Daisy Green Skirt

6. Green and Navy Color Pairing

7. Silky Green Top with Patterned Skirt

Casual Green Outfits

8. Simple Light Green Top with Dark Denim Jeans

9. Dark Green Corduroy Shacket

10. Green Leggings with Tan

11. Casual Green Button Up Blouse with Jeans and Ankle Boots

12. Casual Green Sweatsuit

13. Oversized Green Crewneck with Biker Shorts

Casual Green Outfits

Green Skirt Outfit Ideas

From mini skirts to maxi skirts and all lengths and styles in between, they come in a selection of hues that are bound to amp up your wardrobe. We’re talking about brilliant emerald green, hunter green, olive green, army green, mint green, you name it. They’re all gorgeous and fashion friendly!

14. Flowy Green Skirt with Purple Blouse

15.  Green and White Outfit

16. Army Green Skirt with Graphic Shirt

17. Floral Green and White Skirt 

18. Plus Size Green Skirt Outfit

Monochromatic Green on Green Outfit Inspiration

Make sure you mix textures within your monochromatic outfit! You want to add visual interest, depth, and dimension to your look so it’s not one-dimensional or boring. (As if green could be boring ;))

19. All Green Suit with Sneakers

20. Light Green Outfits with Matching Accessories

21. Two-Tone Green Strappy Sandals

22. All Green Power Suit

23. Multiple Tone Green Outfit with Texture

24. Olive Green Monochromatic Outfit

25. Cute Green on Green Outfit

Monochromatic Style

Pink and Green Outfit Ideas

26. Light Pink Dress Paired with Green Blazer

27. Green Pants with Pink Sweater

28. Unique Pink and Green Checked Sweater

29. Large Green Button Up with Hot Pink Shoes

30. Green and Pink Combo with Sneakers

Olive Green Outfit Ideas

31. Silk Olive Skirt with Black Lace Tank and Leather Jacket

32. Olive Green and Light Blue Combo

33. Olive Green Short Skirt with Graphic Tee

34. Flowy Green Skirt with Tan Sweater

35. Olive Green Monochromatic Outfit

Olive Green Outfit Ideas

More Outfit Style Inspiration You’ll Love

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Green Outfit Ideas

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