Ballet shoes hanging on a wall

23 Beautiful Ballet Core Outfits

Inside: 23 beautiful ballet core outfits. This fashion trend has been a fun one, seeing a gentle and girly theme as the main act. Did you ever take dance classes as a child? Did you learn ballet at a young age? Whether you continued the practice or not, ballet seems to be a big part […] Read more…

barbie outfit ideas.

31 Barbie Outfit Ideas + Top Barbiecore Tips

Inside: Cutest barbie outfit ideas that will make you look like you are straight out of Barbieland. It’s not a shocker that with the new Barbie movie coming out with Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken… people are looking for all sorts of ways to celebrate. I think the general consensus is […] Read more…

Two street dancers

11 Iconic Karol G Outfit Ideas

Inside: 11 iconic Karol G outfit ideas to copy her amazing style. Your taste in music says a lot more about your personality than just what you like to listen to. It shapes your energy, your vibes, and most importantly, your style. You can always tell who is a fan of some of the biggest […] Read more…

Kids laying down in a circle

59 Colorful Kidcore Outfits

Inside: 59 colorful kidcore outfits that you’ll love when you’re feeling nostalgic or ready to inject some fun into your daily wardrobe. Kidcore is nothing new– it’s just taking on a new name and a new overall look. If you haven’t heard, kidcore is essentially nostalgia dressing. This is pretty similar to the concept of […] Read more…

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