Inside: 47 Magical + Practical Disneyland Outfit Ideas.

Comfort is important so choose your clothes to wear at Disney carefully, taking these key points in mind. Just because you’re going to be walking around in the hot sun and eating giant turkey legs, there isn’t any reason you still can’t look cute!

There are Disney PhotoPass photographers at every bend to capture your Disney memories and you want to look good!

You’ll be wanting to share your magical memories on social media and saving photos in an album so put a bit of thought into your ensemble.

Check out our favorite, comfy, cute, and fun Disneyland outfit ideas that still bring the magic!

Disneyland Clothes Ideas

A Few Things to Think About

A few general rules of thumb: think comfort, think long wear (something you can wear for 12 – 18 hours), think about being on your feet, and bring layers.  The temperature in the early morning and evening can be SIGNIFICANTLY cooler than mid-day temperatures in Anaheim.

Themed Disneyland Outfit Ideas

These fun-themed Disney characters or movie outfits are a great way to play into the magic of the park without going overboard. Since adults cannot dress up in costume, which is best :), it’s fun to theme your out in subtle but cute ways towards your favorite characters.

Here are a few of our favorite themed Disneyland outfit ideas.

1. Decked Out Toy Story Outfit Idea

2. Simple Winnie the Pooh Inspired OOTD for Disney

3. Fun Layered Vintage Sweatshirt

4. Girly Themed Star Wars Outfit

5. Princess Inspired Look

6. Star Wars Look with Classic Jumpsuit

7. Subtle Buzz Lightyear Themed Outfit

8. Neutral Animal Kingdom OOTD

Themed Disneyland Outfit Ideas

Summer Disneyland Outfits

It’s a true love/hate relationship between hot weather and theme parks. It seems like we always find ourselves walking around some kind of park on the hottest days of the year. To keep your cool while still looking cute, here are a few of our favorite summer Disneyland outfits that are great Disney world outfits too!

9. Leopard Biker Shorts with Colorful Shirt

10. Cute Lightweight Gingham Jumpsuit

11. Minnie Inspired Red Polka Dot Jumpsuit

12. Trendy Colored Starwars Shirt and Striped Shorts

13. Classic Cropped Tank with Jean Shorts

14.  Mixed Pattern and Texture Skirt with Sneakers

15. Themed T-Shirt with Skirt

Disneyland Outfit Ideas for Spring

Spring is such a fun time to visit Disney. The weather is great and much more comfortable, check out a few of our favorite outfit ideas for the nice weather.

16. Springy Babydoll Dresses

17. Patterened Pants with Graphic Shirt

18. Fun Two Piece Outfits

19. Vintage Style Disney Shirt

20. Cozy Disney Mom Look

21. Flowy Linen Dress in a Fun purple

Cute Disneyland Outfits to Wear

These cute Disney outfits bring the magic and fun to your style!

22. Classic Graphic Tshirt with Leggings and Jean Jacket

23. Flowy Skirt with Sneakers

24. Disney Themed Patched Jeans

25. Pink Disney Outfit with Big Bow

26. Color Outfit Combo

27. Cute Monochromatic Pink Outfit

Cute Disney Outfits for girls

28. Oversized Graphic Tees with Fun Accessories

29. Mickey Sweatshirt and Jeans with Sneakers

30. Patchwork Jean Jacket

31. Polka Dot Dress with High Socks

32. Preppy Disney Outfit with Personalized Fanny Pack

Disney Family Matching Outfits

Do We Need Matching Family Shirts?

My answer to this is…NEED? No.  Does your entire family WANT to wear Disney family shirts? Then do it, it can be really fun (and looks great in photos).  If not? Then don’t.  The point is to be comfortable and to have a good time.  What is a good option for all-day comfort? WEAR THAT.

33. Matching Mother-Daughter Leopard Micky Shirts

34. Leopard Print Shirts for Animal Kingdom

35. Matching Denim Jackets

36. Matching Gingham Disney Outfits

MatchingTheme Park Family Outfits

37. Custom Mickey Head Shirts

38. Coordinating Graphic T-Shirts

39. His and Hers Shirts

40. A Character for Each Family Member

BONUS: Our Favorite Mickey Ears

There are a few items that I love for Disney Outfits year-round… be sure to invest in a great pair of sneakers and a couple of pairs of fun ears.  Those are What to Wear to Disneyland requirements!

So, let’s talk about ears!

41. Beauty and the Beast

42. Kissing Mickey and Minnie

43. Toy Story Themed

44. Sequin Bow Cinderella

45. Star Wars Themed Minnie Ears

46. Black and White Sequins

47. Glitzy Little Mermaid Theme

More Style Inspiration You’ll Love

  • Fishnet Outfit Ideas – Fishnets are back baby! Well, for some of us they never left. Now they’re getting more attention and truthfully, I think they deserve it. Don’t fret though, we aren’t saying you have to pair fishnets with skirts and heels to pull them off. No way! We’re talking about layering under jeans, pairing with sweater dresses, and even a few 90’s grunge looks that are cooler than ever.
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  • Powerful Pink Outfits – Pink is an all-around flattering color. It automatically warms up your complexion and adds a flirty and feminine finish to any look. Celebrities and models rock pink pieces anywhere and everywhere from the city streets to the runway to reap the benefits of this fun and fashionable color. Gone are the days were pink is only reserved for Disney princesses, young girls, or innocence. We are spicing things up with some sexy, powerful, and badass pink outfit ideas. Check out our favorite cute pink outfit ideas that ANYONE can pull off.

Disneyland Outfit Ideas

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